18 March 2019

Chest training with Adam Collard

like nice boys going on so today I'm

going to show you my 3 favorite chest exercises ok 23 these are the three exercises that I would say you have to be included in your training program to hate your chest the most ok so the first exercise we're going to do is going to be a live plucked or male chest press now I'm gonna do 5 sets of this ok my first two sets are going to be 12 to 15 reps trying to engage the chest trying to get a little bit of blood in the muscle and then then three final sets all going to be in 10 reps and that has more work and sense ok now one thing to note on terminal chest press to try and keep the scapula pop and try and keep your shoulders retracted you want to be using to ensure this what I like to imagine is I've walked a tube like PVC pipe in the middle [Music] ten [Music] right guys so that's gonna be your first chest exercise for your workout today here the 10 reps terminal chest press 5 working sets right guys so exercise 2 on your chest session is gonna be dips okay now I think these are massively on the

river but when you can use your body weight to your advantage this is one of my favourite chest exercises okay so we're going to start body weight if you get really good at these then you can start adding weight but we are going to do three to four sets okay pretty much to failure okay so I'm going to max reps on every type and just keep counting this week some weeks as you improve you should be able to cup enormous and gradually progressively overload your chest okay [Applause] right so that is cheston's pomp that you doubt that is unbelievable what as well I think in the PEC minor especially you can feel a hell of a lot now I would be careful depend on what you're sure the help is like about going too low because to be honest with me I've just hit my shoulder twice dips do not feel the best so I have to be very very careful so what I would do is slowly lower yourself down to get you stood and then explode up but gradually on the negative phase nice and controlled so you don't go to work that is exercise too dipped great guys so the third and last thing that I'm gonna

include on this chest video a my favorite thing to do for chest these are complex now we've got two seated we've got a bench yet okay am I gonna do see it cable flyes straight and see the table crest just like the dumbbell chest press that we did first okay but you give you a complex without rest which means you're gonna do eight cabled lies straight into the game see the press grab your weights nice upright chest big squeeze the top yes let's finish it and instead of a plot we're going to go into a chest press musical I will right now get more whole [Music] now the Pope on this is incredible but choose a way that is relatively everything applies so you can only get a reps because you're obviously going to be strong going it's to go back to the second one which is a press you're always been a press more than it in fly so pick away be you can control and you get a good contraction of the chest but you are still going to lift quite have you okay now we're gonna do three burn up sets of eight and eight 60 reps on each your chest should be screaming out

it should be full of blood you get the maddest problem you've got as soon as you finish this so give this one a try that is your three my three favorite chest exercises give it a shot