10 June 2019

Can veganism be healthy? Can meat & dairy be humane?

I'm no longer vegan for health reasons. I only eat humanely-raised animals and dairy.” ~ a friend of mine. Here's Waylon's reply.

hello everyone my name is Waylon Lewis

and I wanted to talk about veganism and verse and health versus kind of eating humanely in quotes raised meat and dairy for health this won't be a rant this will be a dialogue and discussion I don't think I'm necessarily right about everything but I will share what I have experienced in what I know and there will be some reflection on the science which could be objectively correct so I take a good posture and a great breath and I hope you'll join me in that and give it away so please say where in the world you're from and if you'd like to have a a thoughtful dialogue without ad hominem attacks I am here for you that is what elephant is for so a friend of mine and you know many of my friends have said such a thing just posted on her Instagram that she after 10 years of being vegetarian is no longer vegetarian she is eating meat and dairy for health reasons and she's doing so only sourcing humanely raised meat and dairy and my reply to that is you know if you want to be a rebel if you want to be kind of punk rock if you want to not buy in debt the corporate kind of marketing myth we can objectively see that billions of dollars has been spent marketing meat

and dairy to us so the notion that you know you can only get calcium or you can only be healthy if you eat meat or dairy is just wrong and a lot of what people well-intentioned people who become vegan or vegetarian do when we leave you know meat and dairy diet is we just take out all the meat and dairy and we wind up eating a lot of carbs a lot of nothing so that's not necessarily super healthy right if all you're doing is eating like white rice and white bread that's not going to be too healthy but a vegan diet is actually objectively can be delicious it can be spicy I love my spices and it can be even healthier that's because you know meat fish dairy there's a there's a lot of toxins that are being processed through that a lot of meat and dairy isn't healthy in terms of how its raised and even without getting into the so-called humane side of it you know small farms maybe are a little bit better but I guess getting into it briefly not know animals really are humanely slaughtered they all have to be taken to slaughterhouses and processed so you know it's a terrifying process if you've ever seen how the cows are shoved forward and contained by

metal barriers I was just watching a video of these cows being trucked to or shipped rather to Israel and literally jumping off the boats just trying to escape cows have bestfriends cows have relationships cows have love for their children same with chickens same with all sentient beings with a central nervous system basically they have the capacity to suffer and to care so you know the best argument I can see personally speaking for meat or dairy is that you like it if you say you like it that's a fantastic and frank response if I always say if it tastes like poop we wouldn't be defending it we would just be like I'm not gonna eat that that's crazy but being a part of this kind of suffering I don't know if any one of you have seen the Fairfield farms expose Fairfield is meant to be like the Disneyland of dairy and it's partnered with coca-cola you know the suffering and abuse that happens not only for animals young animals older animals but also for the people who have to work in that kind of world is epic suffering so really on some level you know personally speaking

the decision I have made is three times a day if not more I can make a decision for hate I know that sounds extreme but you can't you don't kill things you love you don't torture things you love and dairy really is torture you know it's attached to your nipple your whole life it gets raw it gets posea just disease they're artificially inseminated which is a fancy way of you could say saying rape their whole life in dairy and if you're eating eggs you know the chickens are the male chicks are tied up in trash bags or compacted they're all killed they're just viewed as a product right not as sentient beings and they're useless the male chicks so I get a blog on elephant you can read and learn more there about only vegetative being vegetarian isn't vegetarian I think that's the title or if you're vegetarian you're not vegetarian and in writing that blog I became vegan I I did not want to become vegan I like my ice cream all that stuff but you know I'm I've been vegan for 10 years 11 years on to inner pounds I'm super active I'm about to go climbing a bike every day I feel great maybe you got to take some vitamins but overall it's it's not that

hard and I love good food and traveling and eating food particularly vegan food is delightful so I think you know without getting moralistic although this entire conversation feels off putting it moralistic always I just wanted to raise this discussion so that we could think about the effect of our food choices obviously organic is important we don't want poisons on everything and you know I always say if you're a vegan don't be a a-hole don't be a jerk that doesn't help you know veganism should be about love it should be about compassion not about hate but it is an activist thing so I understand that there's a lot of intense emotions around this and those emotions are valid and I wish more people whatever choice you make would would look like go look at that Fairfield farms documentary I can't watch it and it's not depicting anything out of the ordinary in fact what it is to contain is exactly what happens behind closed doors there's a reason those doors are closed so you know my dog is right behind me napping on the floor see him at least the Instagram audience can see him I always say if I took my dog in the

middle of work day and this is a little graphic I apologize but shoved a knife up his throat into his brain killed him skinned him and put him on the BB q out front invited everyone to eat him not only would people not be excited for that I would be arrested within I hope a minute and that's as it should be but dogs are not even generally considered as intelligent as our bacon and another word for bacon is pigs so you know I know we know all of this but looking at our consumption and the suffering it causes or the benefit and the love it can cause is a powerful thing and I can't I have probably five friends in Boulder Colorado we're vegan it's incredibly rare still it's a vastly growing market there's amazing vegan cheese there's amazing vegan coconut ice cream Luna Larry's is fantastic there's organic but you know you don't have to eat all the soy crap this monoculture crap monocultures I always say I criticize vegans for promoting soy or monocultures monoculture is a fancy word for you know tearing down rainforests a and plan tons of one thing that is not an ecosystem and it kills millions of

animals a year palm oil is an example of that there is a very small niche probably point zero zero one percent of palm oil that is organic and is done right not organic so much as responsible but it's incredibly rare so support ethical companies support a healthy delicious diet for yourself and and just give it a go just try to try to get a little vegan ice cream here you know here in town we have a vegan gelato company gelato boy you know we can actually affect our world ethically responsibly and with joy none of this has to be about aggression or a guilt trip it can be delicious and it can actually be easy and when I travel I have to say outside of Boulder which is you know has the sort of myth of being a hippie little green bubble I actually find it almost easier to eat vegan almost everywhere in the world so yeah you can have incredible cupcakes you have can have incredible pizza you can have almost anything there are certain sacrifices but it's nothing like the sacrifice obviously that the animal has to make because of our decision so I think that's about it I'm happy to discuss any questions or comments I'm

happy to recommend certain vegan products but my main suggestion is even if you have zero interest in being vegan or vegetarian just eat healthily organic and responsibly which really can't include killing and torture any kind of large-scale farming and even small-scale they have to go to the large-scale slaughterhouses generally so if there's any comments or questions on all yours Rachel for taro says I thought you weren't vegan anymore you're one of my role models and I would have been real sad ya know I put my friends quote in quotes because I figured I would be a more interesting way to start this for those of you on Instagram my quotas of the videos I'm no were vegan for health reasons I only humanely raised animals of dairy I am vegan and you know I feel great and I enjoy the food I eat immensely Rebecca I can't eat meat and haven't since I was 12 for spiritual reasons yeah I think there's something to that I think if you claim to be spiritual and yet killing or murder if you want to be a little melodramatic but that's what it is or torture which is what farming is for animals

you know farms don't mind marketing cute images of the animals but then you know what are they doing to him yes Samantha exactly I agree she says there's no humane way to kill someone who wants to live Melanie do you have a cookbook yet I totally buy it no but I can recommend cookbooks I don't think people would want my cookbook Jennifer yeah yeah you gotta watch the video of before commenting Temple Grandin has done good work in terms of animal welfare for sure she's doing vital work but you know it's sort of like putting lipstick on a pig no pun intended it just barely makes it less awful it's sort of like saying let's um well comparisons are easy yeah change of factory farming industry I think one thing vegans and meat eaters can all agree on is never eat factory farming and while many of us might recommend might agree with that statement every meat-eater I know we'll eat in random restaurants and I never ever ever hear them ask the source never okay I eat well over a pound of veggies daily two servings of fruit seeds nuts tempeh tofu beans and no flour sugar it's the best Michelle that sounds amazing I'm

coming over I'm not vegetarian or vegan myself Michael I am an environmentalist and for animal welfare and not for animal rights or Animal Liberation yeah I don't have a whole lot I don't think he can be for Animal Welfare and be okay with the killing and torture of animals I think animals do deserve rights I think we all would agree when it comes to our dogs or cats or maybe whales or something I just saw a video in Israel where they have to ship the cows over and these cows are washing up on the shore because the cows are jumping to their death off the boats I mean sentient beings want to live and they don't want to suffer Janene oh you got a watch listen to the video before you comment she's saying I'm betting this has to do with deficiencies related to iron vitamin D and K to selenium and protein so I just had my blood work done yet again and I'm on a plus I am in perfect health and I've been vegan for many many years Nazis can you recommend some thoughts on cane sugar I've heard it's not vegan yeah I don't I'm not an authority on cane sugar but I assume that way to have to do with how it's harvested any

monoculture crop is going to wind up killing a fair amount of animals and hopefully it can be do it done on a small scale and thoughtfully okay now see so I recommended Luna on Larry's ice cream if you're missing that I'm not a big fan of substitutes I'm a big fan of delicious flavors and wholesome real meals conceived from the beginning as as vegan not just sort of doing substitutes of the meat stuff so just feel free to ask me specifically what you're looking for yeah Fast Food Nation the jungle buy options to declare are fantastic books for health reasons I can't tolerate a lot of fruits and veggies so the struggle is real there's plenty of vegan things that aren't fruit and veggies but yeah I think generally eating some fruits and veggies is considered healthy if you have a some sort of allergy or or health issue you know that could be very specific to you that probably isn't a general thing around health and veggies Jossie yeah a lot of people not listening to this discussion just reacting off the comment but that's the jassie um I haven't left it for for health reasons Lisa parks vegan journey

yeah we have tons of vegan recipes probably a thousand vegan recipes and if you search would be in transition or vegan recipe on health and vegan health it's really pretty easy and I don't mean that flippantly like it was super intimidating for me to become vegan and it actually was really easy once I did it it was sort of like a wall of fire not a move was good yeah I find it pretty light but yeah that's good alright folks big crowd today yes some cultures worship cows and some ridicule them yet are appalled to countries that eat dog and cat or you know killing the Dolphins like mites well my friends made the cove right America Americans we view that as inhumane of dolphins the Japanese laugh at us and say look at you guys with your cows and everything poochy yeah loving a good steak that's that's an honest argument you like the taste I get that and I respect that argument I think almost any other argument in can be picked apart by science or whatever health Ashley how's your energy levels changing to vegan so you know you do need to eat good food and I've been vegan for so many years and I'm super active like I just said

I'm about to go climb I've been biking a bit running if anything is healthier most of us I think there's some stat what the average American by the time they're 40 is thirty pounds of undigested meat in their tummy it's not a great thing and you know you're you're the lower you eat on the food chain or the higher I should say the more stuff they've eaten the more toxins live absorbed a lot of people yeah feel healthier with vegan yeah and if you want to be a rebel if you want to fight the man you know if you want to address climate change you can't do that without lowering or skipping your meat and dairy intake again the man has pushed the idea of me as healthy on us of dairy as healthy on us and as Jamie Davidson says meat is underpriced and too widely available it's subsidized right okay folks so I think we managed to have a discussion without ad hominem attacks or being mean big love to you and I hope that was okay by me