22 July 2019

Celebrate Small Victories | Weight Loss Journey | Long Term Success

You owe it to yourself to celebrate those small victories. "Winning" at this weight loss stuff involves a lot of self-motivation, but that's such a finite source to tap into ...

earlier you talking about James clearer

and like atomic habits and one of the things that you would say he mentioned was trying to prepare for a marathon start really really small like just put on your running shoes right right Ryan there's small things like those small things can add up and like it's a good practice I think one thing that makes it hard for a lot of people what makes like the struggle suck more is people are my experience not good at celebrating those small victories like again I think it's a throwback to like that pass or fail system like you have to be all in or you're not in it all in or out and so one thing that I've been trying to help my clients with is like rewarding those smaller victories and for me it's a struggle because like I'm identifying right things like these are things to be proud about but I know like looking at their face or like hearing their response back it kind of sounds like I'm pandering to them you know I'm following them and I write I don't know how to like tweak that other than being like hey I'm there we're gonna pander you that way cuz that's a freaking waste of time and like it's no good but you need to be able to be kind to yourself

and I think that's a good that you're celebrating like any victory and like especially the folks who like have a hard time of like finding like positive things and that's that's the way like I would probably look at that okay like you're weighing yourself you're weighing yourself every day or you weighed yourself and you don't have an emotional attachment to it or you you've done something you you only ate half your meal out last night you put the other one in the box and you saved it for today like it's like that's awesome because if you did that same thing every time you won't have to eat for the next 90 days can you imagine I mean let's just say it's like your average like Chili's mill like yeah thirteen forty hundred calories and you cut out you did you ate half of it every single time instead of eating the whole 300 calories and you know you did that for you know hundred days we're talking like sixty thousand calories that you like save yourself like it's like just like big picture it for them and say like cuz just like we're talking now is like people always want like look at that here now data point

and seitan look at the big picture of like if you do the right thing enough times you don't be perfect but if you do the right thing enough times over the next ya 90 day or whatever you want you just make up a number don't matter cuz it's just time you know in Psych if you do it over over the long period of time you will see results and so this very very small thing you're looking at right now be like well John all I do is I ate one Hershey bar instead of two it's like well shoot if that if that secondary Hershey bar if you cut that out every single day for a hundred days and that was you know fifty calories um it's like that's how much you like saved yourself over that course of time like it's it is pushing you towards your goal and if you can find 10 more small things throughout your day that are like that can you imagine how that adds up you add 10 minutes of walking here you woke up early and stretched you did you know you went to bed thirty minutes earlier you know you're cut off your device is like can you imagine how those 10 15 very very small things that if you just looked at it here now for today it may not matter but over the course of yeah a

hundred days a year like where would you be a year from now if you change ten small things in your day or 20 small things in your day I think just grandiose seeing it like making it like very very large I'm like can you imagine if you did this small thing a hundred times 200 times a thousand times do you think we all learned English from hearing a word from our parents once yeah did you learn Japanese by going to Japanese 101 like one time no I read even learned Japanese go to Japanese classmate exactly exactly well exactly you learned about being embedded in the culture and inundated with it day in day out and eventually it became to the point that you could do it but it wasn't like one step just like just like the common like fitness thing like you didn't get fat by eating one hamburger you didn't get skinny by eating one salad like things done once yeah they may not seem that important but we want to celebrate them because we want to see you do that again and again and again and again until it becomes a habit or becomes just how you do things it doesn't have to be somebody celebrate because it you just do it and

then we get to celebrate the next step you take to making yourself better you know