26 November 2017

Child Nutrition Act

the policy I chose to write about

healthy meals for healthy Americans Act of 1994 I told to write about this topic and legislation because given my studies academically and my professional career I see that there is an alarming number of children that are not healthy their nutrition bank is due primarily for the fact that their parents run out of food and/or food stamps during the month and children many times have little or nothing to eat this is sad to see but very much a part of reality the program aquit through the Houston Food Bank was created to help combat some of this hunger within children it also helps to fight obesity within children the person within city government that I would like to present this policy brief if councilman Larry v-3 councilman green seems to have a genuine concern for the people in his district and he has taken many measures to work with children and youth to focus on healthy eating what it means to exercise and educated their parents on how to make healthy meals they're stretched and how to budget their food stamps for the month a specific problem in this policy that I would like to address is the homeless children

nutrition program this part of the policy directly addresses food service programs for children under six they live in emergency shelters my concern with this part of the policy is that if a child does not live in an emergency shelter environment then they will still face hunger and unhealthy eating habits there are churches and nonprofits that targets those families that live on the streets but for the most part they are on their own options for the policy are to place funding sources in many different areas that support healthy meals and healthy Americans in every capacity there has to be legislation that supports all factors of this policy it encompasses eating in the schools eating in homes eating in the streets and lack thereof there have been so many amendments to this policy address each part of the program because food is such an integral part of the wave children succeed in school and in life this policy and how it is handled must always be considered important and at the focus of funding and refunding legislators have much discussion on a healthy meal and the healthy Americans egg depending

upon where their district divided determine how they handle their thoughts on policies such as this one a solution for this policy is for all entities to work together to be sure that the healthy meals for healthy Americans Act of 1994 is carried out in the best possible manner keeping children first but not forgetting the adults that benefit from this program also all forms of follow-up and audits have to be in place to ensure that funds and programs are being operated on a fair and equitable equitable basis we want any program associated with ending unhealthy eating and hunger to have a level of success that influences the people they serve if the bottom line to have healthy meals and healthy people in the world we have to do what we can as a nation to make sure this happens public officials work on behalf of and for the best interest of the people therefore they should vote on things that help the people such as this policy this fallacy proposal will decrease the number of children in health foods they live with little or no healthy food at night or on the weekend it will also a main part of the school

the Texas Legislature amendment amended the child nutrition Act of 1966 and the National School Lunch egg to extend certain authorities contained in such eggs through the fiscal year of 1998 Texas can help to phase out undernutrition along with environmental factors associated with poverty can permanently wreath or a physical growth brain development and cognitive functioning of children farms should be made available for child nutrition program to remove barriers to the participation of needy children in the school lunch program school breakfast program Summer Food Service Program for children and the child adult care food program under the National School Lunch a and the child nutrition Act of 1966 the Secretary of Agriculture should take actions to further strengthen the efficiency of child nutrition programs by streamlining administrative requirements to reduce the administrative burden on participating schools and other meal providers and as a part of efforts to continue to serve nutritious meals to youth in the United States and to educate the general public regarding

health and nutrition issues the secretary of agriculture should take action to coordinate the nutrition education efforts of all nutrition programs a new dimension was added to full food services with the enactment of the child nutrition Act of 1956 in its declaration of purpose in section 2 of the egg the Congress stated a recognition of the demonstrated relationship between food and good nutrition and the capacity of children to develop and learn based on the year of community of successful experiences under the National School Lunch Program with their significant contributions in the field of applied nutrition research is hereby declared to be the policy of Congress they these efforts shall be extended expanded and strengthened under the authority of the secretary of agriculture as a measure to safeguard the health and well-being of the nation's children and to encourage the domestic consumption of agricultural and other foods by assisting States through grants in aid and other means to meet more effectively the nutritional needs of our children under the provisions of the Act the

special milk program which have been functioning since fiscal 1954 under separate authorization was extended to June 30th 1970 and made a part of the child nutrition Act eligibility for the program included nonprofit schools of high school green and under and nonprofit nursery schools childcare centers settlement houses summer camps and similar nonprofit institutions devoted to the care and training of children located in the 50 states and the District of Columbia