19 March 2019

Black Drawing Salve Recipe | HOW TO MAKE TALLOW DRAWING SALVE | Bumblebee Apothecary

BLACK DRAWING SALVE RECIPE | HOW TO MAKE TALLOW DRAWING SALVE // This is something you'll definitely want to have in your home first aid kit!

hi everyone its Marissa from the blog

bumblebee Apothecary calm welcome back to my channel today I would like to show you how to make a black drawing salve [Music] so if you're unfamiliar with black drawings abs let me talk for a second about what they're used for I have another video which I'll link below where I go over how to make an herbal healing salve and now one is great for more surface injuries and even bruising and things like that but scratches bug bites scrapes shallow cuts things like that or you just want the wounds to heal quickly and you're not worried about like a splinter or dirt or something down deep in the wound and it's not a terribly deep ooh the drawing salve comes in handy if you have a splinter stuck in your skin that you'd like to pull out that you can't just easily grab those tweezers and get it out or if you have dirt or something else that you just want to get out of a wound it's also really great for things like stings from wasps or even bees it can help draw the venom out of there and help that feel better and heal more quickly it's also great for infections if you have a boil or a wound that's gotten infected

that's deeper down it'll draw that up to the surface so that it can heal for those types of wounds all those ones that I just mentioned they have deeper infections and dirt and things like that you would not want to use something like the healing salve so much because what that would do is probably heal the top layer of the skin and just seal the dirt or a splinter or infection down underneath so that's not good you want something like this little draw up to the surface that it can come out and heal so this one is made with a base of towel I love tallow for its many different skin benefits and I love that in a salve like this it's not just acting as a base like olive oil and beeswax for example to just hold the other beneficial ingredients but it has its own antimicrobial antibacterial and skin healing properties the other things that go into the salve are activated charcoal which is really powerful for drying out and infections and things like that there's bentonite clay which is also very cleansing and drawing there's also a little bit of lavender and tea tree essential oils just to help with calming

and healing and infection hiding let's jump in and I'm going to show you how to make this so the first thing that I'm going to do is to melt my tallow because I need to have it liquid in order to be able to measure it exactly so I'm making kind of a double boiler by taking a pan putting a cloth in the bottom and then putting the jar with my cold solid tallow inside and I'm going to put it on the stove on about medium heat once the tallow is melted I can measure that and get exactly the amount that I need I'm going to put that into another glass jar and to that melted tallow I'm going to add a little bit of beeswax after I have the beeswax added I'm going to put it back into the double boiler I'm gonna start over with cold water this time just so that I don't shock the jar by putting a cold jar into hot water and then I'm going to heat that gently until the beeswax is melted once that is melted completely I'm going to add my activated charcoal and my bentonite clay and I'm just going to mix thoroughly and get those things fully incorporated into the tallow beeswax mixture after those are very well mixed in I'm going to add my essential oils of lavender and tea

tree and mix those in well I'm using a wooden bamboo skewer to mix I like those for mixing beeswax into things I just like the way that they work and I like that they're wood so that you're not putting anything toxic or reactive into whatever you're making so I'm adding the drops of essential oils next and then I'm just going to mix those and well once that's very well combined I'm going to pour this very nice black talking mixture into my tens I'm using 1 ounce tins I really like that size for SAVs it's a really nice convenient size to just bring along or to just have at home ready to use it so I'm gonna carefully pour that in there [Music] and once the tins are all full I'm going to let that solidify you can let it solidify in the refrigerator to speed it up I like doing that so that everything can solidify quickly so here they are right before they go into the refrigerator and here it is once it's out of the refrigerator all solidified and ready to use all right I hope that you found that interesting and I hope that you try it and if you do let me know what you think and let me know how

yours turned out I'm also going to link all of my ingredients that I use in the description box below so that you can find those if you'd like to make it yourself and I'm also going to include a link to my blog below where you can find the full written recipe all the directions and the measurements if you would rather pick up a pre-made version of one of these I have a shop where I sell them and I'll put a link to that below also check the description box below to a link to where you can grab this free ebook that includes five of my most popular DIY organic skin care recipes if you like this video give it a thumbs up share it with your friends if you're new to my channel please hit the subscribe button I make new videos every week on living a sustainable handcrafted lifestyle thanks so much for watching bye [Music]