09 March 2017


Coconut oil pulling is an all natural way to get whiter teeth, detox your body, get rid of acne and so much more! I love doing this because after I am done pulling, ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel and

hello if you're new Thank You defeated subscribe because I come out with a new cleavage and that way you will always be notified every time I upload the today's video is really exciting it's all about oil pulling now if you don't know what soil pulling is basically taking oil in your mouth and swishing it around for about 5 to 15 minutes 5 20 minutes so I like to use coconut oil to do my oil cooling now there are so many benefits of this method this technique and I'm going to share with you guys to make how to do it why it's so good for you I'm going to like do a little demonstration on how I do it personally myself so number one oil cooling draws out to toxins from your body and from your skin from your mouth so I read somewhere that each clean a tooth in our mouth has somewhere between ten thousand to a hundred thousand bacteria in it and that's a clean tube a dirty tooth that can have a hundred million bacteria on it so that's insane and that's scary and that's why I do this method is just to just get all that bacteria out of my mouth number two oil cooling whitens your teeth naturally now this is something

that I see a result within one use my teeth will get a little bit not a dramatic difference but it will get a little bit whiter and you will over time within a week see a difference number three better breath so because it's picking all that bacteria and all that chunk out of your mouth your breath is fresher and coconut oil is a antimicrobial antifungal antibacterial so it's all our just stuff to kill all the germs in your mouth that cause that nastiest bad breath number four it gets rid of plaque now class is something that's disgusting and it causes bad breath so and it also leaves like the filmy briny texture on your teeth like if you run your tongue over your teeth sometimes you can feel it it's really gross and it's really it's dangerous for your health because plaque goes into your system and you know it can cause heart disease and things like that so oil boiling actually gets rid of plaque it's really good for clear skin because it's draw out the toxins from your body it is a really really good natural way to clear up your acne in your skin according to Ayurveda oil

flowing actually purifies your entire bodies why because every section of your tongue is connected to the organs in your body so it's purifying everything in your body just by doing this with your mouth number 70 produces tooth decay now I eat a lot of sweets I drink a lot of coffee I drink a lot of tea and I drink wine a lot a lot a lot so that is definitely not good for my teeth and this actually really helps to not so your teeth will rot number eight it reduces sinus inflammation and that is a problem that I have sometimes they do sound nasally and coconut oil that with the coconut pulling and reduces the assignment inflammation number nine and one of my favorite ways to use oil pulling is for hangovers because it sucks out all the toxins from your body it's really good if you got a hangover to just swish coconut oil in your mouth for about five to 20 minutes you just get everything out which it comes to number 10 is headache because when you have a hangover you have a headache with it and oil cooling actually alleviates headache number eleven some people actually saw differences in the pores in their skin

so the size of the pores which shrink and their skin was clear up with oil toasted so those are some of the reasons that the oil pulling is so so good for you now I'm going to share with you guys how I personally do it at home okay so I am in the bathroom and I'm going to show you guys I'm excuse coconut oil to do my oil pulling now this is one that I got from Walmart it's in Atlanta coconut oil and what I like to do is just take a spoonful of this and put it in my mouth just push it around for five to 20 minutes lately I'm really liking this with a nutrient wise this is coconut oil for oil swimming and this is peppermint flavor it's all natural it's 100 percent coconut oil with some peppermint oil in there and we can't like this one is because it's so easy and it's so convenient it's like in a packet and you know that coconut oil is solid at room temperature so you have to melt it and I like this one because even when it's solid you could just take your fingers and just melt it and there is quite a bit in here I'm going to pass the packet so 32 in the bag and I'll ask me about two one so I really like this if you

guys are interested in just one I believe it links down below but what I do is I just like to open the packet after I melt it with my fingers and then I put only half of it in my mouth and then I will start to just swish it around so that's what I'm going to do so I'm going to start by just putting half of a packet into my mouth and it will start to melt just because of all the heat in your mouth and then you just start swishing in your mouth so the reason that I use half is because if I use a lot my jaw will start to hurt and you might have this problem you might not so just start off with a small amount first and do not swallow this whatever you do don't swallow it because it becomes toxic and the reason is because you are pulling all of that bacteria out of your mouth as you are swishing it does get thicker in your mouth and I can only last five to ten minutes and I'm slowly working my way up to like that 20 minute mark and after I'm done fishing I will spit it out and I will go ahead and wash our brush my teeth with toothpaste and I always feel so energized and clear-headed after I do this and it just it's really pleasant

doing this because of the peppermint flavor so you don't taste the coconut oil it has a really nice pepper minty flavor I hope you enjoyed this video thank you guys so much for watching leave me a comment down below and let me know where you guys are from I would love to get to know you guys better to all my Ulta members and all my Nuland make sure you subscribe you so much for watching and I'll catch you in two minutes video