27 August 2019


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don't say a lot of you know that I've

been trying to lose weight and it's been a good one month down so far so I'm gonna let you know some of my little secrets and things that I eat because eating is the biggest part of losing weight I think that's like gym is just 20% basically working out so eating really is my struggle and that's why I put back on weight all the time when I've tried to lose weight before it's because of what I eat so snacks is also on the go and being outside also makes weight loss really hard so I tried to do a Dollar Tree because you know people you know you want to learn how to save more money and not spend that much on food because eating healthy is expensive so I want to do a Dollar Tree shop with me where I show you some healthy snacks that are $1.00 in Dollar Tree so grab your configure potatoes and let's go shopping at Dollar Jay soon as I come in here I noticed that they have these singles and it's good when you don't want to get a drink although I don't like anything that says diet on it because it tastes bad when it has like no sugar rather have the real thing then have this weird substitute of a real thing

so I normally have this I'm not gonna back that says diet I'm gonna look for the real thing if they have the real thing if not I'll just settle for these work juice and I'll tell you how good this is when I get water cold water I'm gonna try this I'm willing to try and have a trolley but I dumped it because oh and my favorite drink when I come here is cranberry cranberry tastes so good don't know that they don't have my C they're always sold out on the actual cranberry maybe it was right there this drink tastes of we you mean you mean that's what that taste of not that I've tasted it before but if I could if I know I'm trying to describe the taste it would be like that I didn't even know they have my mum's gonna go crazy that they have coconut oil in dollar tree that's the only thing they even have a Thousand Island they have pickles I didn't know they have these little things at Dollar Tree I'm learning I don't know if they taste good though so on the go stuff for losing weight is stuff like this they have this in like h-e-b and yeah this is actually nice for losing weight like on the go you want a light snack Dollar Tree have

healthy snacks dollars they have healthy snacks this is one of them in fact that this video is going to be titled healthy snacks idolatry this is one of them this is one of them if you want to learn how to get in shape this is one of them so yeah anyway lemon pepper and you just put that on top of a salad and there you go they don't have any salad say that's the only thing they have two phrases and it's only one dollar it's on-the-go snack so cheap this one that has crackers in it look at this one and ready to go now I don't know how good this tastes I've never tried it before but that's definitely a nice healthy on-the-go snack oh no I wish this was a healthy snack I wish this was a healthy snack it's not I mean but it can't be can it I'm joking too much sodium and I've been in denial for years but it's too much smoke sodium and these are healthy snacks a tacos a healthy snack tacos or tacos I say I only this is the healthy snack but I rather buy them in in the grocery store but they have pepperonis I didn't know because I'm always coming here for junk food I'm about to show you

the aisle that I come inside and you doors are gonna be like you really come here for this I'm about to sneeze anyway give me a second dose oh I had to like keep my nose it's a disaster so these complete this is what I used to get doors I've changed my life I have repented of all my and that evil this is why you see I used to rely on this for life and I can look at it now and I don't feel anything for it I'm delivered I'm delivered I don't wanna talk now because it's kind of like empty the store anyway mandarine these are healthy these are healthy on the first snacks that you can put in a ziplock and out the door and look at this applesauce is good you can take these on the go in your hand in or take it out like that or put it in a ziplock that's a nice one ago and you can add milk if you're really hungry and have cereal on the go Syria is always healthy some more applesauce I didn't even know the Dollar Tree have all these hidden alert I didn't know that dodgy had all these hidden gems of health who knew who knew let's see they've got some fake coffee

I don't really touch Dollar Tree coffee and what look at this creamer even though this is not this is a healthy but I still have my coffee I don't care what anyone says and water bottles you've got the tiny ones here them might get one of these and put my you know put my little thing inside that I showed you earlier over here let's see where is it well did I just buy the only one and I lost it how embarrassing picked up the only one and I lost it the watches are so embarrassing where is it I picked up the only one I lost it this is really good for on-the-go throughout the day this size is good yeah I'm gonna try this but I don't know how it says light I don't like the word diet it just ruins it comment down below if you are like me okay so we checked that section let's check this section let's see the section is candy let's see what we can get that is healthy these are definitely not healthy baked walls not healthy you don't need these let me tell you what is healthy we're about to find it I hear these are good I'm trying to be on low carbs so I'm not gonna recommend that I'm going based off what

I'm eating some crackers could be good but try to stay off of them and I like these just the first it looks fancy Monay it just looks fancy just know seventy felonies I mean that's not bad as they're very like you compare it with the tuna that I showed you earlier and then you have and then they're brown the light brown bread almost and we can't do these I love these suicide but we can do this I believe this is healthy peanut butter is always good and it says Oh 150 calories it's not really low so healthy I think that's healthy just a little bit okay not too much now let's see if they have any chips that are healthy so far I'm not seeing any voice yes it's not the healthiest look at that I posted in a movie that they cost 140 calories that might be I'll just see where our healthy chips you've got some pretzels 110 calories I always like to make myself believe this was healthy in the past but it's not it's just fancier looking Pringles yeah just fancy looking version of Pringle pop con selfie now Pinos so we can't really do crisps chips we can't do that but we can do peanuts see what salted

peanuts you've got these peanuts here occasionally I'd like to have these honey roasted peanuts but I like to brand-name so where's that brand it's not in front of me it's normally over here but it's not here so it sold out so then this like sunflower seeds ugly I don't really care for that raisins apple slices craisins foot raisins apple slices a bunch of seeds don't really not moved by those it's really hard doing being like changing your lifestyle I don't care for this either none of this none of that it's my thing so I'm not gonna pretend you've got some peanuts in the shells which is really healthy this is really healthy very approved you've got the pistachios I love these they're always expensive in other shops and these I'll feed sake and this one is lean beef so that's good you see 70 calories that's a nice undergo snack you've got mix trail mix you've got fruit and not mix this and then just to did you know don't like it I'm just recommending this is it I love that honey roasted one out there that's a lot but it's a nice treat it's better than eating junk food this is healthy

that's good okay so we look on the wall behind us the candy I'm gonna tell you now that candy like chocolate sweets it's not bad once in a while now I'm not gonna tell you that dark chocolate is the best thing ever but if you're gonna do chocolate this one's good but normally for me as a woman at the time every month I need chocolate and this is the best like I don't feel guilty when I have this bar so treat yourself and trust me this especially when you put in the fridge oh my god this is good makes me want to get it that time of the month is coming and then I need it so I don't pick out because when I don't have it around stashed away I end up picking out when I really need chocolate in my life so yeah I might pick that up and Hershey's Kisses none of that is healthy so a PC how fast I'm moving past here this is the temptation how can I do myself this is so nice and chewy if you want something to chew on to other grapes okay none of this none of this is you can't you can't have any of this you say no to

the devil say no to temptations you can't have any of this none of it not a single piece of it okay then with that being said I think we're done did we look at drinks oh yeah we did oh there's another aisle no dog food unless yeah dog food might be healthy yes I think we're done if you enjoyed this video give it a big thumbs up if you're new to my channel subscribe down below let me know what you are going to be trying in this healthy Dollar Tree video where I'm showing you you know stuff that work for my diet and things I can't have I will say if you want juice this is really good I love Arizona another tea not the team you want a bit of juice this is not badger I feel guilty as compared to drinking sprite or coke and this might be good too a lot of sugar in it though it's about 60 calories it's not bad compared to drinking coke this takes your mind off of it so yeah thank you so much for watching dolls and I will see you in my next video oh and a her coconut water is good too they have some of that in Dollar Tree so yeah bye dolls see you my next video

oh and if you wanna see more videos like this let me know I will be happy to cover it for you does have a nice day bye this is healthy as well I forgot to tell you love Carol calories of there's free of them inside her I don't know fats per serving yes oh my god this is a lot of peanut butter but this is healthy it's an on the go snack especially if you like to rush you know drivin this is odd to go oh didn't mention pickles well have a nice crunchy snack to have on-the-go than pickles that's good but yeah peanut butter it's very healthy you can get this or you can get like a whole like this this is really good then just dip take him dip stuff on the go and coconut oil as I said earlier is good and I saw this as well this is really good it looks like it's healthy and I might do a try test just well you don't have to get back to only 50 calories see that is good yeah so I want to try this and you can use the Silurians idea it tastes really good carrot celery or cucumber I use cucumber but that's my personal taste I don't know if you're gonna like that so just letting you know the reason

why I didn't point at the chocolate one is because you know this chocolate you avoid so yeah these are all the stuff I really enjoyed today cuz I while doing this video learnt a bunch of stuff I didn't know about just food that can be eaten so I'm actually really happy that I came in here because there's a lot of stuff I didn't know that over here what is this that looks disgusting oh no that's a big no for me that looks disgusting I wouldn't recommend at all so ya can't get over this that's a nice long listener and then I just show you these tuners as well but you can get this cheaper in a big grocery store in a pack so yeah I think I'm done that's about it nothing else we can do a part to join support to Jesus let me know in the comment section down below but if you had fun shopping with me at Dollar Tree let me know in the comment section down below as you learned some stuff also let me know what you learn I'm so happy I covered some helpful for you and oh my god embarrassing and like almost dropped the camera anywhere cdolls and I hate speedy I think that's time to go now bye be gone but look what

I found on the go on the go meandering slices mister pre cupped in there I said I'm gonan and I see most of us are we showing this okay I'm really good now bye after I finished filming I've got this so I'm you know they say it's sparkling water and never I hate normally he hates sparkling waters I'm gonna try it because it was cold I needed something cold and coke was there and sprite was there and there are calories so I'm gonna try and I'll let you know how it tastes right there it's actually really good I normally as I told you I hate sparkling water but this is actually really refreshing like madly refreshing so I'll be looking out for it in dollar tree not all of them have it so I mean if you if you're someone who's been a coke addict ah a coke addict I know it sounds bad like you've been hooked on actual cocaine no coke like coca-cola addict like me a former coke addicts and sprite addicts you would want to try this because it gives you the taste as if you're drinking fizzy drink but you're not and I mean zero calories so yeah thank you so much for watching this video I hope it inspires you to stay

healthy and do your best lose weight and look fabulous but this tryout