22 July 2019

Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster With Pure Vitamin C Review | Men’s Grooming Advice

mensgrooming #skincare Would you like brighter skin in seven days while also providing a boost of antioxidants? Visible reduction in wrinkles and skin ...

well it looks kind of weird in fact it

looks like something I'd use for a medical exam trust me you do not want to ask where that goes would you like brighter skin in seven days was also providing a boost of antioxidants visible reduction in wrinkles and skin blemishes that's the claim for this vitamin c daily booster from Clinique so i decided to put my hand in my pocket via and trial it for a week so i want to thank a friend of the channel claude at simply called for encouraging me to try this product she's a beautiful and talented young lady who creates great content including skincare reviews so it's worth checking out her channel particularly if you're interested in Clinique reviews she also produces a ton of content around makeup dating college life and more so be sure to tell your girlfriends wives sisters and female friends that they should subscribe I'll put a link to her channel in the description below ask pretty much anyone to name a skincare brand and it's likely they all mentioned Clinique my mind boggles at how much they spend on marketing walk into any department store and you'll see massive posters dazzling display and well trained sales

assistants ready to give you advice on their massive product range all that money on marketing and I still can't get them to send me free review samples well that's just rude so let's be fair here although there are some companies with massive marketing campaigns that charge a huge premium for products that are probably only worth a couple of pounds Clinique has become successful because their products work they're well reviewed and they benefit from a strong brand loyalty from their customers like many skincare brands nowadays they have a small dedicated range of men with its distinctive silver and white packaging but many of their products can be used for guys and girls vitamin C is a popular skincare ingredient with a decent amount of scientific studies to back up its uses search forums and YouTube and you'll find plenty of content creators who swear by using it in their daily routine I have used a bit Mincey product once before my band's news artistics and as I explained to my review video it works well for me I'll leave a link to that video below okay so vitamin C is great I was

impressed with the one product I tried so why have I not continued using it or reviewed more products containing it simply because I'm continually trying new skincare products and when I do I use that product with the minimum of others so I can truly evaluate it and depending on the product this trial could last many weeks but I've gotten around to it now so how do you use it and how did I get on firstly let's look at the packaging it's a small plastic vial with a pointed applicator and screw on lid one end and a foil covering the other ends the reason for this foil is the good quality vitamin C degrades once exposed to the air so you remove this fall on your first stove use and then use it morning and night for seven days at which time it begins to lose its potency and you should have naturally come to the end of the virus contents anyway under the foil is a rubber dome that covers a protective bowl pressing down on the bulb for the first time breaks the bulb and thereafter pressing on the rubber releases product the product is slightly milky an appearance with a similar consistency to other serums and you must shake it for a good

10 to 15 seconds before use is fragrance and alcohol-free one thing I should say here with regard to shaking the product is don't do what I did and shake it with the lid off because basically the product comes out at the end so what you want to do is either people lid on or what I do is put my finger over the end when I shake it off you've got such filthy minds to apply it treat it as you would a serum after cleansing and toning and before your usual moisturizer you can put it onto your fingertips and gently working into the skin but for me a far better method is to add two drops to your moisturizer mix it in your hands and apply as usual and you should do this morning and night for the full 7 days during the week trial I've been adding it to lab series Pro LS which is one of my all-time favorite moisturizers I'll put a link to my review video below this contains 10% of vitamin C which I consider to be just about the right amount any less and results will likely be disappointing there are products with as much as 20% with I think that's excessive and you should definitely avoid higher strengths if you have sensitive skin so

after days of continuous use what did I think I've heard of users seeing results on the first day of use personally I could see a difference by the third day views at which point my skin looked a little brighter and it would say looked healthier by the end of the week's trial my skin was noticeably brighter and the even more toned and someone at work actually commented how well I looked I suppose the term other reviewers would use is glowing so it's super easy to use and did provide real noticeable improvements it's easy to buy in most parts of the world in high-end stores and of course available for most online skin care retailers is there a downside well it isn't cheap particularly when you consider it costs around 28 pounds in the UK for just 7 days I actually bought the four week pack which came in at 58 pounds now here's where I should be saying that I bought the four pack because it was better value but the truth is I put the wrong packet in my basket and it wasn't until my allergens are being scanned through the till I thought oh crap being a proud British guy who didn't want to appear skin to

the checkout girl I let it go through paid for it then spent the drive home planning how I destroy the receipt and lose the outer packaging with the price on before my wife has a chance to see it for me this product was well worth using and even if I hadn't been a plank and bought for by mistake I would buy it again is far too costly for me to use consistently and at 10 percent strength I would use it for a week and then take a couple of months of rest I'm happy to recommend it the Clinique fresh-pressed daily booster with pure vitamin C 10-person try it and let me know how you get on just make sure you pick up the right box so guys I hope you liked the video if you did don't forget to Like comment and subscribe if you haven't already done so I produce new videos every week so hit the notification bow so you don't miss out thank you so much for visiting my channel you guys are awesome I'm Bear Clark and I'll see you again Rousseau