09 June 2019

COOK WITH ME: Healthy Nachos|Weightloss Food

Healthy Nachos?? Where?! Find out my way of making leaner nachos that are still delicious! +PROOF!

hi guys it's your girl got you Ella boss

I'm here with another cook with me video today we will be making my version of healthy nachos okay so here I have about two pounds of ground beef so meat usually has its own natural fats so I'm not putting any oil for now if we think that it music later we will be adding it what I do like to add is garlic salt this one has a little bit of parsley in it let the meat sit there and cook itself I'm gonna start working with the veggies Wow [Music] so now that the nachos are pretty much done I'm gonna show you guys how I share them you need a small bowl the bigger the bull the more food you're gonna add in there I mainly want to focus on protein I'm gonna add 1/2 a cup of ground beef to my bowl this I'm gonna add 2 tablespoons of black beans this is equivalent to about our ounce I will do the same for the corn I'll probably put four of these tomato you know uh Nana we don't need that I [Music] wanted the same way you do like Dexter so that way the chips don't get soggy huh

how are you doing like that [Music] babe come try your nachos try it over here you like nachos you can't even taste the zucchini but I made it cause like the more vegetables you add the less chips you're gonna think it better you like your clothes and your kid Tony how fun