14 August 2018

BLT Quinoa Cups Healthy Recipe (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) Kaufmann Diet

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hi my name is Abby and today on know the cost I'm going to teach you how to make cute tiny adorable little BLT kin walk cups he's a great for an appetizer if you're going to a party you want to make something ahead of time they're great for little snacking if you want to make it ahead time and eat it for breakfast it's also a really good option it's just basic ingredients we're gonna mix together and put in the oven so we're gonna start with a first thing is kin one I've already precooked this so it's already done I went ahead and cooked it in chicken broth and we have the full recipe for cooking quinoa and chicken broth and everything on our website know the cost com2 so you can go there and take a look and see how I did it I'm just going to add this to our Bowl next we're going to add some chopped tomato it's about a medium-sized pool chopped tomato then we're gonna add around half a cup of bacon this took me about four strips depending on the size of bacon that you get or where you get it from it could take more or less but it's a browned half a cup pre cook chopped ready to go in now we're gonna add some eggs

it calls for three no calls for two whole eggs then three egg whites so we're go ahead and crack that in [Music] [Music] and now we're gonna have this to save our egg yolks for a different recipe do your best that's getting a shell in there [Music] all right now we're gonna set this aside for later this I'm gonna rinse my hands off real quick and I'll be right back okay hands are all clean I'm gonna make sure you go ahead and wash your hands in between using any kind of raw meat or anything like that so you don't get anything contaminated okay next what do we have we've got organic frozen chopped spinach this comes in a little package you're gonna need to defrost it and squeeze all the juice out but it comes out to about a full cup of chopped spinach and you also want to go ahead and break it up a little bit it makes it easier to stir it add that in yeah our last ingredients we're gonna be using cheese this is a nice hard cheddar cheese we're gonna add this this is

about a cup and the reason we're using cheddar cheese is because it's naturally lactose free so you don't have to worry about having any kind of reactions or the sugar from the lactose or anything like that and we're also adding Parmesan cheese and one trick that I like to do for me and it's a good thing to know is that I like to buy a block of cheese and grate it myself because sometimes when you buy prepackaged shredded cheese they'll add fillers to it to make sure it doesn't stick together so sometimes it can be like a wheat or something like that so you want to getting a block of cheese is guarantee that there's not gonna be anything other than just cheese okay the last thing is going to add one stalk of green onion we're going to chop that up and go ahead and put the onions in huh okay all right now I get a nice big bowl and we're gonna add salt and pepper to taste a little bit of salt and using coarse sea salt and this is fresh ground black pepper and now we're just going to go and mix it up [Music]

all right that's ready yeah I've got little muffin tins and went ahead and put muffin liners in them you can use muffin liners if you want you don't have any you can just go ahead and grease the pan however with whatever preferred oil you want you can use butter use little bit olive oil will spray whatever you have just to keep it from sticking to the actual pan and then we're just gonna spoon a few of these okay I've got six mate here just set this aside and make the rest later and we're gonna put this in the oven for 350 for around 15 to 17 minutes just as long as basically until they get a nice kind of crunchy golden brown on top okay my kin wat bites are out of the oven I've let them cool for a little bit so they're not super hot but they're still warm and I'm gonna go ahead and take a bite out of you take them out go ahead and put them on a plate [Music] so yeah here we have nice tiny little bite-sized quinoa BLT bites look at all that spin it they're really good they have a lot of flavor you really get the little bits of flavor like the bacon and tomato and the cheese and a little

spinach everything they're really good they're great for parties they're great for a little snacks again you can get this all on Nova cause calm everything in this doesn't feed fungus so everything is really good it's all coughing one and they're really easy to make they're really easy to have just hang around the house if you just need a quick little bites and stuff like that so yeah go ahead and mix um let me know how you like them [Music]