12 July 2018

COCOMONG EATING video compilation [love to eat/secret food good for health/#mukbang]

COCOMONG EATING video compilation [love to eat/secret food good for health/mukbang] #eatingshow #mukbang #storyforkids #cartoonforkids ...

I wonder what the staff will be today

[Music] well I hope this was worth the wait [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I came over to give you these walnuts come on what walnuts that's right eating walnuts makes your brain smarter so it helps you come up with good ideas with amazing ideas for the contest big wire I told you I don't need any how if you finished working then you can go [Music] [Music] today I eat foods that are good for me and I exercise every day really if that's all it takes then I could be the healthiest youth - yessiree what food gives our skin a healthy glow and helps new skin grow please one of these choices number one cupcake number two candy number three onion number four chocolate the answer is onion their correct answer is here trading some of this what is this is this spinach that's right

spinach how powerful ingredients it gets headaches you'll feel better after you eat yes I guess it wouldn't hurt to try some okay it's delicious tomato cookies and tomato pudding which is very healthy go on its rice I'm so sorry Kokomo but I'm sure one of my delicious cookies mother feed you up you don't like it here oh no no it's just when I eat the tomato a wonderful song suddenly popped into my head what you saw leave Louise him come on sing it wars Cairo alrighty I'll give it a try Flula round tomato my so delicious cutie pie oh so delicious ferment our tomato ferment our young body tomatoes [Music]