19 July 2018

Ch. 14 | Getting Kids to Eat Healthy | Food for the Journey | Summer Book Club

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you know what he eaten this morning yeah

a good hey guys were here from what Laura likes so we're on chapter 14 of the handbook for Catholic moms aren't book club and this was all this chapter was all about nutrition so don't forget before I go on that this is a collab so make sure you check out the description below for all the other links to the other videos which you probably know by now cuz it's chapter 14 um okay so before I say anything else look how awesome my shirt is you guys stay close to Christ send me this for free which is just another perk of being a youtuber if you don't follow them on Instagram follow them on Instagram because I enjoy following on Instagram see you probably will too nutrition so this is something that I was planning talking about even before the book club so I love that it's kind of like in here I have had quite the dirty with nutrition growing up I ate the standard American diet also known as the sad diet my poor husband when he met me my diet was mainly like pasta and ice cream and popcorn and potato chips or like tortilla chips and like that cheesy dip you know that I don't even know it's called that you know the kind of warmth in the microwave

and oh man I love that stuff and my face reflected it I had a lot of acne and I ate pretty much only dairy and wheat I did not really like meat and doesn't I made it you know diet staples so fast forward many years and a few years back I found paleo by accident and I've kind of cleaned up my diet before this but I had never taken anything out I had gone to Ryan's grandfather's funeral and memorial service and eaten just whatever I wanted just down the Eminem's whatever came back home I was like wow I need to like detox so I cut out sugar wheat and dairy for like about three weeks and did some research to make sure I knew why I was doing this so then as it was researching I discovered oh my gosh I'm eating paleo and I didn't No and so then I got really onto like the far side of hey Leo which I don't suggest anyone do unless they really want to spend a lot of money in time and you're okay cutting like things up permanently from your diet it was a good journey but I went too far the other way and then I've swung back and forth since then and I've dealt with health issues and I've done the low fodmap diet I've done the low histamine diet I've done

this allergy solutions diet and they're not diets to lose weight I have never done a diet to lose weight except for I've tried the 21 day fix meal plan which really just portion control and eating smart diet hang there is no research that proves that it ever works if anything people unfortunately you know they'll lose weight fast and then they bounce back and most often they bounce back beyond where they were before they went on their diet whether it's like Atkins or whatever and even the author in this book talks about how she did I think she probably Weight Watchers which isn't dispensed by though and then you know it she struggled to keep it off and so it really your diet has to be a real like lifelong you know usable plan and that just means what you eat so even the word diet we've really ruined in American culture by making it about like this get weight lose weight quickly type of environment and that's not what diet means diet just what you eat I felt like an 8020 rule now after going like extreme paleo and then bouncing back to like the sad diet again eating whatever I wanted and that does not make me feel good and if you are

eating the standard American diet which is mainly processed foods lots of saturated fats which I'm not saying are bad for you but just like your carb fat load is it's both high you know like a bag of potato chips has a lot of carbs and a lot of fat also you really want to either have your fats up high or your carbs up high but at the same time if you're interested in more like learning more about diet things I love chalene johnson's podcast she has a bunch of stuff about diet she actually has a carrot called that she had chemo if I could told diet plan which I would hold again diet just means what you I think is Kido which I can't do Kido I get way too hungry but anyways something to look into Kido is not a fad it's actually science and you could potentially do that it's just whether you want to eat that way for your whole life I think that's something you need to look at the way we snack in this house is typically on fresh foods it's like some sugar snap peas which I am hungry is I'm gonna have one right now and the thing is is that both the more you eat this kind of food the less you crave the processed stuff so what do

I have here this is like I literally made this bowl my kids are like oh my gosh don't want to eat that big let me go fill my video first and you guys can have it so you know carrots again super sweet so if you're craving sugar carrots come come and tie-in oranges very very sweet we eat these all the time apples an apple a day keeps the doctor away it's legit there's a whole lot of vitamins and nutrients in these and then um bell peppers if you guys don't give your kids bell peppers get a bag of you know especially the red ones and orange ones are sweeter than the yellow but my kids would eat all of them dice them up you I make sometimes they make the bell pepper cookies and you hollow them out and then you cut them the other way so they kind of have this like trace of a cookie around them and they call them bell pepper cookies you can also do broccoli my kids will eat Neela eat lettuce like straight he'll eat like a bag with like some spinach or romaine or whatever just like he's a bunny and it's just presenting it to them you know it's just presenting them food to them in such a way that this is how we

eat this is the way God intended us to eat and I love that she's does the quote in here by st. Paul yeah babe oh its first Corinthians so it says do you not know that your body is the temple is a temple of the holy spirit within you whom you have from God and that you are not your own for you then purchase at a price therefore glorify God in your body when I was in Beachbody I wanted to make you know my whole deal like your body is a temple because it is and you guys know when you eat well and eat whole foods we eat whole meats and whole fruits and whole vegetables and you know some grains even I ate a ton rice you know your bodies enjoys that do you guys that I feel good after you can fast food my husband will go to talk about the BIC oh I want one of those pizzas and then I like will take a second and think no I don't want one of those pizzas because they make me feel terrible and I love eating them they're so good because they're made to be good so when you go to eat like make sure you're eating things that make you feel good the other thing I'm talking about is temperance now just because I say I'm good at eating like apples and things

doesn't mean that I don't binge there is a package of Oreos down my cupboard if I didn't know they would've make me feel sick which I already know because of my allergies and stuff I would probably be eating like five or six a day the other day I ate like half a bag of Deb dark chocolate and then I didn't feel low and that was when I went to the hospital so I know that I have to like really practice temperance in a way that I haven't had to before my body is making an eat practiced temperance and you know my favorite thing to eat is a bowl of popcorn with like melted real butter over it and then that nutritional yeast I like pork and then some salt and I like I loved that I watched chopped and like eat that like every night and now I'm not eating it because the corn really isn't great for you and I'm just having tea which is good and again if you need to lose weight swap out your late night snack for some tea and just let your stomach be hungry a little bit obviously if you have a trigger food don't buy it you know if you know you're gonna eat a whole package of Oreos don't buy it tell your spouse your kids you know you're just not gonna do Oreos my

thing that I'm working on right now is to feed my family and foods I make from scratch which means that I have to put myself into the kitchen more which I don't enjoy the kitchen so like this morning I cleaned the kitchen which you should not go to bed with a dirty kitchen but I do and then I wake up finished it's like this whole cycle and no one puts their dishes in the dishwasher is anyone even there when you were to stay home mom or hopefully mom liked your kitchen this is constantly messy and they're constantly accessing the food you have and the kids are a constantly saying are you hungry so prep your vegetables and your fruit if you kids are old up to eat those because that does help a lot but I do plan like learning how to make more foods also from scratch so today we're gonna make some whole food oatmeal cookies so they have an oatmeal banana and I think maybe some maple syrup in there and then you know the classic ingredients but I did buy dark chocolate chips to put in there too because I don't believe in ever saying a food is off the table unless you're allergic to it I just say what I tell my

children is that these are healthful foods like everyday foods and then something like some chips are like a once in a while food and they don't eat Cheetos and Fritos and I don't know if any of that kind of Doritos they don't eat anything with like artificial color on them or I try to stay away from obviously palm oils and vegetable oils those are really bad for your system it doesn't mean that it doesn't happen but my kids have actually been raised in such a way that they don't even want to look at a book of a container of those like cheesy puff balls like they just they know that that's not real food and I think you guys should give your kids if you don't already give your kids more credit because they really do want to be healthy um I always relate nutrition with wellness you know we get less colds when we eat well we feel better when we eat well we have more energy our bodies are growing better especially children so if you guys have questions about how I live a relatively healthy lifestyle or you know how I get my kids involved and I have an answer those questions already make sure you ask me in the comments down below I would love to I'll put my

clips in this is gonna be a little bit longer video but that's alright I really feel passionate about nutrition anyway I actually had toyed with the idea of getting like a nutritional certificate or something along those lines because I just find it all very fascinating again please don't diet the best best what the best thing you can do is find someone that you like think is a healthy person and ask them how they eat right and if you don't have it then a food long before again something she mentions in this chapter I don't necessarily end up writing everything down but what I do find about food log is when you like decide I want a handful of something and I'm like oh write down a handful of chocolate chips or something right I think do I really want that No so again we have to really think about what our food isn't doing to us internally I appreciate you guys sticking around I hope you've stayed you know through the end I will stick in here like my little description of what we ate this morning as an example I was gonna do a whole what to eat the day but then I think I have to have this posted by

tomorrow morning so how to do that another day like a whole full like way okay so here is my coffee for this morning I finished it and I just had the one glass and then for the kids I made them some eggs so I used organic eggs inky and then I add some whole milk to the eggs and here I think Chloe wasn't a huge fan of having eggs right away in the morning but Neal gobble them up it is better to start with protein than here a little hot then cereal but then I gave them some toes to make them happy we try to limit the bread but you know what's breakfast without some toast once in a while and then for myself I made a smoothie and I really love these vital proteins or collagen peptides and they're great so they have no flavor and then I use unsweetened original' all milk and then there's all these great health benefits for using these so I'll link them down below for sure oh and I forgot that in my picture to also do I she had seeds in there for Omega threes and chopped kale and then this is just showing you that I prep the snacks so you know the apples are all washed and accessible there's a sugar snap peas and actually I've been

doing some bone broth as I do this and OH almonds so nuts as our good snack too if you are on instagram and you do not follow stay close to Christ I highly suggest it this is what their little symbol looks like and if you don't follow me it is Graham go find me right now I'm at Laura JW 2007 and all my links are down below and again have a blessed day and I will talk to you again soon and I really I love this topic so if you want more nutrition videos or things like that let me know [Music]