08 April 2019

BSC - High Protein Balls - Cookies and Cream - #Proteinsnack Review - Ep 141

Undeniable's Daily #Proteinsnack Review - Ep 141 Protein Snack Reviewed: BSC - High Protein Balls - Cookies and Cream Macro: ▷ Calories: 259 ...

hey guys welcome back to another protein

snack review hopefully you've enjoyed the haley top series we've been doing we will be announcing the winner on our Instagram and Facebook pages just stay tuned we'll just throw it up on there so congratulations to whoever's gonna win that $50 overall hey the talk was pretty good today we've got body science these the high protein balls this is cookies and cream so one of my favorite flavors steps on the back puts up a quick review you got twenty five point three grams of protein so massive amount of protein eight grams of fat moderately high and you've got three point four grams to carbohydrates which is extremely low but normally when you have these protein bars they have the low carbs they always sneak it through fibre so that's what I've done here you got a five point nine grams of fiber with five point nine uh that's a hundred percent of it being poly dextrose which is just a soluble fiber and you will have to pay for that in the carbohydrate table so just when you're looking at that make sure that the calories equal if that makes sense the macros so you're working out how much how many calories in the protein how many calories and the fat how many

calories are in the carbs and just make sure it equals the total and include that Holly dextrose in there because it will add to the carbohydrates all right with everyone said what's a [Applause] okay I'm a big fan of things looking like what they're supposed to look like this doesn't look like cookies and creme it looks like chocolate but we'll say I guess no Bob it definitely tastes like cookies and cream it's a bit of a hard texture to it so like pretty dense I wish they'd have like some sort of uh cookie jungle something in it a different life tell her and everything inside looks like a normal sort of pie paint ball hmm okay pretty good oh I can definitely taste the clues in crime but it's like a very subtle sort of flavor um not super sweet no real awful taste or anything like that which is nice yeah I've rolled pretty good like they do taste like cookies and cream which is nice but it's not like one of the best cookies in Korean flavors I've had the stats on the back are really good you have 24 a time again just to quickly go

over a fat and pretty low carbs around lists of them nine ish mark when you add the fiber into it so overall a great little snack yeah I didn't mention actually a starter for the air but it's about 260 calories so sort of on the higher end of snacks going but if you need some energy you need some protein mainly and these are great and they taste good too so overall rating for this guy's probably simple sort of a middle row of the good schools I guess I like it I like the flavor I like the stats but nothing sort of blew me away so I definitely would recommend these and that's 40 science that's the pro high protein balls and misses cookies and grape flavor alright guys make sure you stay tuned for tomorrow if you do have any protein snacks that you love tag the company's been alive for us so we can like go around and check it out there are a couple of new companies coming through that up sort of trying to revolutionize the game with the different little protein snacks are in there if you do have any of those please let us know below and yeah stay tuned for tomorrow thanks guys for watching