08 May 2016

Clogged Arteries - Dr. Joel Wallach

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hello Gary you're on the air hi doc apparently my wife had a heart attack and didn't know it a week from Tuesday okay her symptom was prolific vomiting she got dehydrated dehydrated and went into diabetic ketoacidosis and missed her insulin shots and so when she lost lucidity I called the emergency put 911 Thursday a week ago and so they got her stabilized by Friday they were able to do a heart catheter and found extensive blockage and didn't do any stents and they referred her to a hospital that could do the real difficult cases because all the arteries were blocked except one and that was 50% blocked on the right side main artery and so the hospital in Seattle was able to get in there yesterday and put in five stents in at two of the hundred percent blocked arteries and they want to go back in and do the right we've only got a people we've only got a couple of minutes here how much does your wife way she weighs about 150 pounds okay there was two things that your wife has to do if she survives a hospital and gets out okay sure what would be those two things she needs to do to deal with severely obstructed coronary arteries and I'm

sure it's happening in her brain or eyes or kidneys or place else ooh nuts I just she needs to clean her guy she can't be eating any more her animal fat she can't eat anything with oil canola oil olive oil anything like that no margarine need to get on a gluten-free diet what about my dog what about Franco Franco oh no no faces no no okay would you give her to deal with the blockages she needs to take the daily classic the nice and plus and the cardio sticks but you're also a musician I think that's when we can easily be helped I would give her the healthy brain and her talk about 150 puzzles with at 150 pounds of these severe teas I'd go ahead and give her two healthy brain and heart packs per month to fold everything twice a day I give her a char says two bottles of the ultimate daily classic tablets the three tablets twice a day two cardio sticks today one a breakfast wanted in ER there's two boxes a month they come in 30 in a box and then two of the of the niacin plus to it breakfast to dinner tenders two bottles a month and all this is designed to support promote healthy blood flow through obstructed arteries to support promote healthy

blood pressure and also to stop the ongoing damage these arteries are plugged not because of bad cholesterol too high a total cholesterol these artists your plug is sharp pointed out due to inflammation fried foods processed meats of nitrates and nitrites our own deli slices sandwich meats sausage ham bacon Bologna salami pastrami pepperoni jerky kirby's spam absolutely no oils no microwave popcorn no theater popcorn no olive oh no kokoro no margins mayonnaise houses cooking oils and no gluten char said it all and this will allow her body to repair itself the body wants to heal herself but you got to give it a little wiggle room and it's her diet and how she ate and how she cooked is what clog your arteries everything that doctors say is wrong when it comes to it should be a felony for medical doctors a given nutritional advice especially when it comes to the cardiovascular system and they tell people to use margarine instead of butter and cream is coffee creamers I get their cholesterol down and it's just absolutely criminal what they've done the American population and this has resulted in a whole industry in

which we have all these side effects from the statin drugs which lowers cholesterol we got low tea edie menopause at age thirty forty and we got Elsner disease which is a deficiency of cholesterol and so it's just absolutely amazing and so we've given you a great little program here she's already got the life-saving stents time to change your diet change to get on the supplement program also serve a couple weeks here at Lowe's know how life is doing