10 June 2019

Chole Pomegranate Salad - Healthy Diet Recipes for Weight Loss - Weight Loss Diet Recipes in Telugu

Chole Pomegranate Salad - Healthy Diet Recipes for Weight Loss - Weight Loss Diet Recipes in Telugu Follow Suman TV Complete 30 days Diet Plan Videos.


[Music] hello viewers welcome to zoom on TV so many TV 30 days healthy diet program lapa Ganga so Rupa car we put over come on Kano died selects me to pinch our cat and a mother heroes good oka sorry kotas died salon tomorrow moon the coaches ro our guide select accounts for 20 ingredients alig a then he urges Kali and a doctor Roopa garner he tells kunam so hero's makuu a tight salon is open to both nerd and a so trollin thalamus a lot so - sergey the leaders Maliki - oleg anima saladna to pinch about the narrow so Matheny calls no 20 ingredients enter - Ceyda [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hñ yellow dig nany wait color what Kurt : busy legitimise busy night recorder at a school okay so cynical neo Rick a bit : day so Nutella Senegal ng up to in Toronto so

Danny work a bit calling okay dilemma okay the a my second okay so Danny McCain us some carrot carrot so clear those KOCO gira those kind these ponytail into the pieces that I just conveyed call it call it some negative move owner oath mirror now picture much mix-up gender in it mix up snow game so Monica CUDA piece of art is just a la mocha is concerning a carp call okay so alumni bunch of paste luggages : d mmm I'll call you fire will you pay any money to pieces the cut this perfect falling it's chat masala done okay chaat masala tagging on tofu okay okay tomahto okay Quentin cutter PACU tagging in table black pepper olive oil run champion okay no blockage I'm chip okay so to serenity vigilance and Gouda so everything it our villain don't you piss Tara Oh candy diorama first a cobble channel this collar here are those heady scholar look at it okay tomahto it gets gonna jam em lately and the colors all around Ted and Linda Korea's Korean par vollen tradition tradition together surrender is Coon

only fantasy then put in the Carvel anymore because I am this kenapa Rivoli's holy pie darling coordinator olive oil oka spoon all over these coats beginning to form Tiger in the black pepper bunch of my career Paco mix-ups chat masala Brannon AJ's kendama remove Jesus condo want some garnishing yet the nola tongue Kabu latina delima salah 11 that into Japan okay so to sell girl IndyCar bullied animal salad around oxidase to suit them I'm going to test you on the Nina no guru praça de Alcala de bourree patella and your new Volvo Chara munchetty so sorry no ladies with integrity element today we are niku de hmm so do you know Kira those Pagani and delicate character by a quantity guna algorithm fo use chase out of a black super gun when you would taste mushroom chatter pounding so they are a taste you go go down and a so Charles have a bounty so these lines chestnut and Ingrid is my ingredients and Nevada munching healthy

[Music] so until cuvee tell us about you didn't know so let's do piston Angada but all the LaSalle are the Intendant a compass or pi k 7d 30 days were to collapse in taganga so Murray 5 cases but who could have weight loss of our inception ro so thank you so much rupa goswami saladna Mapuche pinch arrow thank you so just are given the Kabuli chana masala dl attaches Kalyani diecuts then Andrew could I intro try this to Dundee taste-wise they taken the child bound the and a legate kukuda easy Chalabi of a person and a in the can't evade throws over Chander five cages for ku Dakota our mums are tedious work we saladna the Integra ficuses for kukuda weightless our challenge of the naaru so Mary Marr said Rose Omar oh sorry caught the light though momentum until then keep smiling Marie giving out and commitment like they like to indicate Chanyeol auntie marina videos go so much and subcribe China thanks for watching [Music]