10 September 2018

British Food - BEST FOOD MARKET IN BRISTOL! + Exploring The City (Bristol, England)

We're finally back in the United Kingdom! We're starting off with an epic day in Bristol, England exploring the St. Nicholas Markets and eating some delicious ...

Good morning adventurers, from England. We're here

and you can tell because it's really grey and we're wearing pants and jackets so it's cold. But we know contrary to popular belief it is not always grey. If we stay here long enough we know we're going to have a sunny day or two Actually, yesterday got pretty sunny for a second We decided not to film our travels over here just because we kinda needed a break It's actually really hard to film our travel days because we have all of our gear and then I'm trying to get shots while we're dealing with all the bullcrap at the airport Yeah, but it turns out we probably should have, because it was one of the worst travel days maybe that we've ever had Yeah, it was pretty bad, we had a lot of issues with Ryan Air They're just so damn cheap, but we'll never learn our lesson We just gotta stop flying with them I mean, we saved about $200 flying with them But is it worth it? I dunno. That means literally hours of me standing in customer service lines and ticket lines and on chat with them and then ... the website messing up every two seconds our flight was delayed a couple of hours then we got on the plane and they told us we were gonna sit there for two hours and it turned out to be a joke and they let us go about five minutes later but it was ... it was and emotional day. But we're here, we're happy to be back in England, and we're gonna be exploring England for the next month or so actually the UK in general. I think we're gonna get up to Scotland which we're so excited about, we haven't been to Scotland in forever, it feels like Our current route, which it may change because we haven't really solidified things, is to go from here in Bristol to the Cotswolds and then over to Snowdonia, and then up

into Scotland to hopefully see a Highland Game which we are so excited about. I think it's been a dream of ours for like years now. We went to one in Texas I don't think it was quite the same as what we're gonna see here, though. But we're in Bristol, we're gonna be exploring the city today, we're going to eat some delicious food, we going to see what this city has to offer, we're going to see the sights. And hopefully it doesn't rain on us. These are the Christmas steps, which are apparently famous I didn't really know about them until Allison told me and we were walking down them. But they were built in 1669, I think it said, and er ... it's just like this iconic little corridor that connects that area up there down to this area down there and I think that there is actually a bar here that is actually called The Christmas Steps that I think is pretty well known. Well, it says circa 1600, so I suppose it's pretty old. Yeah, it's really cool though if you stand up up at the top, it's a very cool view it'd be a really good photo We've stumbled onto all kinds of really cool street art and graffiti and stuff here in Bristol. Alleys like these are pretty easy to come by, you just stroll around in the old centre of town, and you'll find all sorts of cool stuff. Some of it's graffiti, some of it's more actually really cool street art but it's all pretty cool to just walk around and discover it We actually read that Banksy's believed to be from Bristol, which is a pretty interesting fact. And I guess that's why they're known for their street art. But we haven't seen any Banksy pieces yet, we should probably look it up and see if we can find any Yeah, I did see online that people put up free walking tours where you can go and check out some of his old works and newer works

but we'll definitely try to find some for you guys. We thought before we really get out into the city, we needed coffee, you guys know us but we also desperately needed some wi-fi We tried to upload the vlog last night and Yeah, the wi-fi at the AirBnB is just not good For like eight hours it got to 30% ... so ... Quick stop, upload the video, get some coffee And then, lunch. Coffee, excellent. Wi-fi, not so good This not gonna work. At least we got coffee though. We got coffee, but I guess we'll just have to get more coffee. This is St Nicholas Markets They have all kinds of delicious looking and smelling food vendors Gosh, you guys. Yeah, and then they have like flower vendors and rugs and all kinds of other stuff as well. Some of the most beautiful pastries we've ever seen in our lives. I mean, just absolutely beautiful There's the indoor market and then we've just been kinda going around the outside but indoor, you can buy all sorts of trinkets, artwork antiques, paintings, I dunno, all sorts of goodies. But I read that they've trading here since the 1700s so it's a really old market But we're hungry, so the first order of business is to get some food, although I don't know how we're gonna choose, it all looks so amazing. Before we grab lunch, we found a little juice place we are going to try a couple of shots. They have a deal where you can get three juice shots for £2.50

so, we have a kale shot, beetroot shot, and a chilli and lime shot. This was my choice, because it sounded so interesting Yeah, and the other ones are just healthy, but this is the kinda shooting you do when it's not Friday yet. Save this one for last, so go with the kale, and then I'll do the beet I'm just gonna do half of it, and then you gotta do half. No way? Yeah. Mmm, ohh Ohhhh! God. Urrgh. That face that she made ... This doesn't look good. Oh, my God. Urgh ... It tastes like ...hell Grass and cardboard. That was legit horrible. Alright, I'm feeling like the beet juice is gonna be better That tastes like some dirt and some poo. Oh! Pretty sure. It was like grass, dirt and ... like, ground. Okay, drink this so I get get this taste out of my mouth Ooh, that's pleasant. Oh, very beet-y. Ooh, that's real tasty. That was actually bomb, it was kinda sweet. Yeah. It'd be better if they were cold, but they're all like room temperature. Oh, yeah. Your teeth are all red. Alright, last up we got chilli and lime I'm going first. Ooh, smells pretty good. Yeah? Oh, oh my God That is the most tart thing ... ahh ... I've ever tasted. Oh, my God It's not that bad, but man, it's so salty and tart it makes your whole mouth just water up. Salty? Wow, man that's weird. I don't think you're gonna ... urgh, man it's so tangy.

*laughs* Ah. Oh, my God. Oh, it burns Oh, my gosh. Did you guys ever eat ... were they Warheads? Yeah. Is that what they were? Those little sour candies? Yeah, it's about as sour as a Warhead. I gotta finish it up, though, can't waste it. We paid a whole £2.50 for these. Arrgh! Ah, it hurts to drink! But I feel healthy, I feel energised. Now let's go eat some food. For lunch, we found this pie shop, right behind me called Pieminister, I think. Is that what it's called? I think so. I er .... I got the, it was called the Mexicow, so I think it's British beef, some chilli in there, some cheese er, that's all I can remember, so it's gonna be a bit of a surprise. And I got it with creamy mashed potatoes on the bottom, some gravy and some mushy peas of course. Let's so what we got in here ... Oh, yeah It's still really hot We've actually been sitting here for a while, I thought it would've cooled down, but ... Kind of a big bite. You gotta have a little bit of everything in this. It's pretty good. The crust is nice and flaky, and it's like a delicious pot of chilli. I was wondering if the peas would go very well with it. But, it tastes pretty good to me. And this was only like erm, what was it? Six pounds? Seven pounds? Seven pounds fifty. Yeah, seven pounds fifty, and that was with everything. the sides, and everything. So not a bad deal. I, on the other hand, I wanted to be healthy but I also wanted to be bad. So I got a big box of salad You could get four for £5. You pick 'em and then you put a dressing on there and then some hummous And then I got sausages I think you're supposed to either get them on a sandwich, or they come with potatoes,

but we just said, can we just get two sausages? Because we already had a lot of stuff. So I think it was like £2 for these Um, or £2.50, something like that I mean, this is my jam for lunch A salad, and then a big hunk of meat, I love it. He gave 'em to us in this little bag, so I don't really have a plate, but that's ok we'll make do. And these are supposed to be, what with cheese in there? Yeah, that's what it said. Oh, man It's really good. I noticed the sausages here in the UK they're like the kind that you get with a full English breakfast and are really creamy in texture, and they don't really pop so much. It's almost like a um ... A creamy, like, pate feel on the inside, instead of like being chewy and pop-y It's like really finely minced up But it's really good. I don't know if I'd have know there was cheese in there, but it's got a lot of seasoning and it's nice and salty and I'm gonna steal some of Eric's potatoes and gravy I think I'll allow it. It took a second to hit me, but the chilli has a nice spiciness, a nice burn to it. Which is real good. I'll have to give it a try. How's the salad? Any good? It's good, but I got the erm ... I never know if you pronounce it harissa Harissa dressing, I believe? Hoo! It's got a good little kick to it. But, I got all my veggies in there. We're on the inside now, and it is pretty cool. They've got a lot of really cool items, lots of the smell of incense

and fancy soaps and stuff is hitting me. But they have a bunch of cool really rustic looking backpacks I'm in the market for a new backpack. But I haven't seen anything that's really speaking to me quite yet. But we'll keep looking Yeah, pretty cool. We've found a cider bar called The Apple The Apple Boat, I think. It's just a boat on the river but they have a bunch of ciders on tap and, the inside is very, very classy, the bar area. But they also have kind of an outside seating area, and it's a pretty nice day, so I think we're going to sit out here and enjoy our cider. We've already tasted it, and it's definitely the most legit cider we've ever had. I don't know if we've ever been to like a proper cider bar, but it's really good. So, we don't know much about cider at all, so we were just talking to the bartender down there and she was telling us about a word they use to describe cider. What was it? Scrumpy? Scrumpy? Scrumpy. Which we'd never heard that word before We love it, it's a great word to say. But according to Wikipedia it's used to nowadays just describe the cider made in like smaller batches. Or like rougher apples, or something like that. We didn't really understand it She even tried to explain it, but I believe we got some scrumpy ciders They taste unlike any cider, almost unpleasant. They taste like a barn. Like the inside of a barn, and some apples. But I'm sure that means it's, like, legit, right? Well, the internet sucks here, too, you guys. We've been sitting here for like 30 minutes and it went from 47 to 49%. I think, maybe, this vlog isn't getting uploaded today. Maybe by next week we'll have a new video for you guys. We're having no luck with the wi-fi here in Bristol. We went to another coffee shop and it was the same slow upload speeds.

So I was just venting on Twitter about how we couldn't find good internet here in Bristol, and the YHA which is a youth hostel here in Bristol replied and said come and use our wi-fi, it's very fast. So I'm gonna walk down there and hopefully it's fast enough to get it uploaded and out today because that would be good. We decided not to walk to the YHA. Too far and I'm ready to sit and have a drink. Plus he's had his eye on this board game bar behind us We came here last night and almost stayed but it was late and then we decided to save money but tonight, we're gonna go for it So I think we're gonna head in there and chill for the rest of the night They have internet, and we'll make one last attempt to get the vlog up loaded Probably not gonna work, I don't have a hope, but I'm gonna drown my sorrows in a pint, and play some board games and then we're gonna show you some more of Bristol tomorrow before we head out to the Cotswolds, on a road trip It's gonna be awesome. I can't wait. I can't either. Alright, good night adventurers. We'll see you on the road.