09 June 2019

Conservation "Giving Nutrition through IV" | D3 Keperawatan UNAIR

TUGAS BAHASA INGGRIS | D3 KEPERAWATAN UNAIR Kelompok : Fadilla Kusuma Nurvianti (151811913056) Adinda Rizkyta Ardiyanti (151811913099) ...

in a well-known hospital in Surabaya

there is a little child named Veera she is 5 years old she fears of cold in night see complainant it had so dizzy and after is difficult to swallow her parent say about her condition so we kept fira appetite fira feel it science 5 days ago her parents give some medicine failfish but their body no response for it and then her parents feel feel so confusion and go to the clinic here in this really can handle for it because this hospital has also ready now I will give you reference letter for fira and you must go to the hospital fast because if you don't go now afraid Fira getting weaker after it her family called the hospital so fast after alpha her mom go to the ITT first a nurse check tension fira silhou so pale come on sin it's Hanley sadness and after nurse and doctor look and the agnostic Fela they deafness evidently she suffered from diploid disease and she doesn't have a good appetite so has nutritional needs a finally Tirana invention in this hospital the doctor induction a nurse for diphtheria

injection because she looks of pearl also the inflation is started for two days the 21113 the work to nurse do come to give an injection of nutrition on direction doctor the doctor and nurse did it after the special about Veera condition there the nurse go into the room with smile and bring injection nutrition equipment the nurse apart passions and the nurse must have a good feel under any condition let me produce myself my name is Ida I'm in here today yes it is right Kyra yes right nurse Howard condition your doctor man sits in and three more need to prepare and recognize if you're so cool does the Viacom plane adjust and so much it is which we'll also see this [Music] it is right it is this mouse you must eat in something whether you want to go home so quietly so you must leave some food okay okay man I will index an amputation to increase appetite ephyra yes just three to five minutes give me a minute I will take the medicine not always yeah hi

well it's okay but not too much well it's okay but you must control you take her nutrition you