23 March 2019

Biblical truths and modern style of hypnosis

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the Yellow Pages huh do they still do

yellow pages no online yellow pages then they end they end up in the trash can anyway so so I would put I'd put an ad in the hypnosis segment in the yellow pages and of course when they come in I will say I use modern-day hypnosis which means when you say go you have a happy memory and they go think of a happy memory and I say now and open your eyes did you just feel like you were there and they said yes I said that's modern-day hypnosis so then and I say well think of a bad memory and they go think about a bad memory and they feel bad I said that's modern-day hypnosis it's the type of hypnosis that you're always in control I mean who would not want that one now is it really hypnosis well you have to understand you know stories is is hypnotic so when Jesus was tearing parables he was telling hypnotic stories there were metaphoric expressions giving a metaphoric meaning so language is hypnotic when your wife is talking to you when your boyfriend is talking to you when when your parents are you're watching TV you're going into hypnotic states what you want to do is be in control of your hypnotic States that means you don't want anybody

control you you want full control and you don't want your past bad experiences to control you today so what you want to do is go D hypnotize yourself by going changing the bad memories and you have control and of course you know if you're a Christian you know you know the fruits of the spirit is love joy kindness temperance and self-control so be in control of yourself now right and then you don't have to believe in the Bible to be true it just makes good sense you know so be in control of the self and by the way since if you go to if you keep re watching bad memories inside your head you're also hypnotizing yourself to have more bad memories and then the more you practice the bad memory so the bad experiences from your childhood you're gonna give that to your children and you'll give it to total strangers so you've got to make sure you rewrite the stories in your head and that's what we're doing we're giving you control over your life you know when he said forgive seven times seventy and forgiveness is about yourself you're doing it to yourself within yourself you know with the work that

we're doing is you that we learned before is ultimate forgiveness ultimate forgiveness what is ultimate forgiveness well the old forgiveness says I forgive you for what you did I forgive you for what you did I forgive you for what you did I forgive you for what you did but yet this is lip service because if you're still holding the memories of what they did inside you you're still drinking the poison it is your poison that's contaminating you and it's your poison that's hurting you and hurting other people because what you do inside you're gonna do outside ultimate forgiveness is going inside yourself change the unpleasant memories turn it into what you want and then you're gonna get what you want what you hold so you know if your eyes are like your body's light if your eyes are dark your body's dark are great the darkness is so change the memories inside your head if your eyes cause you to stumble pluck it out he's not talking about eyeballs because you'd be blind to be thinking bad stuff so he says take out change the unpleasant memories turn them into positive that's forgiveness and it's self forgiveness because who's doing it

to the south you all right this is not Sunday though still good now by the way I use these as reference points these are logical sense a matter of fact I think I think it's Buddha or somebody said those those of you who hold the hot coals of anger get burnt those of you who hold unforgiveness is tormented those of you who hold whatever you hold you're doing it to yourself just pay attention now when you think of me when you think of them you think of your childhood your father your mother who's doing it you are stop it unless it's good right anyway I'm off of the soapbox [Music]