11 October 2019

CEA Program - Realising the Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, ICCO Cooperation is implementing the Civic Engagement Alliance (CEA) program, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the ...


the civic engagement alliance or CEA program supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands supports and strengthens civil society organizations to be vibrant and that they can contribute to reducing inequality and injustice in societies for fair economic social and political development CEA program aims to do this through inclusion and empowerment to establish sustainable livelihood and justice and dignity for all in Bangladesh eco Corporation is implementing the CEA programme were one of the pathways focuses on realising the right to adequate food and nutrition Bangladesh needs support to ensure adequate food and nutrition for 3.5 million poor people to improve the situation echo through CEA program works with civil society Alliance for scaling up nutrition CSA for son Bangladesh a member based nutrition Alliance of different national and international organizations the main aim is to improve the nutrition status of the country by mobilizing the local grassroots CSO's to adapt to the government's national plan for action for nutrition in Bantu CEA is mortal separate or segregate one in

implementing the intent to program as the very terminology states civic engagement Alliance and the other is civil society alliance all more these are very synonymous and we are having very good cooperation particularly in capacity building of the bein in systems as well as the beneficiaries more particularly the NGOs and I enjoy working in the respective district or in these divisions CEA also works closely with the right to food network to ensure adequate food and nutrition for the poor and extreme poor when the national social and safety program could not ensure food and nutrition for the underprivileged and marginalized the right to food act became a necessity hot borscht especially for care dr. Kim - Carew OD Kirsch with an election I prefer Mon cher Anita had the power sardonic time the Terra Cotta cooktop re de cadena de me after the death of the I body i barley rajab al murajjab equal temperament of a cinema progeny has adobe character generation relationship chicken malai interpreter i novelist [Music] [Music]

but with two outcomes at-a-glance facilitated capacity-building of 62 member organizations of CSF her son on Lobby and advocacy at local level established three divisional level multi-stakeholder platform MOU signed with Bangladesh national nutrition council 2.5 million signatures submitted to the prime minister of Bangladesh to formulate the right to food act lobbied to include the right to food act in political parties manifesto during the campaign for the eleventh parliamentary national election of Bangladesh if marginal community has become aware of their rights then they can have a stronger voice as equal citizens Eco believes that this can also lead to necessary amendments to make rules and regulations more inclusive you