17 September 2018

Bright Line Eating Recipe for Overnight Oats! [Easy, Healthy!]

Here's a great breakfast recipe for the no sugar, no flour program known as Bright Line Eating, which has helped John and I to lose over 180 lbs! This recipe ...

hey guys it's John from that DIY couple

today we're gonna be preparing a bright line eating breakfast it's an oatmeal blend that we came up with ourselves and I'm gonna show you how to make it so for bright line eating in the morning you're able to eat one protein one grain and one fruit so we have all those three different ingredients here we're using a couple different types of proteins which I think makes the oatmeal a little bit more fun and interesting and for the grains we're using oats so we're making essentially an overnight oat recipe we're gonna soak the oats in all the ingredients here overnight and then in the morning we're going to add our fruits which are going to be an apple and a banana so in bright light eating it's really important to weigh and measure your food and we have here this great digital food scale this has been super super helpful and Bruntlett eating and if you are doing this journey I recommend definitely buying one the way the food scale works is the power button is also the zero button so right now it's reading zero because I don't have anything on it the weight of this jar is about ten ounces if I wanted to zero it

out I press the zero button the weight goes down to zero and then when I add an ingredients I can measure just by putting the ingredients right into the jar which is way easier than having to individually we measure every component and input it into a jar the very first part of our recipe is to use one ounce of oats so I've already zeroed out the scale and I'm going to pour in an ounce of oats perfect so for our protein for this recipe we're gonna be using a combination of almond milk walnuts and two different types of seeds and to make it a little bit more interesting we're going to be using all of these and different combinations Bradlee eating allows for eight ounces of almond milk but we're going to be cutting that in half for this recipe so using 4 fluid ounces of almond milk which I'm gonna pouring right now [Music] okay the next step is we're going to be putting in our nuts so as I said before we're using walnuts and we're gonna put in 1/2 ounce of walnuts so just to make it easier I'm going to be taking the wet mixture off right now and putting it to

the side and then just measuring everything that's dry in a bowl and then we're gonna combine that later so I'm zeroing out the scale again for the bowl and then I'm gonna put in as I said a half ounce of walnuts you can chop your walnuts you can use a food processor if you want but I think for oatmeal I kind of like the bigger chunks of walnuts so I'm just going to chop them not particularly finely [Music] think perfect I'm going to add these right into our wet mixture [Music] the next thing I'm going to do is add in our various seeds here these are going to be two more additions to a total protein that were able to have in the morning so I'm adding in ground flaxseed here and also emceed both ground flaxseed and hemp seeds are really great sources of omega-3 fatty acids and they're important if you're eating mostly a plant-based diet which as you guys might know we generally do you can definitely do bright line eating not eating a plant-based side if you'd like but what we do in our daily lives is the

plant-based mostly so vegan vegetarian and these are really great for getting fats that difficult to get from other types plant-based products so we're using a quarter ounce of each of this the flaxseed and the hemp seed we are dividing everything up so that we're getting one total serving of protein and the breakfast and my scale doesn't go to quarter ounces so really what I'm concerned about just getting half an ounce of these two together and approximately half-and-half proportion okay I'm gonna add this into our wet mixture here so now I'm going to add in a few more things for flavoring I'm adding in vanilla extract and I'm also going to be grinding up some cinnamon and using a little bit of nutmeg so we're gonna be putting in a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg and just an amount of cinnamon and I always sure how much just basically for flavoring one of the nice things is our bread line eating is that you can use condiments like nutmeg vanilla extract cinnamon and basically unregulated portions to give your food more flavoring and I find that's great this recipe reminds me of Christmas

because of the vanilla and the cinnamon and you can adjust to your sort of taste preferences I find this is a pretty good amount of vanilla because if I added more vanilla mr. kind of gets bitter so we're just gonna add in the cinnamon now oh I'm gonna be using ground cinnamon to flavor this I don't really know what amount I'm gonna put in it's just kind of an amount that I think is appropriate you can kind of adjust it to your own flavor profile but this is about how much I'm putting in just from experience that's put a little bit more so that's a pretty good amount and that's basically it I'm going to mix this stuff up and what we're gonna do now is I'm gonna make a second batch for Shannon we're gonna put both of these in the refrigerator overnight so that they soak what happens overnight it's the oats suck up all of the liquid and the nutrients and flavors get really soft and then in the morning we are going to add in our apple and our banana so I'm going to finish this up make the second serving for Shannon and then hey guys it's the morning we're gonna be eating our overnight oats we have allowed these to soak in the

refrigerator overnight I'm just going to stir them up a little bit [Music] we have put on our fruit serving right now we can each have one serving of fruit but what we decide to do is that we're going to just flip the apple and split the banana and put a little bit in each [Music] [Music] [Music] we're gonna warm this one up this is gonna be mine just because usually have it foam but I just want to try it warm and say okay [Music] [Music] this place a warm one Nicole done by the woman this is our old one thinking back to prefer cold yeah [Music] that's the wormwood [Music] I think I also prefer to call ya [Music] so we're going to enjoy our we're going to enjoy our overnight oats this morning and we will be back with another video about how we make other

Breitling eating foods thank guys [Music]