26 October 2018

Chia Seeds Pudding With Berries For Breakfast // Healthy Recipe From Sophia with Grace

Chia Seeds Pudding With Berries For Breakfast Check the recipe here ...


with money guys this is Patti Ana and welcome to our cooking show from Sofia would race where we cook healthy meals from scratch to help your families in your bath sounds its morning time and I'm about to leave for my office but if you're like me today you have done everything in the morning but if I have one great idea for your breakfast it's quick and very nourishing for your body okay guys let's begin last night before I went to bed I prepared some ingredients for my breakfast morning so I mixed together cheers it's organic juices one and a half tablespoon with unsweetened coconut milk for this recipe you can use any type of milk you prefer so what I did I mix them together in a cup and I respect refrigerated them for 8 to 10 hours so right now I'm about to start making my chia seeds pudding okay guys for my recipe I'm going to use old brands blueberries cranberries sliced banana sliced almonds sprouted quinoa cacao granola pumpkin seeds with mix of sunflower seeds and a little bit of kidding so you can if you have some other ideas if you want to add something girls honey or other fruits so you very welcome to

create your own chia seeds pudding okay let's begin so I'm gonna make two balls [Music] Cheers is a superfood and one ounce of cheeses contains 4 grams of protein 11 grams of fiber and a tonne of healthy omega-3 fatty acids which are believed to help prevent heart disease so I think it's a great idea to start incorporating chia seeds into your diet it's what we are doing today we want to live till 100 and more to see our kids grandkids grand grandkids and enjoy our life [Music] tastes so good oh my gosh lots of good stuff in this breakfast and love it okay guys our dish is ready delicious nutritious and very easy to make thank you for joining us today please share your thoughts about this recipe on our website from Sofia will grace calm I'll leave your comments below the video on our YouTube channel from Sophia Grace and also subscribe to our YouTube channel and you will see more recipes Bon Appetit from Sofia with grace bye bye guys we'll talk to you soon