10 June 2019

BEST VITAMIN C CREAM ||St.Botanica Vitamin C E& Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Night Cream Review

Hello everyone.. In this video I have reviewed the ST. BOTANICA Vitamin C night brightening cream....I hope this video is helpful for you guyz…please comment ...

hey everyone welcome back to my channel

or a graffiti temple a more than welcome my name is Monisha so Atticus your video when you're writing in a year or nobody here could review video so a tomato you can devalue evil after that which is a vitamin C cream from the pram sent Botanica so I've been using this from already of month so as mascara mukha anybody who all detailed me up waste product you body me but anybody who so before we start the video don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and also hit that like button the chili video start getting here so the first thing I'm going to talk about is the packaging the evil eyes reproductive else packaging my other head this is the scent Botanica vitamin c e+ hyaluronic acid brightening 1938 night cream have dixit o all year as a packaging my other so you happier who peach it is sorry did you have HIV like like Buderus though is kurdish I fly very happily how things are coming up camellia lick in Agoura peace Kuwait but open Carlo gives capitalist co-chairman that he use her powers okay alright

and it's comprised 11 hundred and ninety-nine rupees or aqua product mill jatai 50 grams of product so hehe the acceptable Anson Botanica I think packaging as I gotta relax Ivanka be packaging Isetta our room many serum Neha because I'm not a serum person actually to man generally creams II prefer Gotti whose other so easily my name is so Jackie would you vitamin C like tri-cornered hockey casaya so history - which is shallow creamy say he start cartel or they take a side so yeah that's why I bought this one so undercut your packaging here sis could they accept you and it quite luxurious I have to say I love the packaging the excel Packaging my body beautiful and attractive packaging hands absolutely man not practicing I really like this packaging I didn't expect many bill who saw China as a package annihilating both the coffee it's a beautiful packaging here so yeah or undertow medica did you go up go so this is the product of a 15 minute product vinegar or of the exacting hair light orangish color mates or it's got a citrusy perfume hand jokey cream cup like a whiskey bottle as a diet after

two to three minutes it goes away absolutely so many spirit caller Kieth ah almost 26 that will go I think night SME you are produc jewelry Co author or is Ishmael Posada respond to name illegal again can become in a copy discountenance at the table checkout cursor to go Joby hello maybe up key Assad a shame to miss the texture by me so this concert texture here whoa caffeine lightweights ahead creamy texture movie satellite riveted and a small amount goes a long way here but it's so beautiful and who does amount about these other like whose otherwise you can see it's so creamy all aku has any you both these are destitute texture devotees other cream ISA and eek talk too much I think for thinking about ahead let's see the texture is very creamy and but the extra creamy Aquino Quezada you know nobody near like both of the way that's cuchini eyes and the humanity ala nadya body lightweight science yeah and it's gonna smell like a freezer a blogger who coffee strong loves advocacy physical perfumes will cool a teeny little coffee strong looks Italian after one or two minute in them salad attire is scheduled failure in

sandwich eligible so here are the acceptable and some vitamin C cuban-american bath carry two vitamin C actually after skin who bright kurta or are kiss can can the pigmentation her marks a pimple marks without the because GPS to us who usually reduce can mi help attack skin co healthy ductile so yeah that's actually all the benefits of vitamin C as a cuchini Yankee miracle Haj Agha Arab scholar okay a big the mods are the Warriors yoga no not that equally up juice Khimki that I would scoop you know like seem that I you know other skin color can be dark a polite hair to school tea kurta that's actually all it and it nourishes your skin and it good for your skin up for a beanie pata szeliga after her like thirty and thirty one who skip other Papa the silica like this is actually good and opening up a Helios coke like here to uptake a chunky so yeah that's actually it samantha is product combined particle to I've been using this for a month and I really like this vitamin C cream actually and I'm not a serum person or many is a team vitamin C you scanning about the fiscal Authority glucose at I if the people we

have sat there and all of that stuff so I was really careful while using it I suppose new Yankee vitamin C up Cali up and jump vitamin C u squared okay if I see you stir always use knocker no not that it's happening and up national like normal skincare routine has Casati edges use care sector ooh but I suggest don't use it with salicylic acid and all of that stuff because my German see reaction Katya was subreddits kisseth it's a hyaluronic acid kiss ah disco use curse acting go vitamin E keys are you scary to walk straight we do like good with those this - so or Iskander we are providing me e and hyaluronic acid male chat which is really great give you a collapse of which you as a use can any he / - - we use ket after at me like maybe face coach is in Washington Ichabod toner use can make you bad my school you scared et sorry I've been using this for a month and I have to tell you guys its name a chunkier because mealy skin the more sorry you know pimple Moxie I met okay Little Miss King Kuber bachata sympathy feel bad Michele again Andrew per month

become okay licking mutti mutti poo right the marks in each theater so yeah I think it did walked well and major skinny water other palaces are that were some brighter be musulega like it was blowing not camisa faith okay a solution is leaking it was it made my skin a bit Puri which I really light on musica facade ah Archuleta and I think a key Manawatu voce potala greatly works actually to my school all to rosada time you or dignity ich will W think about how the results are but it may take him back many emilich do research using malevsky basis from the bowls activity it's a really good team a good I personally use canasatego through you can definitely go for this one or eat cream others you I think fish shop name so fish of me body shop may be hair vitamin C cream and it was really expensive like night and 1900 or something and I think it was a really good one like in the price point Kilis observer uptake though it's 1200 rupees to wrestle calm pricey and it's really good the packaging is also absolutely beautiful it works really

nice to musa coffees are the surrogates oh yeah that's actually all about it direction having me updates the acceptable or any coffee creamy or I think he invalid product yeah who bored in general I had 50 gram of product because a small amount goes a long way with this product I actually like this product man and like a bee he do solid products you scared at me you a la creme and days me you know the hydraulic acid one I really lighting this one as well so agar up by the power vitamin C EU scarring and or a famous cannot chart ago but serum name is Canada Theo then you can definitely go for this cream more these are the China like you are if you are not a serum so let me so you can definitely go for this product this is a really nice product either up or all these other details Mei Chen Yi it's it's like it's divided among all these other details means an entire case use canakya karna then op Nisha common cursor to I love to do that so yeah that's all about this video so I listen you guys in my next one so till then bye take care love you you