23 July 2019

Chicagoland Men’s Health - How to Inject Vitamin B12

hi guys dr. Anna Hart from Chicagoland's

men's health at your initial consultation or I will meet you soon congratulations on starting your treatment with us you can feel awesome now for video today what we're going to be showing you is how to inject your b12 medication hopefully you saw our video on testosterone and HCG and it promotes cimarron blend injection so if you haven't please check those out today's about today's injections but your vitamin b12 now just to let you know our the vitamin b12 in Chicago Men's Health is that just vitamin b12 but it also has it's actually about it been b12 complex or vitamin B complex so basically it's b12 b6 and and it also it's also contains Mik m.i.c which is methionine inositol and choline which is known to help mobilize your fat stores better and then we have chromium carnitine in it which is also great for fat loss and fat mobilization for more energy ok so in the in the package you will receive you'll get a file that looks like this something like this ok you will also need what we call our mini I am insulin syringe now the difference with this type of insulin syringe is number one it's it's it's a hundred unit

it's a hundred years rather than 250 and number two if you look at the needle it's longer than your other ones ok so that's why it can be injected you know basically I am are so cute you know it's so we call it mini I am alright and then you don't need an alcohol pad okay so before you handle any of your medications please make sure to wash your hands on suctions okay so let's get started now [Music] you'll take your vial okay now pop off your vial now this is not sterile okay so you have to every time you use your vial make sure you wipe off the top with alcohol we're talking right now okay then you're going to be using a full one ml dose of your of the the vitamin b12 now you'll notice that it's pink in color okay HCG is the HCG is clear the cerebrum Ellen's clear and the testosterone is clear okay stop someone's clear oily my video was the video you saw you know I didn't have a testosterone vial at that point I was just using a vitamin b12 vial to do that that's why it's not clear view okay here you go full alright now what I'm gonna do because I've been injecting my

abdomen all day to make the videos for you I'm gonna inject this into my backside okay so we're gonna do the upper outer again reason we do upper outer so we want to avoid any type of sciatic nerve injury here which is actually quite rare somewhere with the arrival so you want going to the meaty part upper outer okay so I'll show you part of my booty let's see we're gonna hit it right right here going to rub it with an alcohol pad generously and muscles right there take this 1 2 3 pow and then you can see it sucked in nice and slow ok I'm perfect to get to the skin by the way injected b12 injected oh it's injected ok pull out your any bleeding there's a tiny little drop of blood you can wipe it hold pressure for a second that's actually two seconds I remove it we're good to go all right yeah all right that's how you inject Chicago and men's health vitamin B complex combination I hope this helps again congratulations on starting with us or if you haven't started with us hope to see you soon if you have any questions please call us at Chicagoland vents off and have a great