09 June 2019

COOK WITH ME (healthy living)

Healthy living should be fun! You should never feel like you CANT eat something. Food is fun and should be enjoyed just in moderation. Side note, over the ...

hey guys welcome back to another

Wednesday video so today I never done one of these videos before I am going to be cooking so when I'm choosing to cook is a healthy version of banana bread I follow this account Instagram I'm pretty sure that user name is meow Mix I'll put it somewhere over here it's a woman who posts about food and it's a lot about like calories and just like healthier versions of things showing you the realities of food since school has ended like literally the day after my last final I started eating very healthy so I'm not like on a diet I just cut out like bad foods you know I just don't eat things that aren't going to like make me feel good so it's not really a diet I'm just choosing not to eat like seven granola bars like I used to do just because they're easy and they taste good so I'm just starting to eat a lot healthier but it's okay to like have pancakes good morning if you're with your friends like just to know that for the rest of your day just kind of eat good so that's just kind of the mentality I have if you've watched any of my past videos you know that I'm very health conscious it's just important to realize that it's not a bad thing to

like have a bowl of ice cream if you're with your friends on a really hot summer day like that's not a bad thing to do just don't eat ice cream every single day and don't eat like a gallon of it at a time so today I am just going to be making this banana bread and I will put the recipe in the descriptions that you guys can make it at home as well and so I've now gotten all my ingredients so the first thing I have to do is put three eggs in so I actually like kind of like taking I don't like cleaning up afterwards but I do like baking in high school I used to make brownies like every weekend and that's like why I kinda wanted to do this just because it's something I've been wanting to do oh and then I have to add the bananas but I have to mash the bananas first so I now have a bowl these bananas a little trick is to pinch the bottom of the banana and it opens right up you're supposed to have like overly ripe bananas but mine are just like [Music] [Music] so these bananas even though they're not really ripe for mashing really well and

I think that's kind of the point of them being overly ripe like these are doing just fine so you know that I'm just mashing them with a fork I don't know if you guys have ever made banana pancakes those are pretty good and you do this exact same thing so that's two bananas so far last banana I wish I could hang on my camera down so that you guys feel like kind of see what I'm doing but it's hard with my setup that I've got going on I'm trying I'm trying the best all right so like I'm just Misha Misha right so it gets like really liquidy it's literally like and then I take my three eggs but I can't see down [Music] hey and then I'm going to go right on ahead and forward my bananas into my eggs [Music] and then I'm just going to mix all this together okay so then after that I add the flour the baking soda cinnamon and syrup and chocolate chips onto the bowl so I have to measure all that out so the first thing is two cups of almond flour and I'm using Krusty's almond flour

because that's what I have what just makes this in first so it's not so much so now I'm just mixing the rest of the flour okay so there's that and then I have to add the baking soda 1 teaspoon babies [Music] in there after that we had the cinnamon and you can add a half a teaspoon or half a tablespoon or 1 tablespoon and I'm going to add a full tablespoon just because I like some [Music] we go ahead and add the maple syrup but this is where I want you to pay attention to the brand so we're supposed to add two tablespoons of maple syrup but since I'm just trying to like stay a little healthier I'm going to do one tablespoon of this sugar-free maple flavor it's by Maple Grove farms so there's that and the reason I'm giving you the brand is because this in my opinion doesn't taste that even though it's sugar-free and I don't know if other brands would taste bad so I'm adding one tablespoon of this and then I'm going to add one tablespoon of regular syrup just in case like if

adding the full two tablespoons with the road the banana bread off that's why I'm mixing them together so here's the first tablespoon of the sugar-free maple syrup here's the second tablespoon but using regular sir okay and then the optional part which I'm doing fairly he's adding a quarter cup of chocolate chips but mine's even healthier than the Hopi name so they're gonna pop this in my mouth and we're gonna mix this up so now the mix is all done that's all done I'm going to clean this stuff up start the oven get the pan ready and then we'll pop it in the oven oh I have a pan eight and a half by four and a half I have some like spray to grease the pan and then I have parchment paper say no when I pour it in it'll kind of sink down on its own so let's just give this another stir and we're just gonna pour it right in I'm going to pop this in the oven here actually I'll just bring I'll just bring you guys with me so here this is what it looks like so I don't know if you can see that well but like it's just gonna be a little uneven but I'm like really excited so I'm popping this into the oven you cook it for 50

minutes like this isn't gonna catch on fire right maybe I should is go bowl like parchment people can sell fire in the oven let's just close the oven and just let me look that up real quick and that was a stupid thought it's made for the oven maybe I should cut the excess wow I'm just like all over the place okay we cook it for 15 minutes which is kind of long all right I'll see you guys in 50 minutes let it cool down a bit then we can taste it and I'll let you know how it is I just took the banana bread out of the oven and it smells so good here is here it is see so there it is I'm gonna let it cool down for a little while and then I'll cut into it and I'll taste it and let you guys know how it is it seems like it's gonna be really really good so for the first plate this is actually really really good make sure to put the recipe below so that you guys can go make this try it because it's amazing so I really hope you guys liked my first cooking video I had a lot of fun doing it just because it was something I enjoyed doing and I got to eat afterwards so make sure to give this video a big thumbs up the big

red subscribe button below and I will see you guys on Wednesday and then Sunday [Music]