26 October 2018

Creatine & Supplement Safety

hey everybody's so thanks to today's

incessant harassment I decided to do an impromptu live video and we're gonna talk a little bit about supplements so I actually have a presentation that I give on supplements pretty regularly and actually I think that might be the topic next week so if anyone's on Oahu and you are active duty and you have access to K Bay I give a talk once a month on K Day it's usually on a Thursday at 1400 and we rotate topics and I honestly cannot remember what this this month's topic is but it's a week from tomorrow at 1400 on K Day and it's either supplements or performance nutrition I honestly cannot remember which one we're doing next week but I'm gonna give you just a quick overview about supplements this presentation there's normally an hour and I'm not gonna give you the full hour but let's just let's get into it so um the main thing about supplements is safety you really want to make sure you're being safe I can give you a couple horror stories so over here at Schofield we actually had a soldier a couple years ago was buying a supplement from China which we don't regulate them in the United States so you can bet that China doesn't regulate worth so he

actually destroyed his liver and is on a transplant list for a new liver so you really want to make sure that your supplements are one coming from a reputable source to make sure they are actually safe and for anybody with a dot mail address I can give you some resources for ways to assess that without necessarily having to come see me or another dietitian if you don't have access to that and if it's effective so that's a thing don't be wasting your money a lot of these things aren't as effective as they claim they are another thing to consider is when these things get marketed they often just say that they're blanket good or blanket good for fitness and you have to understand what is this thing actually does in your body and if it's doing what you want it to so just because something makes you like beach body ready doesn't mean makes you faster if it makes you faster doesn't mean it makes you leaner we can assume that if you're getting faster and working out harder than maybe you're getting leaner too but not necessarily so just understand that body composition speed endurance like these are all

things that supplements can claim to do but in the context of your goals perhaps it's not really what you want so um may pull these slides to the slide that I want and I'm actually going to flip this screen around so you can see when I'm looking at and hopefully let's do that okay so you can see this when it comes to supplements if your sleep fluid diet and training are not in place that supplements not doing crap for you so it is never going to replace things so when you're looking at supplements and you actually have all those other pieces in place you cannot just take a supplement expect to get like six-pack ABS you've actually have to work out sorry if I ruined anybody's hopes and dreams with that one but you actually have to work out so for those of you with a dot mail address you can go to operation supplement safety or opss I always forget it's dot-gov org but if you google it it'll come up and through that website you can have access to and why don't we just go ahead and do this little PSS dose try go nope let's try word maybe there we go okay let's turn this on so you can see

what I'm looking at okay so this is opss dot work and the way you find this thing they always moving on me so give me a second here so let's go to dietary supplement ingredients all right there's a high risk supplement list so that's a good resource this HPRC this is usually my first stop for a lot of I want to see what the are but this is the thing that I was talking about okay so back when I was a civilian dietitian I had so there's two versions there's a health care professional version those of warfighters version another background in biology chemists and related okay and let me see if I can actually sign into this thing I don't have my cat connected okay cool um so what this does is let's look up whey protein alright so this is the professional version by the way login awesome I was smart enough to save that okay or maybe not okay well just describe it to you is what it'll tell you is safety how to take it what it claims to do and if it actually does that so they'll give you all the information okay so next up let's get through this stuff okay so

somebody give me a supplement they want to talk about I mentioned creatine is creatine a popular one comment or will skip to something else routine yes no a lot of people don't take it appropriately okay we're gonna go with creatine so creatine so a lot of people don't understand what creatine actually does you actually need to work out for creatine to work for you so yeah some creatine's can derail that's an interesting one I don't know much about that one I'm going to look that up but I've heard of that one before but so creatine a lot of people know about the fuel systems of carbohydrate and fat metabolism and a lot of times they think that those two things have been independent of each other and so you're either in fat metabolism or you're in carb metabolism and the truth is those two things operate at the same time pretty much at all times and so it it just depends what kind of movement you're doing so creatine is one before that so creatine is the first energy system to kick in for any kind of movement okay and then carve is more rapid so you don't need to wait as long for

carbohydrate metabolism to kick in that is a very slow burning fuel so it takes a while for fat to kick in okay which is why I can't fuel things like sprinting it just takes too long so creatine as it exists in your body as um it's called a creatine fostering system so it's a phosphate group and then this creatine and when you eat calories no matter where those calories come from your body converts it to something called ATP the ATP is basically just a universal currency in your body that your cells can use okay so ATP needs to be regenerated so I won't get into the chemistry of it for you but the creatine rapidly regenerates that ATP so we're not waiting on the car or the protein I'm sorry the carb or the fact to regenerate that ATP okay so rapidly regenerates ATP so um if you when you're lifting weights that's what you're using so creatine if you're saturating your body with creatine then you can knock out that extra rep you can knock out that extra set and it's the extra reps and sets that lead to you getting huge not necessarily the creatine itself okay so you can't just take creatine and expect to get huge

without actually doing the exercise all right so um you can get creatine from food you don't have to get it from a supplement they'll explain to you just how to take it as a supplement so it's present in our muscles so it's present in other muscles so meat it does contain creatine so when we're looking at research one of the questions I always have with a study and it doesn't usually tell you is these people who were studying creatine on are they meat-eaters are they non meat eaters because theoretically someone who is vegetarian or vegan who doesn't eat meat and therefore does not get cretan in their diet could benefit more from a creatine supplement than someone who eats meat and gets it from their diet okay so this might be where we see responders and non-responders I don't know because the research hasn't really looked at it in that way yet so observed safe level for continuous intake as five grams per day loading dose this is the piece that a lot of people miss is there is a loading dose and then there's a maintenance dose so loading dose you actually split this into multiple doses

I've had a number of soldiers walk into my office and say they don't tolerate creatine they took it all at once and it just really messed up their stomach so a loading dose is about 20 grams per day but you split that into mobile multiple doses you do this for up to one week creatine is shown to be like really very safe so you don't really need to worry about too many safety issues if you're taking it appropriately so their maintenance dose following that is three to five grams per day okay so the safest range is about 2 to 3 grams per days so if you're experiencing any kind of side effects don't get to what those side effects are then knock it back down to that two or three gram per day ranged their rather than the three to five grams per day okay so we talked about just what this can do so it increased it does enhance short-term bouts of high intensity training so that can be weight training that could be sprinting I would not expect this to do anything for runtimes really if you're trying to get become a faster runner maybe if you do some sprint training with creatine loading but for the most

part something like the PT test you know training that you're doing is longer bouts longer than creating wouldn't really help you so actually carbs and fluid would help you more in that situation so for a two-mile PT test we're talking more sprinting like 100 to 400 Sprint's like 100 400 meter sprints okay it may cause lower extremity cramping and it may reduce your hydration status so something to be aware of if you do experience cramping then maybe we reduce that dose okay it does cause weight gain that's usually the reason people take it just for weight gain okay now what I will say is I can never know if it's monohydrate or dehydrate that causes the water retention only to double check that for you but if you are taking this without work you know you can expect some weight gain from the water retention but you won't get larger muscles okay and usually you want that weight to confirm muscles not just water retention yeah so yeah hey it's so good for quick twitch movement exercises so very short duration short about types of exercises so lifting sprinting power movements those kinds of things Olympic

lifts those kinds of things okay so that's creatine and I'm just gonna end that right there unless someone has another one that they want to talk about that I have readily available and researched anybody have anything you always jump on later we can just choose another one and go over it going once going twice rugby workouts okay so we can sign we can talk on the side about like what specifically about your rugby workouts like is their endurance good where we try to improve endurance trying to improve power like we can the sidelines that and we'll talk about it I don't have a whiteboard today I didn't need to do all right okay I was there this week and maybe I'll get the whiteboard back out all right bye guys thanks for watching