28 April 2018

CONTEST PREP CHRONICLES EP12 : Got more supplements and FAVORITE contest diet meal!

Get some of those supps through https://www.bosssupplements.com ... they are real good with me and supporting me so would appreciate if you checked out ...


what are you doing here magic obviously know which one is which one is this I think it's strawberries strawberries so by the end of the summer we might have half a cup of strawberries oh one single strawberry oh no I strike me that's the tomatoes and the green one is strawberry cool are there any ones in the green bucket yeah baby was here yeah Hayek's Dollarama what nature yeah okay alright I've ever happy because uh Joelle from boss and be my supplements and I want to show you guys what he sent me let's see what they got and that's gonna be said the past videos have been long and a lot of hardcore training and posing with Zayn and stuff so I decided to make so turn up a little video not too long here cord boy another nice letter C or to sing and during Sullivan sand boss apparel we hope your prep is going well you know fantastic all of us here at boss are watching and cheering you on thanks for being such a positive motivating part of the boss family from your boss family that's very nice there

are the guys they're the man and woman's I guess they're people do gender neutral here people Helen Keaney Oh some some greens and cut oh I'm gonna try that actually for for my cardio these aminos ins and the I'm les right little those are always useful cops like that and this very important chord Boland and it's when I use post workouts that are on a workout that I carb days you get the period where competition like pre during and after and keep change stuff it's good look at that BCA ooh peach and mango wow that's cool you don't know the old things like that when you're dining a new flavor can can mean the world to you sometimes yes I asked for that one it's a peanut butter chocolate flavored and because I still use my oatmeal with the way I sit in it so I'm gonna put put this in it now I'm gonna try it actually yeah t-shirt nice if you guys want me oh that stuff you're getting just go on bus supplements come of course oh there we go Fitz so do the mallet it's one of Dorian Hamilton's our go-to for pre workout and during workouts for pump and glutamine that's for a recreation st that's one of

the products that one of the first products I've used my bodybuilding career was like 15 years all I got some creatine and glutamine and figures the one that been the most consistent glutamine and that's where you see cool awesome perfect great all right so I've got to mix up my little thing there so I use that this is 30 grad 30 grams of dry oats so it's like less it's like 20 20 grams of carbs and 30 grams why do they put water in it it'll be like that's it there's nothing much old meal to my legs I guess this is still cuts by quicker look how happy is ya man eat my oats oats my oats and that's hot this is gonna be the almond butter and this is meal actually right now meal for two scoops of whey isolate 10 gram of the almond butter and 30 gram of oatmeal yeah 30 gram is not a lot so it's pretty funny and I don't have oatmeal at night anymore you put it in the middle of the day a chef should do it I should save all these finishes for nutrition for another video because it's just of all the supplements I got pretty happy and I want to show you this little meal here also my breakfast is very similar my

breakfast is egg whites on the side with vegetable you see this before I think and uh where's the lit and oatmeal together great [Music] good awaits home lucky Scooby's right there on the top you this turn brown I love her a little sup shelf doubles up chef then Trixie is for you cuz I got this almond butter what it's giving me tell me promise every time I taste a ground because if I lick it it's not gonna grab anymore maybe a live-in grab and you're gonna have German precision when you're dieting to the ground the reason why I said this you have already know if you watch all my videos because I hate stirring their little thing there so I put it all in there and so all the solid chunks and the oil gets mixed all together so it's way easier to get it okay one scoop two scoops and then you take a spoon mix it up once a note to that way yeah actually they're really more way than oats here look she works like a workout just mixing it better

this is amazing this is like a desert almost hey when you're dieting you know so was that chocolate peanut butter butter flavored oatmeal and this is by mutant it's a Canadian brand yeah support your local guys so yeah very good so if you're not dying should you try this out because if you put like a hundred gram of oatmeal why'd you put warm you like for example you should put like out like 100 grams it's gonna be like 60 70 grams of carbs and then you put two scoops that's like 50 grams of protein put a tablespoon of almond butter it's another 15 grams of almond butter which is like 8 grams of fat did a complete super quick total bodybuilding meal here and the fiber from your meal isn't about either grains and beans grains and beans yeah grains for gains because you're eating grains and you're gaining Meganium losing now losing body fat getting muscle that's soggy it's a game of loss brains of trone's gains of things gains of drones video ideas no no we had Lord Lord of the games the games games of thrones gains are thrones done in the next one like this yes honey is there another one

we kind of cool the other guy show us like friends I like all bodybuilders just do bodybuilding golf ball friends not friends or another idea name name name again the service is popular all but mine are all like kids stuff like the South Park Bob's our series a series serial ago TV show I'm not comics it's all perfect amazing there's another subject but black mirror Oh something about the mirrors and bodybuilders in Washington or what softer carbon is the one melted carbs they going on it doesn't matter what your body is if you eat too much carbohydrates you will lose your soul every time you die you get put into another bodybuilder or every time you die you have to get put into somebody who's not a bodybuilder and you have to turn them into a body butter you go through the whole process yeah it's like it's like you know video game you know again is Mario you eat the mushroom you then you you like touch a turtle for some reason and then you like oh you lose your gains become small again then you got to build yourself back up with weights didn't deduct again but then if you die you could you got to

restart your bodybuilding career Mario routine beans yeah you can do to twelve competitor you do it up to twelve class because there's no big did you feed the big mushroom then you go in the open class that's funny see almost done okay like sometimes to take him it's like you're sad because it's goes down so quick I say right sometimes it's not just about of everything I'm here with dole intranet right now it's about the journey to finishing right now they follow cuz you're just eating yeah what he was saying today for saying like he hates when people do rants and the chewing food but not chewing food here I'm just wallowing I'm not sure wing just maybe just scraping although I'll be up knowing a little bit but you know what it's died anyway you've watched me eat a bowl of oatmeal you want your back your five minutes of your life you'll never have them back I took them time well-spent which with your attention but thanks for watching this little video what you say we say but but takes just okay thanks for watching and see you

next time I do a bonus on them [Music]