09 June 2019

Comparing the Vegan diet to Cult diets and Slave diets

Sometimes I read comments on Youtube saying the Vegan diet is a Slave diet but I beg to differ...

vegan diet is a cult diet not a slave

diet that is the this is the distinction mind control the slaves were physically controlled they could not control their minds the cult diet is mind control and body control to keep their bodies weak and skinny and doughy hello this is si siren Janine and for today's video I wanted to talk about the vegan diet as compared to slave diets around the world and cult diets which one do you think the vegan diet most resembles I'm going to talk about the diet of 19th century slaves in America also the Caribbean in South America and also Egyptian slaves so the reason why I wanted to talk about this is because I frequently see mostly in comment sections that the vegan diet is compared to a slave diet there is a couple of videos made on it but it's mostly just in I see in the comment section a lot or even just briefly talked about in of it random videos so yeah so I wanted to look into that so because it didn't sit well with me because I'm thinking it doesn't make sense because I'm sure people wanted their slaves to be healthy and strong right and then cult leaders want their cult followers to be weak and feeble minded so I wanted to you know read more

about that and learn what the diets were really like for the most part slaves diet consisted of a form of fatty pork corn or rice this is the American slave slave diets a quart of cornmeal a half a pound of salt pork per day per adults and proportionately for children supplemented with sweet potatoes whew he is syrup rice fruit and garden sauce beef was harder to preserve so it was typically only served fresh which happens more often in the winter because the cold slowed the spoil due to the lack of cattle consumption and use other than for fertilizer another problem among slaves diets was the absence of milk milk became a scarce product only available seasonally the slaves diet was lacking in quality I I think it was lacking in quantity too there were many vitamin and nutrient insufficiencies that led to sicknesses vitamin A deficiency led to weakened eyesight lack of milk contributed to diseases such as rickets and calcium deficiencies inadequate iron lead to anemia so if they ate a lot of pork they didn't have any you know much heme iron in their diet which leads to anemia even if you are not on a vegan diet

you still need heme iron in your diet in your life especially for children and pregnant and nursing mothers the slaves often had Sundays off is which i'm what i'm reading everywhere and they use that time to tend to their gardens to hunt and to fish they aid rabbit and fish from the streams they had chickens and eggs Booker T Washington a 19th century slave diet this is a pretty interesting website breakfast the usual diet for slaves was cornbread and pork often mother would steal a chicken and wake the kids up late in the middle of the night and quickly feed her children the chicken so whether they got the meat or not they chose they didn't choose to not eat meat they ate meat when they could 13 org weekly food rations usually cornmeal lard some meat molasses peas and flour were distributed in every Saturday vegetable patches or Gardens if permitted by the owner supplied fresh produce to add to the rations morning meals peas beans turnips and potatoes all seasoned with meats and sometimes a ham bone was cooked in a big iron kettle slaved people in all regions and time periods often didn't have enough to eat

okay so they get the scurvy and the rickets from lack of fruit lack of milk there was lack of cattle lack of red meat which led to anemia so the diet was still deficient and they also received lard and used lard to cook their greens this is a rabbit's a hunted rabbit Egypt the diet of the pyramid builders what did they eat bringing up the bones Redding's team made the discovery of the meats heavy diet based on a hundred and seventy-five thousand animal bones and bone fragments found at the Giza pyramid settlement mostly cattle sheep and goats and a smaller number of pig bones study the bones to estimate a large amount of meat that would have gone to the workers what did the pyramid builders eat it had to be enough to sustain the workers through the grueling days weeks and years a research scientist has helped shed light on the answer to this question in short the builders ate meats lots and lots of means often with a side of meats they probably had better diets than people did in the village they definitely had more needs okay so we are getting an idea of what a slave diet was like from different slave populations around the world let's talk about cults

influence of tastes the the diet of people's temple people's temple was Jonestown so it started off as the people's temple in America and then they all transferred to Guyana where they started Jonestown run by cult leader Jim Jones Jim Jones briefly advocated for a vegetarian diet for both moral ethical ends health reasons the foodie said at this time was at its best but it soon ended I suspect the real reason in the end that we didn't eat that way they're talking about the vegetarian diet was that it was too time consuming that's hilarious the vegetarian diet was too time-consuming yes it is isn't it as we as I know now after I started eating meats you know like okay so now my my cooking mostly consists of butter meats and salts done okay so Jim did it Jim Jones didn't want them to waste time on ourselves so he didn't want them to waste time on this tedious vegetarian diet the food was so bad it was so heavily carbohydrates it was almost entirely starch what I would get letters from my sister there was a strange focus on food there was an extreme level of consciousness about food that further told me they

probably weren't eating very much and so this is the point I'm trying to make so there was a financial situation with the food obviously and he also used food as a form of control to keep his people weak but the point is they were weak and starving and they were susceptible to this Colts mind control I've because they were weak in starving let's talk about Branch Davidians history beliefs practices the group that became popularly known as the Branch Davidians are traceable back to a splinter sect that broke off the seventh-day Adventist Church in 1942 the SDA church is well known for their belief in the imminent return of Jesus Christ blah blah blah let's talk about diets and for their special vegetarian dietary restrictions so why why are all these cults have a very high plant-based and/or vegetarian diet control weakness conformity Heaven's Gate cult members might eat better than you most of the members of the Heaven's Gate cult famously ofto themselves in order to be transported to an alien spaceship traveling behind the hale-bopp comets but a few still remain on earth and they are in essence anti foodies oh look at

this guy it's pretty creepy huh anti foodies what does that mean they were anti food this is another witness who escaped this cult this Heaven's Gate cult they wanted me to try a juice only diet for weeks at a time strip down the body's childish and self-centered ways of looking at food nutrition and what a brain feels it needs to make it feel satisfied so they're talking about detoxing so they're detox they're constantly worried about detoxing and this is of a vegan obsession is to be fully detoxed and constantly be detoxing for weeks months and years and forever but then they go they talk a lot about soda they drink daily soda we've tried every diet out there to see its effect on the body from fruitarian to wheatgrass to low cooked grains to juice only consumption they right hmm that's interesting because it believed food made them slaves to being human how does that make any sense at all they're just they're definitely mentally and mentally ill and malnourished okay transforming themselves into outsiders it is the most ancient form of human asceticism augmented by cyberspace

and juice clintus juice cleanses okay hewed the most ancient form of human cleanliness augmented by cyberspace and juice cleanses okay I want a Guinness I have a Guinness in the refrigerator and Guinness has heme iron in it more about heaven's gates by then in late March 1997 the members 39 members including Applewhite was wearing black tracksuit sneakers ate applesauce laced with barbiturates and washed it down with vodka they then put bags over their head purple shrouds over their bodies and laid down to leave their earthly vehicles behind but they weren't killing themselves they thought but freeing their souls from there so they could ascend to a spacecraft flying in the wake of the hale-bopp comment which at that point was passing the earth and we're going to be taken to their new home in space instead police found their bodies on March 26 and the images of the white black and white knights poking out from under their purple cloth would be burned into the eyes of a generation okay so they were malnourished completely malnourished their brains were malnourished so let's talk about FLDS polygamous you know these women

these people is this a cult I think so yes it sure has the makings of a cult and these people were also like pale and they were either very very skinny or they became this very fat and just out shape I don't know it's not out of shape it's not the word I'm looking for but just soft you know skinny or soft like doughy that's the word I'm looking for doughy very pale and doughy people this article is called witnesses scallops for the bishop toast for the kids says a former cook for the family of the bishop Lyle Jeff's the prophets brother and the right-hand man she spoke of seeing shopping carts full of meat and turkeys in but earmarked for the bishops family while others may do with rice and beans the cook and allene Jeff ste told FBI last year that while she prepared feast of lobster and shrimp for the bishop her own children lived off toast we were literally starving she lived in a house of 40 people and subsisted on noodles brown rice tomato juice and when they were lucky bread or a few containers of yogurt we had little children that were starving big people that were starving members of the unification Church suffer for God

mentality so some people will go on a fast for a week interestingly the churches reach extended to the greater food world to it owned true world foods the main supplier of sushi to restaurants in the u.s. okay so the Synanon cult owned a Creamery yet they ate powdered milk they sold their cream to the US and the unification Church supplied sushi to restaurants in the u.s. yet they did not eat the sushi themselves how does this make any sense look at this guinness ad is following me on every website prophet gave her followers direct orders about what they should eat how they should eat even where they should sit while eating low calorie diet of bland foods but the Prophet herself kept in the walk-in refrigerator full of exotic fruit ice cream and seafood so the prophets and the bishops and the leaders and the fathers get to eat meats we like to think that we're in control of what we eat but for those in a cult diet it is often dictated by the group's leader who has the power to influence and brainwash his or her followers one of the most notorious examples of this is when Jim Jones ordered his followers to

drink cyanide tainted flavour aid in 1978 I love this headline joining a cult might be bad for your diet from the flavor aid not kool-aid at Jonestown 2r Evans reverend sun myung moon fat-shaming sermons cults have a history of using food as one of their many tools of control but hey at least some of them made salad salad dressing to die for yeah no thanks so I know what kind of food I would rather eat soul food or cult food which would you would rather eat okay well I guess that is all thank you for watching