11 April 2014

Clean Eating Watercress Soup

Spring is in the air but we still have a little chill so what could be better than some nutritious spring time greens blended up into a light, bright, flavorful soup.

hey guys

it's Danny now in the last video I showed you everything you need to know about watercress so I wanted to make sure to come back and share a delicious recipe with you so you could get in the kitchen and whip something up with your watercress for this quick bite I'm showing you how to make my clean and delicious sesame kist watercress soup now this is actually a recipe that I learned from my friend Helen who's from France and she never fails to amaze me with these simple flavorful dishes that she can come up with using just minimal ingredients and this soup is a perfect example so you want to get a nice wide pot heating up over a medium-high heat and to that I'm going to add a teaspoon of olive oil which is going to heat up pretty quickly because the pot is already hot and to that I'm adding 1 chopped onion 2 cloves of crushed garlic and then I have one medium Yukon Gold potato that I just roughly chopped up and get all of that into the pan give that a pinch of salt a little black pepper and then just toss this around you're going to let this cook for about ten minutes or so until the onions are looking translucent and the potatoes are

fork tender okay so while that's cooking let's talk about our watercress for a second what you want to do is you need three bunches of watercress which is going to give you about eight cups and you want to pull off any of the thick stems that they come on because if you put the stems into the soup you're going to end up with stringy soup and we want it to be nice and velvety so you're just going to have a nice big bowl of these dark rich leafy green leaves and that's going to create the base of our soup so once the potatoes are fork tender like we have here then you're ready to add in the watercress so toss the greens into the pot and then on top of that I'm going to add some hot water you need somewhere between four and six cups maybe a little bit more but always better to start out with less because if you want the soup to be thinner you can always add more water later now the goal here is just wilt those greens down they want them to retain that bright rich green color so we're just gonna let this go for another two minutes or so now you know what you really cannot get enough dark leafy greens in your diet and in the

springtime these spring leafy greens they really help to detox and cleanse out the system which i think is really cool because I think this is why it's very important to follow the seasons guys because the seasons tend to know what we need and when we need them so once your greens are looking like mine here right they've wilted down but they still have that bright vibrant color you're going to shut off your heat we're going to give this a few minutes to cool and then we're going to spoon it into our blender now you certainly could do this with an immersion blender if you wanted to one of those handheld blenders but I'm not that patient and it takes too long for me I prefer to do it in a blender so you just want to make sure you don't put boiling water in your blender I let this cool down fill the blender no more than halfway if you have to work in batches work in batches and then just blend it up okay after about a minute of blending you're gonna get this bright green vibrant watercress soup and it's a nice light thin soup and once you've got to blend it up you're gonna finish seasoning it so what I do is I add

another pinch of salt you could do this to taste a little more black pepper and then just a half a teaspoon of sesame oil you need about a teaspoon for the whole recipe but since I've got half the soup in here I'm just gonna do half a teaspoon and when I finish blending the rest we'll add the other half and that sesame oil has a nice nutty flavor and a little bit goes a long way so just a kiss will do you and then blend it up one more time your soup is ready to roll hmm you get that peppery from the watercress and then underlying nuttiness from the sesame oil which is very unexpected absolutely delicious this is the kind of soup when you eat it guys it just feels good you got to give this one a try and if you need a printable recipe make sure to stop by clean and delicious calm thanks so much for watching everyone I'm Danny's fees and I will see you next time with some more clean and deliciousness so you win