07 August 2018



my spies

[Music] hey guys happy with it today I think it's birthday Mikey Lansing I don't know but my cart is so freakin heavy I'm trying to talk to y'all and push at the same time I'm just leaving the farmers market I been here one time before we started her mom I don't think I grocery shop but I actually like this one isn't that it's great is my favorite farmers market but it wasn't bad so I got me a little spoon Eric I'm gonna have to put the name of it over the videos just because I don't know how to pronounce it and I don't want to butcher it but it's like bread in it has like bees and cheese so I'm gonna try there I haven't eaten anything today I was cleaning up and that took so freaking long for me to do so I'm about to put these groceries in the car now and I'm do a little hard for you guys I didn't say any more than $60 for all of the things that I get so that was really good they have some really good deals like patent up whole pineapples for like a dollar and I'm getting two but I should have got like eight and then we want them to eat them all so I end up just to get in

a couple I'm so excited to try this beef and cheese dish I'm so freakin hungry I'm not sure how I'm supposed to eat it she didn't give me a fork or anything this the one with the babies and cheese and then she had my with jalapenos and cheese which I was not attractive I think about jalapenos especially [Music] it's an acquired taste put the in fact it's good I don't know if I just click the cabbage whoo articles fell out hmm I'm just not either on my hands just because I'm not sure yeah with the cabbage the cabbage puts it right where it need to be no it's good by yourself but the cabbage makes it great [Music] yeah I went all the way back in that store because my Google searches just was not doing what I need to do so what I found when I went back is caught up cool stuff Oh what is that smell I don't man it's my I'm dieting my heart oh my gosh I'm a literally going to take everything out like I don't know if brain got in my car and like the floor

it got wet I don't know I don't know what it is but it's a Salvadorian dish and yeah it's a traditional Salvadorian dish hey guys so I just wanted to come and show y'all where I got from the farmers market starting right here at the top I have three peppers red yellow and green right behind there I have some lemons I have four corn on the cob bananas two pineapples about four green apples two mangoes strawberries blueberries raspberries to sweet potatoes a Kiwi to avocados I also picked up this hibiscus tea with floral in it and it is a product of Jamaica I love this heat up on Amazon and I'm the review stated that it does help with high blood pressure so this is going to be a sea that I want to do for 25 days I want to do it well on Amazon reviews they say don't drink it more than three times but I do want to get a second opinion so see any of you guys are familiar with this team let me know how you guys prefer to take it whether you take the hibiscus tea by yourself or even royalty or sword juice daily and let me know if it's okay for me to drink this twenty five days straight I also got a pair of

potatoes some asparagus garlic man back here I have some spinach this finish was a little if he's to me you guys but I went ahead and got it anyway I'm just gonna be sure that I eat it really really fast and back here I have some chilled I picked up a pound of shrimp two pounds of tilapia I need more omega-3s and my body put and fish that are very oily they do run high and omega-3 so that's the reason it's the way I got salafiyyah and lastly I picked up some salmon fillets everything that you see here and me $63 that is including the seafood so I'm really proud and happy of how my hometown out you guys let me know if y'all think I did a good job and so relate to budget wise because I think I was able to get a lot of things that are actually good for you and healthy for you and it really didn't cost me a lot of money to be able to do so ok guys so I also went through a thing after I went to the farmers market and I picked up a few things from this store called Value Village that we have here in Georgia and I got these early eyes jean shorts and they have like some dot on me and they're cut up y'all see these dazzles on the back now

as I can see right here one is missing but I can easily go and get some of these things from a craft store or something and just replace those and I could take a few of these out and replace them with something else like some other type of bedazzle so that was fine with me I really didn't man these were 569 but being that it was the last Wednesday they actually had all of the clothes 50% off the ticket price so everything that you guys are gonna see is gonna be half of with the ticket fares due to that sale the next thing I got where these has the guest symbol right here and it has four buttons child which is really cute I mean has the fake pockets and these are some white short it has the double stitching at the bottom and these fit a little high waisted on me and as I can see how it goes up like that so these are not um maybe mid waisted jeans and then it also has the guest emblem on the back which I really really like these were ticketed for for 69 and I got in for half off then I also have these ones that was ticketed for 469 Levi's Abercrombie and they I actually a size 16 now don't be alarmed this is 16 in little girls yes

y'all I can fit little girls clothes in 16 and 14 yes I actually tried them on in the store and I was like I can't fit these so these are some shorts in the girls section but I thought these were really cute these are like a basic pair of shorts that you can pretty much pair with anything in this summer and I just really like how basic they are and how they could be used with a lot of different type of outfits they can be dressed up or dress down and it's this pretty navy color and they are really really cute for me so I'm gonna Hanna pick these up now I prefer to get like designer thing for like guess every Tommy is not really a designer but their clothes isn't unlike the cheaper side either their shorts isn't is cheap so I would get things like that Hollister as well is another one that I would get I found true religion jeans I found gap jeans all kinds of designers at the thrift store so those are kinda things that I look for these are designer but they were really really cute and I like those so the next thing that I got is these DKNY jeans and they were ticketed at 469 this is actually a size 2 and and these are so cute I love the watch

on these they're actually skinnies as well which it's kind of hard to find at the first store a lot of people get rid of like their bootcut and their flare leg jeans and send them to thrift stores but I was able to come up on these skinnies my size and they were designer DKNY so I was really excited about that and I just love these they don't really have much action at the bag but I mean the wash is enough itself it has the DKNY emblem right here as you guys can see my jeans from the little girls section these are Old Navy and they are in a size 12 yeah they are in a size 12 and these are their walks by dragging jeans there is tickity at 360 months and they look like this very plain very basic you can never go wrong with a pair of skinnies or jegging pants they are so comfortable I would wear something like this when I'm on my cycle just so it doesn't look like I look too lazy but they'll give me the comfort that I need when I really don't want to put on real jeans so I for jeggings during that time of month and then I also got these as well and they're just another type of wash the same type of jegging pants and this

skinny this is a size 10 12 and girls I try these on and I'm gonna admit they were a little snug the tickity at 369 but when I tried them on I hadn't wanted some workout type yoga pants so when I tried uh-huh when I tried them on so I'm gonna actually try them on without the yoga pants because I feel like the yoga pants made my legs a little thicker than they actually are so I'm gonna put these back on but if push came to shove and I can't fit them I will go ahead and put these back and like a clothes giveaway box because I down them for half of 369 which is like a little over a dollar so you can't beat that and I mean it's not like I really lost if I can't fit them so I'm gonna go ahead and try these on let me know girls which I think about the things that I was able to thrift from Value Village what was your favorite item y'all let me know I got a few things here so being that it was a 50% off sale I was able to get one two three shorts and then I got one two three jeans as well and all of this came to a grand total of fourteen dollars and it's from changed so I was able to do really really good and I'm

excited about this so yeah I love like bargain shopping and for finding stuff like that if you guys didn't know that about me so for three shorts in three jeans for $14 you really can't beat that guys I have something for when it gets closer I have something for right now and I was able to pick up a few designers like Jeff and DKNY so yeah [Music]