09 June 2019

Breakfast High Protein Smoothie VEGAN

My vegan high protein smoothie that I consume every morning. It is filling and helps me hit the macros needed to keep up with my bodybuilding regime and ...

what's up guys welcome back to honest

muscle in this video I just want to show quickly what I have a breakfast everyday and since going vegan pretty much this haven't changed it's exactly the same as I would have had before when I was consumed meat dairy whatever except from the only difference is I'm just going to take my protein powder to a vegan one so yeah it's actually really easy it's pretty much just your usual protein powder with oats and banana except I suppose the other change I made is I prefer to put it into a smoothie now rather than making it into a porridge and that's purely just because it's easier and it's quicker to consume and some reason I think it tastes nicer when it's properly blended together rather than in porridge so yeah that's just why do you know hopefully should be quite a quick video doesn't take very long to breakfast but it is a question I get asked a lot just because I'm a vegan for tea pot and not just because I'm vegan but being a vegan boiling over being vegan burger being a vegan bodybuilder people ask with a lot what's what food you're getting in to get your protein up quickly and I have done a video based on how to increase your calories but I do

mention smoothies and in that video I said yeah I'm gonna do it I'm pretty sure I said in that video I'm gonna do my breakfast smoothie for you on a video and just show you how I do it what goes into it but I never did it because took a year out and couldn't be bothered which ain't good so yeah I'm gonna show you how doesn't take long you can do it so first I'm just gonna show you obviously what goes into there I know I said it's just pretty much it's gonna be a protein powder on a banana that's base but yeah just gonna put your show you it's not much to come in here on this day right so you've got what we're stuck with this topic so they go we've got a cup of oats one normal siphon on I don't really won't like have a mass it won't because it just feels like just takes two bonhomie and yeah I just don't fancy it they've got some frozen fruit Tomica pressure this is have a very much whatever it is just some people from Sainsbury's but it's actually surprisingly nice and smoothie here we've got 350 miles of soy milk which is just quick easy protein so low just like Emery

bananas good I obviously want carbs and just like just the sugars that are in our just healthy thing give you a bit of energy quickly and as a potassium in it as well oh bit of carbs quite high in carbs good for also energy in the morning there's also quite a bit of protein in it as well all things considered which is obviously a beautiful bodybuilding and then you've got your vegan protein blends this could be any protein powder this is just the one I go for every time generally because it's good on cost I'm often not by proteins got deals on so I just generally stick to that and then we've got chia seeds and which is just for me to get my makeup reason whatever just to stay a bit healthy doing this more nutrition knowledge is absolutely so yeah I'm not gonna go into too much detail explaining the nutritional side of it too much I'm mostly considering just macronutrients because obviously you can body burn it is my thing I'm going just to try to stay as healthy as I can obviously but yeah generally what you'll see from Y Heat what are ye in general I don't think I'm lacking too

much I just cuz I don't know the nutrition side to everything doesn't mean I'm not healthy you know I mean yeah anyway that's all that's gonna go into this it's very easy so you know let's get on with it alright so it sounds funny but it does actually kind of matter what order you put things in I generally start with banana and the reason matters is because you're just find certain things just don't mix properly when they go in and turn order so if I put banana in last doing synapse I just feel like every certain things get stuck to the side I just gives you a headache which I blend it all and say yeah I try to stick with this order it seems to work the best for me yeah I start with banana there are chalky a my frozen fruits and you know the frozen creases not wearing them anymore I'm not being that anal I can't be bothered and I don't want bodybuilding to be at all I just want it to be just something I can get on with in the background like and not have to think too much about it and but yeah this is just to get the fancy art students yeah a bit there you go but yes and it kind of forcing them to eat some

fruits about the day cuz otherwise it just won't yeah I don't put like cuantos reason proven just to pay raise [Music] alright next I check on my cover votes download check here my chia seeds that excuse in my chia seeds are put about tbsp not massive one just like the know whenever I put these lesbian I samosa bill them but yeah gonna go about that much not overheat overly he pitched in a flat one it's not that that is that is still to me that's everything's gonna go in that bar the milk obviously you need milk in there anyway just won't buying property and you'll have a nightmare so you see it looking at that just like she'd give it a bit of a shake I didn't want anything like clumping around just you know I find after if I don't do that sometimes it doesn't mix pop there so I'll check the soy milk in sometimes like they see there that it's a bit full and it's struggling to get through this is what kind of doesn't matter which order you put things in this isn't this in the best example I have days or I just plop it straight and it works a lot of tiny strata but you

can't put your leading like that on my copper that they don't like that which is in the flow yeah does that we'll just take a nice yeah generally that's it looks a bit fun to be honest you probably shouldn't fill your blender in that much but I've been doing it for literally years and it seems that you're arrived just being careful to be honest ten sound after you it is this is grim I hate the sound of everyone there you have it just gonna come out looking like that yeah as you can see it was quite easy to do didn't take long at all really I mean it takes me on what I'm talking about it I bet you've got imagine it but not ok what I've got to show every single step and just fly through it done in like 2 minutes but yeah that's this is my typical protein breakfast smoothie now I'm not cutting I just had a quick think about it technically have shown you one at one point but it wasn't clearly wasn't a video just especially for my camera it wasn't a video especially for showing my vegan breakfast it was actually a video I'll show my contest Brett and it just helps you one of my meals but back then there was a site I probably had about

two scoops of protein powder in there and everything was about bringing the co-op's down and keeping the protein out but now I'm on the character first you really don't need to be consuming that much protein you'll you'll carry yourself well anyway you don't need to be doing that gram of protein per pound of bodyweight borscht there if I want to add even all my macros are up they went like I just sort of been sticking to a diet I might put it into the cup layer again and do it again be interested to see exactly how much I'm on but yeah I've gotten quite a lot of weight this year I'm not the heaviest I'd been I'm not that heavy I'm considering my height I'm talking about 61 I think maybe 62 but I haven't done my height in you see but I don't know I'm Wade at my heaviest I got to 95 kilos bearing the might at a time I probably could have had a dump and lost 2 kilo you never know but yeah my heaviest that's why I was and I was pretty fat I'm still fat now I'd seen now I'm probably about 90 to 90 and a half but yeah yeah hope you liked the video and not much else to say on the topic to be honest but yeah that'd be more so for

this to come and probably go through another meal prep to show what my best meals are well somebody got in before I was using I was having a lot of Simon's and I've kind of gone off that I'm more for the house side I just like it's just not very happy I never feel that great ladies love that so I went back to sort out the more legumes and like that's what she but yes thanks watching and a few more to clear my tent I promise and yeah subscribe like comment or crap and yeah go vegan