17 June 2019

Can You Build Muscle On A Keto Diet | Ketogenic Fitness and Nutrition

Day 8: Leg day! Can You Build Muscle On A Keto Diet? I am doing a 12 Week Transformation Program, using a bodybuilding workout, on a Keto nutrition eating ...


good morning welcome to week two of my transformation program today is Monday which means that we need to weigh ourselves before we go to the gym all right let's do this okay we are down eight pounds from last week as I suspected that means all the water weight that I gained while I was in Daytona the week before was mostly gone so I know that all of that weight wasn't wasn't water and I know wasn't all body fat which means that we're right on track so let's get dressed and get to the gym because today is another leg day okay it's just before 5:00 a.m. waiting for the gym to open now when I go in there I'm going to jump on an elliptical or a bike and warm my legs up and I'm going to do a little foam rolling to break up a little bit more of the tissue and any issues that I have with my legs I was kind of working on them a little bit this weekend so if anybody wants to see what my foam rolling and you know pressure release techniques are go ahead and leave that in the comment below while you're there let's go ahead subscribe now let's just go in there and you're just gonna see me jump right into

the workout [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we are now dealt with legs and before we go into today's workout and what we're doing tomorrow I do want to discuss a few things one the reason that I didn't have a video up for day four and day five is because I was having issues with my car and I'm making an excuse but I had to pick my car up from having four recalls on it that were repaired and after picking it up I then had some lights come out of my dash which means I had to take it back to the dealership the next morning and it turns out that one of the recalls they performed a

little too late and the part that it was supposed to protect the during one of the updates wound up fouling out and went bad so now they have to replace that part so I had to leave the car so that's two days that I wasn't able to get to the gym and record for you guys which would have been back and biceps so sorry about that and it's not something that I want to do it was just something that I had to do and with my work schedule and what time they're open I really had no choice as far as the weekend goes it was Father's Day and my family wanted to spend time with me and you know above all my family comes first and I'm sure that's the same way with a lot of you so I'm sure you can't fault me for it if you do I apologize but it's just the way it is from here on out I don't really see any issues for the rest of the program so we have about eleven weeks starting today to get things done and I don't see any stopping us as far as today's workout goes the one thing I will say is on my leg press I did do two variations now if you want me to do a video in the future about the proper foot placement and the benefits of each on the leg press let me know in the

comments below and I'll sure that I get a video on that for you in the future with that that's another leg day down tomorrow is chest and triceps to make sure that you stay hydrated you're taking your electrolytes I will be doing a video on my own electrolyte routine as far as everything that I do and I put in it so watch out for that another thing keep an eye out for air fryer videos I got one for Father's Day something I've really wanted for a while now and did a little cooking on this weekend so just to get used to it but definitely expect some airfryer videos and recipes coming in the future so with that I'm out of here and I will definitely see you tomorrow stay awesome [Music]