03 March 2016

BPI Sports Nutrition Review & Taste Test | PREWORKOUT | BCAAs | WHEY PROTEIN

BPI Sports Nutrition Review & Taste Test | PREWORKOUT | BCAAs | WHEY PROTEIN BPI Sports was kind enough to send me samples of three of their products ...

what's up you guys I have a pretty cool

video for you today BPI sports nutrition sent me three different supplements to try and as you can see they're all sealed I haven't opened any woo and opened any of them yet so what I'm going to do is open them mix them up and try them on camera for you like in real time so you get my actual reaction what I have going on down here is three clear glasses with eight ounces of water because all of the supplements need to be mixed into eight ounces of water and I was going to do a shaker bottle but I wanted to show how they stir into water and see like if they clump or whatever so yeah we're going to start first with their BCAAs this is the fruit punch flavor it's claims it's delicious for muscle recovery muscle protein synthesis lean muscle it has a CLA matrix and then this is five grams of BCAAs one pouch has no calories so that's great it does have food coloring sucralose and there's some like fiber blend cellulose gum xantham gum carrageenan those are just thickeners but other than that there's not really any weird ingredients the only thing I don't like in here is that there is red food

coloring but that's pretty standard when you get supplements from a company so it's nothing like alarming but we are going to try this guys out it says to mix into eight ounces of ice-cold water and this came right from my fridge they stir it into water really nicely I use unflavored BCAAs right now and they tend to float on top a whole bunch and I'm not getting that from product as much which I appreciate so come on give it a try I usually hate fruit punch but this one's pretty good it's really really sweet I follow the instructions and did exactly eight ounces of water but I would probably dilute it a little bit more in like 12 ounces of water but they taste great so I could totally see myself jerky knees during a workout I usually do drink BCAAs during my workout but they're typically unflavored or I put them in my pre-workout but I'm a very easy person to please so the flavor it's a little extra I don't like to take in a bunch of sucralose so I would definitely limit those like I wouldn't drink them all day long but they taste good so if you're looking for a treat

maybe you're cutting and you like have a sweet tooth and you want that fix that could be good for that moving on to the vortex pre-training powder so this claims that you may experience increased strength unstoppable energy and enhanced performance so it is claiming some big this is some big things I don't know I am gonna go work out after this but right now it's kind of a taste and mix test so we'll see what it actually does for me again pretty standard pre-workout ingredients but there is the super lows and there's blue food coloring and this one this is the flavor snowcone so like I said that's pretty standard I prefer to avoid those things but once in a while it's not gonna kill you it smells so good has a little scooper in here we're gonna do one standard scoop into eight ounces of water and you can just see it's Lent right and it is clumping a little bit but I think if I stir it up pretty well it should be okay see okay so this guy clumped more than the BCAAs so I definitely recommend using a shaker bottle for the pre-workout it smells so good it smells like like blue razz suckers or something I don't know it's

like a really reminiscent smell to me okay so it's not my thing super well with just a spoon so I definitely would recommend using a shaker you can see like all the sediment on top oh my gosh is so good it does taste just like a blue snow cone I'm getting a little bit of the grit just because I mix it with a spoon but this taste bomb so what I would do with this is probably just toss it in my gym bag and I'll use it when I'm not home and can't make my own pre-workout because it tastes amazing but yeah this is again the snow cone vortex pre-workout tastes really good I definitely would mix it in a shaker bottle but so far I like it this is basically like a mixing and taste test only not a performance test so please keep that in mind last but not least we have their way HD ultra premium whey protein powder the macros are pretty standard for a protein powder 150 calories 3 grams of fat 4 grams of carbs 25 protein again we have the sucralose but there's no coloring in here so I like that this is a vanilla caramel flavor we're going to open this guy up and give it a try it says to mix with 5

to 6 ounces of water so let me drink a couple of these it should be about 5 ounces immediately after a workout or strenuous activity but we're going to be crazy and do it pre-workout so smells like vanilla whey shocking okay there's like a giant scooper in here in this little container which is complicated what is this a container for ants okay let's see I'm making a mess because of the packaging I did manage to get 95% of the scoop into the cup and only about 5% on the table but this mixes in water with a spoon really well like really really well it's very thick very thick together it's really sweet it's really creamy I should have went with eight ounces of water but mmm it's bomb I'm really used to weight isolate which doesn't have that like creaminess to it at all so this is good stuff all right guys thank you to BPI for sending me these supplement samples they all taste really really good if you're looking for some delicious supplements maybe you should go check this line out yeah that's gonna wrap up this little taste test I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please give it a thumbs up and I'll see

you in the next one bye