22 July 2019

Bts jimin diet ☾ᗪᗩY OᑎE ☾


[Music] I know I look bad but like it's because I just woke up and because my hair is curly and not straight and about anyways I decided that I would try the Jimin diet from BTS which is basically Jimin ate one Oh Jimin ate one whole meal for ten days so I will be doing it for seven days maybe I'll expand it to ten I don't know it depends it's because I'm going to Cuba soon but anyways I'm kind of changing up this diet so if I had apples I would definitely eat some apples and I'd definitely be able to do other diets but since I do not um whenever I wake up and I'm I'm doing this because I have no control over food really so and I like I've I've tried to like change that and all but it's just not working and I really want to lose weight and be skinny so I'm sorry I'm logging into my computer um anyways yesterday I was kind of doing well until my parents made me eat so I reading it again today so I'll be eating one lime whenever I wake up this only has about like 20 calories I think I switched it up once so it should not be that much and then I tend I'm going to be sleeping

for the rest of the day for the rest of ten days so right now it's right now it's 3:05 p.m. and I've just woken up because the longer I stay asleep then the longer that I like don't have to like eat like literally anything makes me hungry it sucks so basically what I'm doing is when I wake up I will eat a line until I run out and then I will just eat one meal a day like usual so yeah as to how I'm feeling I'm feeling very ugly and annoyed by my computer but that's pretty much it and my stomach hurts a bit but it's not like a lot like it's I could like just don't make it so earlier earlier it was 3:00 when I woke up so I've washed my teeth and I kind of think I cheated a little cuz I took some sips of sprite and like the like this much of chocolate cake like I just really took someone my finger in it but um I'm having my meal right now it's 5:20 I was gonna wait till 6:00 so I wouldn't get hungry earlier but I do paint eat a lot that's why I'm doing this but anyways um I got this Cup which I was originally gonna get water in it cuz like my like I'm over it started hurting over here though is usually my kidneys

and I haven't been drinking water but then um I I was like having my meal and I have like I'm making french fries and a fire whatever and um I'm just making the meal like whatever I want but then I was gonna get it with chocolate ice cream and I didn't really see that fairy even though it could be like part of the meal I don't want to because like I think chocolate is she's doing too much and I was gonna get I'm gonna get the fries with like a chicken breast but I'm not sure if I should cuz like I don't want to overstep plus I did get like a lot of fries but I mean I guess it is one meal so I don't know I think is that much but I mean I saw the first day so so I'm like really nervous because um I heard this like I'm watching like videos on it um and this girl this girl saw that she lost um like two to three pounds know that she was losing two pounds every day and like girl that's what I need but anyways um I took a picture of those serving size fries that I was gonna get and I asked my and they messaged my friend gay and I messaged my friend and I know I hurt and I was like is this too much or like so

I'm gonna see what she says now and depending on that I really want to try my hardest so I'll take out some fries or I'll just eat it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]