09 June 2019

Body Shop Vitamin E Sleeping Mask

My last video. I am reviewing the Body Shop Vitamin E Sleeping Mask. This feels really nice on the skin and goes on nice as well. The idea of the mask is to ...

hi Hill its Sara again from the s review

and I'm here to talk about another body shop product which I've been asked to review and you can get all these products with a lady called Jade Brooke and body shop representative and the product I'm no review now is another mask it's the vitamin E thinking moisturizer sleeping mask this is slightly different to the one that Sam I tried earlier because it's not a wash on wash off mask it's a mask which you put on before you go to bed and then in the morning you wipe off with you no more morning routine of washing and then you apply the vitamin E moisturizer in the morning so I'm gonna do is I'm just going to apply this give you a description of how it goes on and from there and this I believe is 11 pound but I will check it in a second when I am go on my tablet and have a look cuz I put all the prices down on that and Oh seems to go on quite nicely it's going on quite soft it's got a bit of a weird taste smell to it and I can't smell as some people knew and but I taste smell and this has got like a a weird smell but it's not an unpleasant smell it's a nice smell and [Music]

that is sorry bear with look so much looking my third to do this rather than in a mirror so that's applied evenly on my face and I do apologize because you can hear my two children fight in the background as you can see that's a mask applied evenly on my face and and what you do you just sleep in that mask and it's supposed to hydrate while you sleep and make you look younger and more refreshed so in the morning I will check back in once I do my morning washer routine and I'll apply the vitamin E moisturizer but we'll just confirm the price for this bit mini moisturizing thinking mask for you it's bear with me one second and technology these days alright so the moisturizer is 19 pound 400 mil and 50 ml is 13 pound this one is at 50 mil don't know if you can quite make that out on the video mmm the moisturizer and the sleeping mask is a hundred mil and that is 11 pound and you're gonna need a bit on and it doesn't dry sticky dries nice and soft it doesn't feel like your face is being pulled back like the clay mask did its how how to describe it it's nice it's not greasy it's not sticky it's

really smooth really soft something that you could sleep and it's not gonna distract me sleep and at all so yeah recommending this sofa I will check back in the morning once I've woken up had a wash and applied the moisturizer thank you everybody and like I say all criticisms and comments are welcome of any kind and any feedback you can check me out on the S review on Instagram and please subscribe to my youtube channel as well thank you bye