28 August 2019

Class B RV Cooking | Thyme Turkey Meatballs | Healthy Recipes

This thyme turkey meatballs with maple butternut squash recipe is a great staple to switch up your meatball routine. The turkey balls are very simple using only ...

what's up guys it's Christine with Irene

iron fitness my husband Aaron and I both hung up our hats at our corporate gig that we had for 15 years and now we're running our own business right outside of this Airstream interstate van we do online coaching for nutrition and fitness programs right now I'm going to share with you a recipe for Ty turkey meatballs with a maple butternut squash puree so if you want to quick healthy recipe keep watching so I have this cooked squash that is frozen and I'm gonna start it over the saucepan with the lid on it and just start to get it cooking right away and while this you want to do this while it's frozen and while it starts to cook we'll start working on our meatballs so for the meatballs what we're gonna use is salt pepper garlic egg and time I have this time that's left over from my rosemary pork chops so I wanted to use it while I have it fresh I'm gonna start with grading the garlic somebody who's too close and you use my microplane gets it nice and fine so that you don't have any chunks of garlic in your meatballs use fresh cracked black pepper salt I like the Himalayan pink salt I'm just putting it on a plate because that's

where I'm gonna end up mixing it all together and then the time [Music] just remove it from the stems there's still some small stems in here that's okay cuz I'll just chop up just fine so you're just gonna chop it because these are going in the meatballs you just want to make sure that it's nice and fine you don't want any of those little stems that are still blonde we have the garlic the salt the pepper the time and then we're gonna whisk up that egg and mix it together with the turkey so when I make my meatballs I like to make them into eight meatballs per pound that ends up being two ounces per meatball of meat I do like to use my scale to separate the meatballs out that way everything is equal and they cook evenly as well so I use my scale for that and this comes in at seventeen point six seven ounces so I divide that by eight to find the total number of ounces per meatball because we added in the salt pepper garlic and the egg it's no longer just a flat 16 ounces so I'm gonna come to like that really fast it's two point two ounces per meatball so I'm gonna tear out my scale and then I deduct two point two ounces

and that's the easiest way and then you form your meatball put it on your plate and then clear it out again remove two point two ounces and you do it eight times total and it's really easy to use a kitchen scale if you haven't used one before don't be intimidated you learn little tricks and it just makes eating healthy a lot easier because you understand your portion sizes better and you have consistency and consistency is key for when you're eating healthy and trying to diet and the garlic in these smells so good I can't wait for them to be cooked so they turned out perfect they are all beautiful and proportionate as expected so those are ready my 10-inch skillet is heating up and I'm using the 10-inch skillet because I think they will all comfortably fit on there without any crowding and it also lets me use this at the same time on my limited stovetop so you want to check on your butternut squash and just give it a stir and make sure that it's on low mine's bubbling a little bit so I want to turn it down and once we get the meatballs on the skillet then we're gonna put some flavorings into the squash I have some fun things

that I'm gonna share with you on some of my healthy condiments that keep me off of heavy calorie items I called the last minute audible and I thought some pine nuts would go really good on top of the squash so I'm toasting up some pine nuts before I get the pan dirty with my turkey meatballs and it's only gonna take a few minutes and I'm gonna put them aside and then I'll get my turkey balls started the pan is hot and putting in a teaspoon of oil I always measure out my oil you'll hear me say it a million times I'm gonna keep saying it because we always have new people watching when you're cooking measure out your oil a nice sizzle smells great this pan is actually a perfect size this is the 10 inch again [Music] so in our squash we're doing a maple version and you could obviously use real maple syrup but I'm going to use this Walden Farms sugar-free syrup it is a zero calories artificial sweetener it tastes just like maple syrup and I think that in varying amounts it's acceptable to use especially if it helps you ease off of sugar well just because maple sugar is a whole food sugar it doesn't

mean that in excess you can eat as much as you want so I'm gonna use this instead and I'm also going to use a little bit of this butter extract instead of real butter so by using these two diet condiments it really does help you shave off a ton of calories and keep your overall dish something that you can feel a little bit better about these are something that I keep in my pantry I like to use this sugar-free syrup on other things like my quinoa and stuff like that I get it on Amazon I'm also going to use nutmeg in the squash as well and a little bit of salt so you're gonna have some sweet and savory with the squash and the turkey balls and it's gonna feel like a feast it's gonna flip over the meatballs never I make turkey meatballs on the skillet they're never really a beautiful round meatball they look more like a squarish meatballs but that's okay I don't have an oven so I need to do it this way but what I try to do is I get the main two sides top and bottom and then I get them on to their side and I just rotate it around so all of the sides get cooked through and then by the time that's done I know that the

center's are cooked through if you're concerned about the timing and the temperature just look for the one that may be got the most girth on it like all the shape and just see if it's done just cut it open I think that by the time you get all the sides a little bit browned it's gonna be great we're ready to plate I would definitely serve this with some sort of a greens salad or like green beans or your fibrous vegetable and for this because this is so thin I'm going to try to do a fancy plating like the restaurants do where they dalip it on the plate and then smear it with the spoon and then place the protein on top let's see how that turns out for me it's my first time trying like Picasa so far I think it's okay before I put the meatballs on top though I'm gonna take a little bit of this extra chopped time and do a little more fancy action with it and and then I'm also gonna use these pine nuts and put those on and that will give a little crunch so there you have it I know this plate looks bigger cuz like I said you need to take your own vegetable and add your budgin you could also add in some carbohydrates like a rice or a couscous

or something to make it a full meal but this is just the meatballs portion with the butternut squash I hope you enjoy you can get the full recipe on my blog out Eirene iron fitness.com I'll also put the link below for my syrup that I use anything that you purchased through that amazon link helps us out and keeps our YouTube Brunning so I appreciate that if you can support it and subscribe hit the like button come back next Wednesday for a new recipe and then every Sunday we're doing the RV travel and RV upgrades with the lifestyle catch you next time thanks for watching