24 September 2018

Carnivore diet & AJ Agazarm vs Geo part 1

Me and my friend Alistaire discuss the Subversiv Competition and AJ Agazarm visiting the 10th Planet Oceanside gym in , San Diego, California. We also ...

- hey what's up you guys

I mean they're listening to all that air I have a conversation about diet cut some weight I was slacking off on the gym in the dojo and on my diet so I gave I'm gonna be a lazy piece of crap because as the knob Yoho Genki like didn't kill what it's all about it's about what matters is putting continuous efforts to better yourself something along those lines I had to kind of butcher whatever basically you just put an effort yeah we were talking about diet see he goes by a really strict diet can you tell these people you're dying and he's got hard rock abs alright now that's why I'm doing this guy just to get him back that's why I've been 20 fall off the wagon got to get back on that way my night is just the ketogenic diet model also known as the modified I can't die because it's not straight Kido which is insane streak Ito has a as a daily requirement 90% fats 90% of calories that you consume to be fats and the rest is split very

small carbohydrates but obviously have more protein and carbohydrates when the King Janak diets today that a lot of people recommend is I couldn't 20 grams of carbs or less per day that's pretty strict well I think most people can get by with less than 50 but less than 20 grams of carbs it's like there's no way you wouldn't be in the ketogenic State and like sad or the standard American diet isn't that funny how to Akron smells outside yeah but it's truly a sad diet for my diet so I've done a couple diets I did the vegan and vegetarian diet with those diets I always felt like I was never eating enough and then I fell upon this man by the name of Jordan Peterson right and George would Peterson he's what he's a clinical psych colon echo psychologist Jordan Peterson and his daughter who had auto immune deficiencies and all these issues like arthritis like arthritis and things like that they tried and all meat diet first the father tried it and then the daughter tried it and they both they were cured right not the daughter wasn't completely cured of some of the other neighborhoods for the most part yeah not

gone only time she had problems but as she was finding the solution and what I mean by that is what specific for she did indeed without without having her symptoms react yeah Shane yeah she she was yeah something today completely go away but then eventually when she narrowed it down to just all red meat all defects just I kind of tried to do that I didn't do all beef I did all me in general it's weird because I was on a diet where I wasn't eating any meat like beef or pork like I try to stay away from pork as much as possible but yeah I wasn't eating that because my great-grandfather he lived to be a hundred and twelve and I asked him before he died I was like how did you listen got to do this so long and he said that he doesn't eat red meat but now I just do red meat on the weekends because I feel better but I went on this all meat diet [Music] without carbs no carbs at all and I was drinking water I felt amazing the only time when I would have carbs was on my cheat days on the weekends because weekends are 20 days I had an entire pizza pie the night before I went

running and I ran four miles and I did it like nothing I had so much energy because that's the best I found out that's the best way to get the woman to have an entire piece are a bunch of carbs at night right but for the when I was doing the all me diet as soon as I added bread to my fucking diet and I had a soda I did I decided to have a soda I was like fuck it I've been on this diet let me treat myself I got so fucking sick you know I was sick for two weeks so now I'm like fuck it I'm gonna go back I'm just eating you know eggs and protein and and and apples and shit I mean I'm still having crackers but it's something about bread whenever I have a bunch of fucking bread I had a fucking burger from Denny's and then I was a geek there was an e coli and salmonella poisoning thing going on in California so there was a recall on burgers apparently which I had no idea of I got sick and my friends got sick so all of us we got sick Thank You California don't talk about things like that look Denny's but um yeah yeah I love it too but I know I'm gonna get sick oh my god but

yeah the all me diet is the only fucking diet meat and vegetables that's like I kept going in and out every fucking day and that's like fast food right I was eating in and out every day double-double animal style protein style no bread no fries every day was water right once a day every day I want to go to eat it out right now as soon as I had that Denny's burger and I added the bread and I had a soda it fucked me up just I got a viral infection somehow and I had a stomach bug it was the worst like I was so sick I didn't want to get out of bed I felt heavy it was terrible you were giving me a flashback something that happened to me man and you know you know what I think caused it the great value talkies I told you I don't trust great values but anyways we went to subversive yesterday in Garden Grove California at the next level complex and it was a five for five you know competition so right now ten fauna is three and all for the team matches so undefeated and then geo has to go up against AJ Agra Sam let me tell you what this motherfucker in this son of a bitch

came to posole in Oceanside California and stood in front of the gym and took a picture at gos gym didn't walk in the gym of course he didn't walk in the gym he's ass so I don't know what he was trying to prove I don't know why he did that but um yeah thanks for the free promotion you see Don in the bag that's it is freakin all camouflage key skin design but uh did you see that yeah I saw yeah I'm following AJ AGA's I'm on Instagram I don't know if she saw him because he was all interesting camouflage though I wanted to make sure there's money because I kind of caught a camouflage she was all about wood because he has multiple of different colors of the camouflage but if he had one that matched the wall he chose to try one cuz it sounds like they got that wall okay now what's an egg that's actually low-carb right there no egg there's no carbon thing that's another thing okay so carnivore died it's confusing right like that I mean can they eat eggs or not one thing I know is that's chicken yeah that consider me I can fit under meat okay carnivore diet allows eggs

then I'm just going on a healthier diet that's it but I do have snacks when I'm at school so but you know what I thought when I saw you yesterday I thought you had lost weight I did lose weight I lost 10 I lost 10 fucking pounds which means I'm gonna be competing in a while you're not necessarily eating healthy just because you want to lose weight because you don't care about that he lost weight i honest to trying to eat healthy because it makes me feel better that's why that's why like I would love to do what she did right now but I can't get out of bed and everything yeah like today I actually cooked for myself and I even cleaned up a little bit I got my car a little bit I don't know if he knows there's no trash in my car and I like last week when I was cheating I did not do any of that because I had desserts from my sister's was he calling her Neff my nephew's birthday she made a dessert table and I went ham on that shit I ain't more than I think a small starving village and smaller he can eat yeah she saw me yesterday I had those two for my first I was like I get so like any more of these easy if I just

only need to eat or what worst if some people don't know what a 4 by 4 is 1 4 by 4 means four patties and four slices of cheese that's why it's so literally in one sitting together I ate eight patties total and a piece of cheese times that by two that's 16 and I was still freaking hungry but guess what at least all that slow carb so I was able to so I don't think it's worth if I go off my diet right now I think it's important that I get my energy level like one day of cheating may not be too bad yesterday the problem was I turned it in two days of cheating I mean yeah last weekend I did actually I was more like three days because Saturday this is why Sunday you cheated a week ends on Monday right I think it's good as long as you don't make it leak over to a whole cheating I could I've been doing I and the fact that I was in [Music] workouts I wasn't gonna ditch it more than dojo I should say so combine all those thing in there out this is a reason why I'm gonna keep falling off hard and I'm trying to get back on me

[Music] get that I'm talking about this on social media I don't want whereas I optical signals is not always a good shit I gain weight even fun it is America I wish I made videos when I had was real career I'm for my great traumatic brain injury it's not what to talk about it yeah but I mean you know how could that be like Stevie progress like especially when I was going to rehab some of the things they made me do and that changes I've gone through amazing and like my memory crap when I had I'm Hannah there's [Music] that's how I got my car impound [Music] my car was confounded unfortunately my tags I want as least amount of trouble through the game just cake [Music] I think the timer rotating when I rotated the the videos it upside down I'm gonna I'm gonna turn this off you're going to our

location but we'll continue this talk about diet with you guys later [Music]