17 June 2019

Chicken Nugget Eating CHALLENGE With FaZe H1ghSky1

Myself and H1ghsky1 did the chicken nugget challenge! I love this little dude he's so awesome and polite. THANKS FOR WATCHING! H1GHSKY1: ...


so my friend I'm gonna happen what is going on friends hope you're all having a great day today I have a very very very very very very very very very special guests with me my boy hi sky are you ready to eat some chicken nuggets yes are you sure yeah cuz five minutes ago you told me you really don't like this I don't like chicken eggs but I can do it I went to to McDonald's and one burger king and the to McDonald's head you can't order this many chicken nuggets in the morning and we're not gonna make them so I have to go to Burger King and get these ones and we have some we have some dipping sauces we have ranch and we have sweet-and-sour you said you never have sweetness hour before you want to try it okay we were we won't try how many of these uh do you think you're gonna be able to eat I'm gonna guess you're not going over 15 there's no chance I honestly think I could probably eat all these to myself because it really doesn't look like there's too many here sure we should we go for honey sauce alright 3 2 1 go

see he's already smarter than he has water like you said you made the honey mustard and you didn't give me water again it you managed him he's more important to you than I am but like come on I need some water too does that look like honey mustard too you know I'm know you want to I think almost three but see you're bigger than me so you should be able to eat way more than me you're bigger you're taller you're stronger you're older these already struggling it's over why are you doing this ice water that's gonna fill up your stomach if I might have um I might have underestimated how many chicken nuggets are here because I'm not like sex already and I'm not even putting a dent in this thing so I'm gonna have to do two out of time here try this sauce it's actually really good you have four time to get water that's six all right you're speeding up a bit we like it I can't even eat this honey mustard it's like sour sorry you said no one that played on songs about Burger King's is he's not good spot that's why I said give some truthful [Music] enough Wow so much easier with water I

was getting scammed didn't have any water I'm still eating time whoa Patrick will do it too just like three awards you're almost at 15 that was my my guess that you were gonna stop at [Music] this one time I ate a pizza that was like five times the size of this table that we're eating on right now and I swear I didn't want to eat any food for like a week straight my stomach hurt I had to keep asking Yusef for these stomach pills that he had and the bathrooms that you know didn't didn't really look too good for like three or four days our our water bill went up significantly I just rode the flu last night I don't do it again last night what did you eat it happened it's probably gonna happen after this oh no 9-1-1 and everything they're on their way you were in there for two hours one thing I've noticed about Patrick you shouldn't hang out with him in the past couple days definitely not creepy but he likes Sean Kingston apparently and he's the world's youngest non picky eater he you literally everything I haven't heard you

say no to one thing you eat ramen we were about to get Persian food you said you wanted Persian food I don't think you've ever had Persian food before have you what else what else have you able you're going you can keep eating I'm great I'm ready to keep going I'm chilling I'm still doing two out of five did I have a talk talks a lot is that me I think me going wants a chicken nugget meal I don't need more ketchup here I got you I think I'm past 15 really maybe is your stomach full yeah [Music] I'm sorry to the people who are passing and watching this dude he's so thoughtful bro I'm never dude nobody just said that you are awesome he just said I'm sorry to the people fasting logging this what 12 year old kid says that 14 I'm not giving up who you give up we'll see about that there's a lot left all right I'm just gonna keep eating cuz clearly I'm just getting roasted by a 12 year old kid never thought I'd see the day you're lucky we're not going for that right now cuz you know you know how that would end up on my yes because I'm in the game killing yeah right while you're using a

controller know why might be roasting so much right now yeah I have like 40 days played on them to be to know you know you home thank you dude army you have 60 days plan mm-hmm on NW you playing call duty when you were like eight seven yeah what why would the I allowed to play call video I was eight or seven I'd be approached so you don't have 60 days boil that's the best one ever the campaign my dad buried Oh watch my dad like save to like 200 money to finish the campaign really when it came out the new ones coming out soon and the old characters are back from NW - there we go know them you know well there's a lot here there's the room honestly don't ever I mean obviously I'm Bert but like not in front of people how many do you think I have I don't play squads ever so only solos would do us so I probably have I don't want to tell you that I was gonna laptop I probably have like 70 SolarWinds and like a hundred and something how many do you have solo solo 600 actually no really 3-under solo 400 duo and then 300 to go with me carrying my squad every time

damn whoever's playing with you whoever is fun with you just just got exposed who do you usually play with he's a bot [Music] eukaryote who's the best player you played with in your opinion okay [Music] broke they're like is there anybody you watching you're like oh my god this guy's really good cuz when I watched you I'm like oh my god this kids really good and I'm never gonna be that good you said like help me here bro 25:25 yeah okay you're eating a lot yeah yeah at least double that okay I'm not least not like 30-something for sure cuz I was eating two at a time I want more while you were eating more you're giving up we've been going for 17 minutes you've been eating for a long time you're done you're topping up see at least I can beat you in the eating contest right where are you going but do I just keep eating these or no I guess I'll keep eating this yeah they're super dry your brother turn into a chicken that's it I'm gonna eat the rest No thank you guys so much for watching I

hope you guys enjoy dude this kid is absolutely amazing you guys like I really wish we could all get together and just hang out with him so you guys could understand how much of a great kid hi sky shoutout to you for eating 25 because most of my friends probably couldn't even do that so you you ate a lot guys always look for a description go check them out again thank you guys so much for watching hope you guys enjoyed if you did peace arts that like button and I'll see you guys in my next video later thanks dude see are you kidding me guys you kidding me there we go [Music]