07 September 2018

Cheese and Salt Back on the Health Menu (And Yogurt, Which Never Left)

Once the scourge of a healthy diet, it turns out that eating cheese and yogurt is associated with a reduced risk of mortality, and likewise for salt. This is not an ...

you know how we've all been told if you

eat cheese and salt you'll die well that's not true anymore now if you don't eat cheese and salt you'll die science [Music] welcome I'm John John health and fitness no miracles real life part of real life is dealing with constantly changing nutritional advice there actually has a reason for this turns out nutrition and your body's reaction to it is a much more complicated thing I think the researchers ever thought so not only do we individually respond to nutrients differently and not only do specific nutrients have different effects in the body but different nutrients from the exact same source can have different effects on the body a recent study found that consuming cheese and yogurt was associated with the reduction in mortality for all causes that same study reinforced previous research that still believes there is an association between increased risk of death from specifically cardiovascular disease with a consumption of milk now these are all dairy sources but the fat apparently in milk can have bad health outcomes while the fat found in cheese and yogurt can have good health outcomes

now this is not an excuse to eat mounds of cheese I can tell you personally I love cheese but when I eat cheese I tend to gain weight cheese's calorically dense and I think it's partly a function of the fact that I just eat too much it's calorically dense I don't realize it even I'm trying to be careful also my body's more tuned to burning carbs and fats just kind of the way I'm either built or the way I've trained my body over time but fat tends to just kind of stay as fat in my bodies near as I can tell so I'll still eat cheese just in moderate quantities further this study found an association between the consumption of cheese and yogurt and reduced risk of mortality not necessarily cause and effect so you'll want to take that with a big grain of salt speaking of which see what I did there a different study found that very low sodium dots is actually associated with increased risk of mortality with the exception of people with hypertension and even then there was some association with increased risk of mortality now again this is not an

excuse to start salting your cheese cubes I think we get enough salt in the American diet even a modifying American diet even my diet or I try to eat mostly healthy there's still salt and just about everything so I don't feel like I need to go seeking out additional salt I definitely don't eat the low sodium diet but I stopped worrying about salt and substance some time ago partly because I do not suffer from hypertension and partly because research has been establishing over the last 10 years or so the fact that sodium is basically a vital functional element of life and you need it to live too much of anything of course is bad but too little of anything can also be equally bad which I guess that's overall the lesson so all things in moderation you can take cheese and salt off of your they're going to kill me list if you had such a list still eat in moderation and still part of an overall healthy diverse diet thanks for watching I am John John health and fitness visit my website John health and fitness comm hit that subscribe button and the alert bell so you don't miss future videos catch you next time

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