09 June 2019

Collagen Supplements: What's the Hype All about? // SPARTAN HEALTH 030

The popularity of collagen is skyrocketing. It's especially effective in compensating for problems related to our bones and our skin as we age. Although human ...

the popularity of collagen is

skyrocketing it's especially effective in compensating for problems related to our bones and our skin as we age although human beings start out making collagen naturally as we get older we become less capable of absorbing nutrients or synthesizing them in that case collagen rich foods and supplements can compensate for those deficiencies collagen is also the most abundant protein in your body so you might want to know a bit about it I'm doctor nada I created the integrative health program at Mass General Hospital and I'm the founder of Sage tonic an innovative and natural treatment toolbox welcome to this episode of Spartan health collagen is typically only derived from animal products although there are some marine collagen zhan the market so you might want to pay some attention to the sources of the supplements you use collagen has been shown to have positive effects on a variety of problems and today we're going to look at a few of them arthritis sarcopenia which is loss of muscle mass and skin elasticity so first of all arthritis collagen can help a lot with arthritis and that's a painful

disease in which the body has an autoimmune response against its own cartilage one supportive measure you can take to help mitigate or lessen repeated joint stress is to use collagen orally or through a capsule or powder there's a few theories as to why this helps relieve joint pain one is that it might accumulate in the cartilage and stimulate production of more cartilage another is that this supplementation might not replace collagen due to the autoimmune response instead it may lessen the severity of the autoimmune response itself by increasing the body's tolerance to collagen through repeated exposure either way it can be a really big help next condition sarcopenia now remember that's loss of muscle mass it's a condition that happens to almost all of us losing muscle mass as we grow older as we age the condition increases the possibility of Falls and bone breaks multiplied by the growth of an agent and this represents a major public health concern luckily there are ways to reduce the rate of this loss a recent study showed that a combination of weight training which all of us Spartans do and the use of college and

supplementation can help in that study a group taking college and derive from chickens so it's an animal source increase their muscle strength and their fat free muscle mass at a much higher rate than the control group finally collagen can also help maintain the elasticity of your skin it's a common problem aging skin can get wrinkly an appearance that some people want to avoid well the Sun has its own impact on your skin aging alone can decrease the quality and quantity of collagen that your skin uses it turns out that oral administration of collagen can compensate for those decreases and help maintain a youthful look there are collagen supplements that are widely available one of the most familiar might be bone broth and that takes collagen from the bones of chicken fish or beef there are also collagen supplements on the market and you might be concerned about what exactly is the source of that collagen supplements using animal parts from cows or hooves might make you think twice you'll feel more assured if you look for companies that acquire their collagen the bones

and tissues from cage-free free-range and antibiotic-free sources our bones muscles and skin keep us strong they help us move and they protect the integrity of all of our body systems collagen can help these essential parts of your body maintain their vigor it's not a fountain of youth but you might look and feel more youthful thanks for listening to Spartan health I'm doctor nada and I'm here every Sunday as part of the Spartan up podcast family Spartan up has new episodes almost every day of the week we give you tips information and tools to help you stay on track we have interviews with inspiring high achievers every Tuesday with Joe and his team and other days we cover topics that help with mindset athletics and leadership at Spartan we're here for you we're your partner in resilience training for mind body and spirit [Music] you