08 October 2011

Cherylyn L. Tompkins interviewed Josh Fox for the TV Show "Healthy Food Happy You".

Cherylyn L. Tompkins (www.FabuNOLA.com) interviewed Josh Fox at the DC Power Shift 2011 about his documentary "Gasland". Thank you Josh Fox for letting ...

hi this is Cheryl and Tompkins with

healthy food haffi UTV and Fabiola calm and up next we have a very special interview that was done back during power shift with josh fox who is the director of the award-winning film Gasland this documentary has continued to pick up more and more awards and more and more momentum for the the activism and the issues going around fracking and josh fox happened to be someone that we just caught up with during that time for all the activism that he's been doing but also just recently a few weeks ago he happened to pick up an emmy award for outstanding direction for non-fictional programming it's one Sun Dance Awards he's what he's been oscar-nominated and he's won enough multitude of awards we wanted to go ahead and show this particular interview that we did because we're very honored and very proud of him and his continued efforts to continue to to move forward in a positive way on these issues so I wanted to read you a little bit of Josh's Emmy acceptance speech because I thought it was very special and he said thank you thank you so much last week I was getting arrested in front of the White House with Bill McKibben to stop climate change and this

week I get to meet gene Simmons i have to thank Sheila Nevins and Nancy Abram of HBO my amazing collaborators Trish at leezak Matthew Sanchez and Molly gander but most of all this award goes to the families who are fighting every day against the natural gas industry all across this country this gas industry the gas industry has contaminated the water polluted their air caused a public health crisis and a civil rights crisis we have to put an end to the fracking in this country Governor Cuomo President Obama I hope you're paying attention we cannot allow America to turn into a gas field thank you and thank you josh we just want to go ahead and say your efforts and continued momentum in this and bringing this a global level has done so much and we applaud you we stand beside you thanks so much for sharing this interview with us and with our audience so next up our interview with josh fox director of gasoline hi this is Cheryl and tompkins we're coming to you from the end of day 3 of power shift 2011 and actually we're here with Josh box who is the director of Gasland oscar-nominated guess and I might add and you have been here with a

number of documentary films that have shown and that is for real power and this is for films fueling the energy revolution and you're doing a tour that was going around the number of the documentary filmmakers well real power is a consortium of filmmakers that are working on films about extractive energy and climate change gasoline is one of those films split estate we have great film about wind energy that's in the works called Cape spin there's deep down and dirty business two films about mountaintop removal and real power really helps us do a social engagement campaign get out into the grass roots show the films at universities or in connection with local organizations and actually bring the film's into the communities that need them the most and use the movie as a way to organize the campus and inspire and encourage people especially you have the youth of America here over 10,000 youth who stood up and cheered standing ovation because they want to do something and that's the thing is that you know they even asked you beforehand what do I do and you said do it they inspire me yeah it's incredible right i watch this occur I

mean to walk on and you have Lisa Jackson the administrator of EPA being greeted as if she's Michael Jackson write any of people standing up and screaming and you you played a banjo and he just gave a wonderful performance after his panel discussion and I try to play the banjo at the end of the day gets skipped things like clothes out of the room light Mary especially for a topic that isn't so light Mary so it's certainly not gas drilling when the largest natural gas drilling campaign in history right and is going on in 34 states all across America hydraulic fracturing this form of gas drilling that has exploded was exempted from the safe drinking water act of two thousand five by Dick Cheney right the republican-controlled Congress that exemption allowed this form of drilling which injects toxic material under the ground to break apart rock formations to occur across America we're trying to get that exemption overturned come on there's a bill in Congress right now for the frack act there are many many other problems with this drilling one of the things that's been a theme at this conference is that

for many many years the gas industry played itself off against the coal industry as a greener cleaner energy which it is not and we know now that gas is just as polluting its goal is just as many issues with the extraction when you burn it it does burn cleaner than coal but the emissions profile of gas throughout the entire lifecycle of drilling and your venting off so much methane in the atmosphere you're showing that there's actually on a par with Cola terms of greenhouse gases and other hazardous air pollutants admitted into the air from gas drilling and gas refining and the compressors in the compiling so one of the things that's been interesting here is that one we're shifting power we've got a shift from fossil fuels meaning coal gas and oil to really renewable energy wind solar biofuels other things that are not contaminating in the waves including in the ways that the fossil feels over exactly and you actually started an embarked upon this journey by a letter that you received because you live in Pennsylvania where you're talking about the watershed and the Casco aqueduct being affected by the Marcellus Shale

that they want to go in and start cracking this is a transformative proposal for New York State and Pennsylvania you've got a formation called the marcellus shale shale formation it contains natural gas they're drilling into it their pulverized effect and frag fresher formation that is hydraulic pressure it would me get weather proposing is a hundred thousand gas wells in New York almost 150,000 on average in Pennsylvania right this would change those two states into gas fields you might lose every other piece of that economy they would become gas producing zones sacrifice zones and obviously being an epidural River part of Pennsylvania side of the New York Pennsylvania quarter we got those gas leases in the mail they wanted us to leave our land for drilling I started to look into it and then the film came as up my investigation so right that became the story that brought me around there the journey of life actually and that that was the thing that I felt interesting because instead of saying okay yes I'm going to sign because it's a lot of money you're talking over a

hundred thousand dollars $100,000 signing boy was about 91,000 dollars signing born right but then there's royalties after if the you know when the guest count starts coming out they it will give you a percentage of that so it's quite a lot of money in the initial the thing about it you wouldn't sell your house 492 thousand dollars if it was worth I don't know what I worth maybe 125,000 so that is a problem that is that they'll come in and they'll tell you it's totally fine for you to live in this industrial drilling zone that is the first lie of the gas industry so whatever you wouldn't sell your property for you certainly shouldn't lease your property for and then what happens is you end up with the despoil of landscape have massive land scarring water contamination air pollution and industrial drilling zone where you used to have presumably something else right something liveable and what we're going to do is we're going to stop for one second we're going to come back for part two with josh Fox from Gasland thank you hi this is Geralyn Tompkins and in fact with josh Fox the the director of oscar-nominated gasoline and we're at

the close of power shift a three for the real power films that were just screened and we just had the first part of our interview but we were going into our second part of our interview we're talking about the journey that you had started because you've got contacted about selling off rights to your land but then now you then went on our journey to discover for yourself which is what I think most people need do is instead of just just taking that to be gold which it wasn't and how much is your land work and how much is their quality of life worth you then went and found out for yourself and you went down to the state that i live in which is Louisiana in New Orleans and you got to see the impact of that especially when you have environmental disasters like a Katrina like a BP oil spill which nobody really thinks about we're seeing that in Japan right now one thing I heard about the Katrina which people didn't think about a lot was that the storm surge was actually full of oil and gas waste that had been dumped into the Gulf Mexico all right for 60 years yes and so when storm surge came in through all those contaminants back up on the land and

Wilma subra who is at macarthur award winning genius chemist and environmental researcher actually looked at that sludge that was left behind and found it was full of all sorts of oil and gas related toxins now they never cleaned that up they just choose to build on it on top of it it could become problems for years into the future that I'm obviously of course you have the oil spill which has not gone away right and that situation has not been addressed adequately um and they just had another spell about a hundred miles long last month so it continues to be a problem well I hope that there is a good film or a series of films that come out about what has happened truly with the oil spill because I think we're also in the process of covering up the real problems that still exist there and you are also discussing the fact that you have gasoline part2 that's going to be coming out and then also you're going to work on another film as well talking about more of the environmental issues that are going on we're working on gasoline to is the continuing story and also examines the system as as it is done Washington right that would allow this

to happen we're also dealing with renewable energy in the third and a third film so we want to look at solutions in that film which is always what I tell people it's not just for us to get out here and get upset is for us to act and to take that energy that we have and do something and change and when you have the audience that you just had and I know you're having the audience's now with the with the exposure that you received across the world that really do want to act and you had some kids that stood up like I was saying earlier to say okay what do I do and you said you know get out do it film become the advocate in your town and it doesn't take you know a millions of dollars of equipment or budget to do it it just takes you know having that equipment even if it's you said that cameraphone because that's the digital age that we're now a digital age of advocate I absolutely agree so get out there and make those movies absolutely so well thank you so much stress thank you hate it thank you for hanging out I mean it's quite an amazing weekend it has definitely and you made it a great impact on people because you were at the

speech last night he was one of the keynote speakers and and really got everybody riled up for a movement I know people are just going to continue to flow with it I hope tomorrow it's very successful rally and then choose days a successful lobby day thanks for having me thank you and this is Cheryl and tompkins coming to once again from the end of our ship 2011 with Josh box and his banjo and we appreciate it being here and we'll look for you for more great things to help out with our environment and social justice in the future thanks and always remember to be and live well I hope they got I hope that got your attention hi i'm josh Fox director of Gasland