21 July 2019

Cherstyn Stockwell - Why Supplement At All?

hi everybody I am Sharon Stockwell I

have been helping you with this nutrition unit and the Ohana plexus Facebook page and I wanted to wrap up the unit with a video that talks about some of the things that we've learned and why we need nutrition why we need supplementation and gives you a place to kind of put your own story in the comments so let me just wrap up with you today um again share some stock well I've been with plexus worldwide about three and a half years I am presently an emerald ambassador and I wanted to give you a little bit of detail about why we supplement at all why we need nutrition and nutrients um so first and foremost yes we need both we need both nutrition and we need additional nutrients through supplementation I want to tell you a little bit about my health story first so that you can kind of understand how I came to this and I can go through it pretty quickly but my health challenges began when I was 13 with migraine headaches I had what they called at the time severe complicated migraine and they're the kind of migraines that mimicked stroke symptoms so I would get um gosh nausea slurred speech my hand

and arm would tingle and go numb nausea and they had to rule out stroke but we assumed that it was migraines because there in my family and so at a very young age I have a neurologist and a couple of prescriptions for pain management and I have to really watch migraine triggers that could be dietary sleep-related I had all sorts of triggers fast forward a few years and my periods got really painful and I always have to qualify I do not just mean cramps I would get a fever I would throw up um so now at 17 I have a OBGYN and two more prescriptions and just dealt with pain management so then a few years later my thyroid showed up in a routine physical Hashimoto's disease and my thyroid was full of nodules I was very autoimmune so now I have an endocrinologist and two more prescriptions I also had a lot of skin issues all the time so cystic acne very deep tender adult cystic acne and other skin issues like rashes eczema things like that and have a dermatologist now and back in the day they would put you on antibiotics for six months at a time and if I knew

then what I know now I would have never done that it makes me cringe to think I did that for years and years but I was a very obedient patient saw these specialists between every three and six months renewed prescriptions every single month and did this for 23 years or so I did finally in my mid-30s meet a physician who talked to me a lot about what was going on underneath the surface underlying root causes and I learned a lot about how my gut was linked and was kind of you know a culprit of all this an imbalance gut microbiome it's called also my blood sugar I always had lab work show up to get some sort of a glucose test year after year and then I would do the glucose test where you drink the syrupy stuff when you go in for lab work and then at the end of it I'm okay but every single year is showed up they want to test it and they tell me I was fine so obviously something was going on with my blood sugar when I finally met this doctor in my mid 30s and learned so much about underlying root causes and how my health and my nutrition um could actually help my own complaints and my own symptoms I began to heal my gut balance my blood sugar

and reduce my inflammation and everything reversed I mean I'm I'm not trying to say that nutritional supplements are a cure-all um that is not what I'm here to say but I can tell my own story about how today I am off of every single prescription drug that I was on then the only thing I take today and I'm 47 years old there's a very low dose natural thyroid supplement that's it I mean aside from taking vitamin supplements that's the only thing that would eat come close to the medicines or the prescriptions I was taking before whereas before gosh I had two prescriptions for my migraines two different prescriptions for my painful periods two to three different prescriptions for my skin and two different prescriptions for my thyroid I had a line up of drugs like what I filled every month so every one of my health ailments was linked to nutrition or a lack of nutrients in my body when I began to balance my gut microbiome and fill in those missing nutrients balance my blood sugar one by one over the course of a year I could just cross off my list of complaints everything

reversed for me and that's just my testimonial is just true it happened to me this is not a story that I've read from somebody else so I nutrition and taking nutrients via a supplement form is very near and dear to me it's something that I will forever shout from the rooftops we do not have to have foggy brain retired grouchy mom sleep issues and tense sugar cravings um anxiety and depression I dealt with all of that and you could go on and read on my Facebook page some of my infertility stories um there's so many things and and my family I have six kids the way that they've benefited from all of their health complaints when they actually provided nutrition to their body I do get a lot of questions about and why it's worth the energy the expense the time to supplement and I actually put a quote on my Facebook page that says if you think the pursuit of health and nutrition is expensive and time consuming try illness yes illness is a very expensive and time consuming it is far better to just simply give our body what it needs so back to how we need both we need both a healthy diet and we need supplementation and one thing I

wanted to point out is um a lot of people think they can just eat clean and get all of their nutrition from food I would love that if it were true I wish that it were true it is not true um you could organically garden all day long around the clock and you would still need supplementation there is no way that you can get everything that you need from your food look that up check out the studies there have been many of them it's still it's still great it's a great attempt you might need less supplementation from that but that is it's just not true the second point is people really don't eat that way you might run into somebody here and there that does but most people don't eat that way we can try to eat a good square meal make good choices at breakfast lunch and dinner but in there is going to be processed processed foods packaged foods fast foods let alone the fact that we live in an imperfect world with pesticides and toxins and pollutants our soils are depleted produce today pales in comparison to produce just two centuries ago I'm sorry two generations ago we don't have the same amount of nutrition in our food so we need

supplementation so there's that just get that out of the way um okay so going through my health issues like I just did every one of them was reversed by providing my body nutrition and supplements so a question I often get then is if we begin to feel better can we stop taking supplements if we get ahead of it then if you know the migraines go away the painful cramping goes away the infertility goes away anything that I just named skin issues all those things that they go away then can I just eat clean and stop taking supplements I think it's a very fair question I do want to tell the story really quickly about my daughter who tried that she um had her own complaints she also had painful cramps she also had skin issues acne and she's a super healthy girl she's a marathon runner and she chose to go off of the supplements to see if she could just maintain her health with diet alone and exercising and clean living and she had pretty well the first month but on the second month things began to creep back in and she's little bit frustrated and she just said why like what happened I don't want to be addicted to supplements and it's a

great teaching opportunity because I explained to her re we are you addicted to water if you need water every day that you're addicted we're addicted to medicines and drugs natural food nutrition nutrients we need those to live it's not an addiction it's we're a living breathing organism organism that needs to be fed every single day and that really helped her to understand that even if she ate really clean and exercise there are still we're in an imperfect world and there are so them to be processed foods that creep in or pollutants and toxins that creep in and they completely wreak havoc on our gut make it out of balance it affects our insulin our blood sugar our body chemicals inflammation occurs we can stay on top of it with nutrition with probiotics water and good food choices people also ask me all the time if I am sugar free and I say I am not at all sugar free no way but I no longer have intense sugar cravings I don't have intense cravings of any kind I don't need a soda anymore if I choose to have a soda I like to have soda with pizza or Mexican food it's just fun for me do I

need it every day not a bit not a single bit so to me sugar is just one of our flavors there is sweet and sour and salty and savory and there's all sorts of flavors and it's just a variety if I want it I have it but I no longer like biting other people out of the way from sharing it with me I don't even think about sugar anymore it's just a flavor and if I want some I have some but I certainly never even finish I don't go to bed and go look for it or have cravings like that anymore that is because my body is imbalanced is now in balance my gut no longer causes those intense cravings anymore for sugar carbs sodas those types of things and again nutrition and supplementation and probiotics that's what does it for you so um one thing I want to end on on that note about if we feel better why do we have to keep taking supplements as I often say to people why would you take away the very nutrition the very nutrients that your body was lacking once you got it feeling better you know exactly what's going to happen you know exactly what's going to go right for you you might get a foggy brain again like I did you might get anxiety

and depression have sleep issues again all those things will creep back in feel free to test it you certainly can but if you get ahead of it do not take away the very nutrients that solve the problem because that's what was lacking in your body so um let's see okay so the last thing I would want to say then is um keep in mind your own story write down your own complaints write down how you feel better at the end of trying these supplements on at the end I'm sorry at the end of your challenges improving like I said I would write things down I would cross them off like I used to have all these complaints my heels just always be dry and cracked they're not drying cracked anymore my knees used to always grind a session of climb stairs they don't grind anymore I don't really necessarily know which thing caused which thing charley horses that was definitely a gut thing in the magnesium thing I don't get them anymore it was so nice to kind of cross off you know a list I recommend everybody do that um because you'll see what your body can do for you when it's given all the nutrition in it that it means um I would love to hear your own story so please at

the bottom of this post write your own story write your own testimonial please hashtag it my story at the end we'd all love to hear from you and and receive different motivation and third-party validation from each of your stories so please share them here and questions also please keep questions in the comments we'll be happy to answer them so I hope this has been helpful I hope you've learned a lot from this unit and these supplements really are complete they are very very well thought-out I have investigated supplements for a lot of years a lot of years and I knew how to read a label by the time I learned about this brand and I was very impressed it was all the things that matter to me alkaline organic non-gmo plant-based all the things that mattered to me very very high quality and I could tell that the formulators of this line were going off with a lot of the same studies that my doctor had taught me because I could tell they not only knew what ingredients to put in their supplement but in what amounts the amounts was a really really key thing that was missing before as well so please again throw

questions I hope that this unit has been helpful for you and we are here to answer any questions and take care ok