16 October 2017

Class 4 EVS - Food We Eat | Different Foods And Health | ICSE

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introduction hi friends we eat food

every day for energy for the proper growth of our body we can say that healthy food makes our body healthy come on let's know more about the food we eat objectives at the end of this course you'll be able to define food and its types describe the importance of water entire know about the importance of food hygiene explain the safety and storage of poo to be healthy we need different types of foods do you know that buuut contains many essential nutrients like carbohydrates fats proteins minerals and vitamins we can divide the food into three main groups energy giving food bodybuilding food and protective food friends as I told you earlier that we need energy to perform of various tasks mainly we get energy from energy giving foods foods such as carbohydrates and fats provide us instant energy and hence they are also known as energy nutrients food also helps in the proper growth of our body the food rich in proteins is called bodybuilding food such food strengthens our bones and muscles let us know about the protective food this kind of food protects us from diseases it makes a body disease resistant the food which

provides protection to our body is called protective food protective boots are rich in vitamins and minerals now it's time to check your understanding is an incorrect word in the box rectify the error and fill the following blanks the friends do you know the fact that besides food our body also needs plenty of water every day you can also notice that many drinks contain water in them do you know that if we do not drink enough water regularly especially on hot days we may fall in so we should drink four to six glasses of water every day now coming on to the next topic are you scared of germs hmm they are everywhere and can make you ill so we should follow some simple rules or steps to protect ourselves from diseases wash hands thoroughly with soap before and after me cut short your nails regularly eat raw fruits and vegetables after washing them with clean water eat freshly cooked food and try to avoid dirty or stale food let's know about the safety and storage of food from spoiling boiling of water makes it germ-free refrigerators keep the food cold and safe from germs wash fresh fruits and vegetables thoroughly Poots should be covered with protected

foil cloth or lint friends now it's time to have some fun drag-and-drop the options to fill up the plaques Samri now friends let's summarize what we have learned food is made up of many nutrients such as carbohydrates fats proteins minerals and vitamins food can be divided into three main groups energy giving food bodybuilding food and protective boot we also need plenty of water every day we should store food hygienic ly to keep it germ-free