31 August 2016

Country Heat results, weight loss, and my thoughts on the program!

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hey everyone I just wanted to give you a

quick wrap-up of my 30 day country heat journey I finished yesterday I absolutely love the program and I will cut right to the chase because I know everybody wants to always hear about what the results were so I lost 6 pounds I was super happy with that it wasn't any kind of extreme workout it was just fun I loved dancing it was just a blast to do so without ever doing any kind of crazy workouts and running any lifting I still lost 6 pounds and it actually would have been more if my nutrition had been more on point but two of the four weekend's during the program I had stuff going on so one I was away I was camping with a friend so obviously we weren't eating the best and didn't have the best options and then another we had a friend come in from town and we used to always do a an annual basically meat fest his family sends up a ton of meat from Memphis and we eat that and we have mojitos and it's a ton of fun so it was clearly wasn't holding back during that so probably what a lot more if I would have been super strict with my nutrition but it's summer and I like to have a good balance so I'm totally happy thanks

Heather I appreciate it so anyways let's see so the program was 30 days it flew by I loved it um like I said I lost six pounds doing just easy workouts in my opinion not not super easy you can make them really hard you can amp up your cardio the music got me so involved in and it just it was so much fun so it made me want to dance more and make the moves bigger which of course gets your heart rate up it gets more at the cardio effect hi Jeffrey thanks for tripping on so in general I absolutely loved the program the other thing I thought was cool about it was I just felt like my body kind of needed a break from me intense more intense workouts so I was looking for so looking forward to dancing for a month that made it so much fun it's it's dance cardio moves so it's not strictly dancing it's not strictly line line dancing by any means but you're getting the cardio effects from doing the moves and I just love that so unlike some of the other intense programs it was so easy to get started with each morning because I wasn't ever having that feeling of dread I was looking forward to it sometimes when I do programs like

21 day fix I'm like oh let's tie up or plyo dead not a fan you know and I have to work out the motivation to do it but with country heat I just was able to jump right into it of course you have to make time for it like anything but I never had to work up the motivation I couldn't wait to get started and that just made it so much fun my parents joined me for doing it um a few times I had some friends do it with me and the group consensus is it's just really fun I found myself smiling the entire time I was doing it so anyways it was a nice break for my body and I was just so looking forward to having something that wouldn't be quite as intense but I'm still thrilled with the results I needed to get a little bit of weight off from some early in the summer where my nutrition was just off in general so I totally accomplished that goal I'm thrilled with my results and now that I've had a break from some of the more intense exercise I'm absolutely excited to get back into more heavy lifting and that sort of thing so I'm starting body beast next which I've done before but I'm excited to get back into that so that was my general takeaways I'm trying

to think if there was anything else I want to say but just say it it's actually in my opinion even though it's not one of our most intense programs it's actually in some ways more effective because it was so easy to stick with it was it was every workouts under 30 minutes and it's just fun it was fun to do so I easily got up to do it each morning if I didn't have time to do in the morning it was easy to do at night because I didn't feel I have to drag out all these weights or I have to do this really intense biometric work or anything like that it was actually really fun so um just so you know full disclosure I did not do any other workouts while doing country heat I got those six pound weight loss just by dancing the only other workouts I did was I took a yoga class once was one of my friends and I had a friend in town this past weekend and she wanted to try out t25 so I did one t25 workout but other than that the rest of the thirty days were all just country to keep dancing and fun and like I said earlier in the video my nutrition was not on point the whole way through

I had a few two weekends where I kind of went a little off plan just for some of the plans that I had scheduled so so even with that I haven't thrilled with the six pound weight result I'm six time weight loss result and I'm just feeling so much better I feel like I have so much more energy and I just feel better about myself I feel leaner and I didn't have to kill myself to do that so I'm just super thrilled with that even though I was starting body beats I planted still incorporate country heat because it's so much fun so I haven't done there's a bonus DVD you get when you order from a coach so I haven't done that workout yet it's a mashup video of all the different moves so really looking forward to doing that I was thinking even some maybe some times during the body beast cardio days I might do country heat instead just because I know in ethnicity I don't keep doing it so those are my big takeaways if you have any questions about the program feel free to ask me we run monthly groups either on Facebook and now with Beachbody is new app every single month so if you need help with your nutrition or your fitness and

mainly just staying on track and staying motivated and having fun and feeling like you're on a team and you have that support we do those all virtually every single month so get on board this coming month - we also have a Beachbody doing health bet where they're going to be giving away free money to anyone who qualifies by doing three workouts a week and five shakes and that's all through the app so if you want to know more information about that I can get tails on that so thanks for jumping on hi Shane hi Rebecca hi Jennifer hi Sandy hi Lisa hi Ashley thanks guys I appreciate your support country he has been amazing the 30 days flew by I can't believe it's over already I had so much fun it is definitely a program I will not only come back to but also incorporate moving forward with whatever workout plan I do next like I said this particular one will be body beast and I just plan on continuing it from now on because there is so much fun so so I hope that answers all your questions that's my general overview I will be posting my before and after pictures later and if you guys have any other questions about the program I'll

be happy to answer them I just thought it was so much fun the music was great everything just kept my spirits high it was it's a fun fun workout it doesn't even feel like you're working out it doesn't require a lot of motivation because the workout itself is fun to jump into so I was absolutely thrilled with the program and if you have any questions I'm happy to share more so I hope that answered your questions again thanks for following my journey thanks for watching hey just good to see you guys so thanks for watching and like I said if you have any more questions let me know and I will talk to you guys soon