16 October 2017

Best Tips for Healthy Eating

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hello everyone how is everyone doing today this is Pamela Pedrick coming to

you live from Ocala Florida if you're not familiar with me I am a health and wellness coach registered nurse and nutrition consultants for weight loss what's up Facebook now if you're new to me never seen me before drop a one in the comment section and if you're watching the replay please do the same as I do check back on my comments and don't forget if you are ever watching me as going live and share my broadcast there's that share button down there there normally towards the left share the video as I'm going live and then write in the comment section the word shared and I will give you a shout out during my broadcast so in today's video I'm going to be sharing with you some best tips for healthy eating all right drop a 2 in the comment section if you had a fabulous fourth of July weekend I mean goodness it was on a Tuesday so people were kind of celebrating all week long right I would drop a 2 as well I had a fabulous 4th of July weekend so now time to get back to it may be you over indulged a little bit hey we're human it happens at times so today I'm gonna give you my best tips for healthy eating and if you find value in this think it might benefit someone else as well don't forget there's that share button all right so first tip for best tips for healthy eating you have to look at your food and the source of your food where did your food come from for instance for your beef for your chicken that includes the eggs and your dairy what you want to make sure of is the best source of those types of foods the best for our overall health and nutrition is those that come from for your cows you want them to be grass-fed cows no antibiotics no hormones in the dairy or in the beef that you eat for your chickens you want them to be more of a free-range chicken also no antibiotics okay and no hormones as well cuz that's will be best for your overall health now there's a difference between cage free for your chicken and free-range for your chicken cage free just means that they literally were not put in a cage but they can still be in small places small confined places and having that you know adrenaline going on their stress which increases the cortisol levels so you want more of something

that is a free range because then they're actually out roaming in the free range same thing with your cows you want them to be free range as well those are the best sources of your meat and your poultry now for your fish if you love salmon I drop a 3 in the comment section if you love yourself some salmon I love salmon the best source of salmon is wild caught salmon once again because they are eating what is naturally in their environment and it's going to be the best source for us as well all right so you look at your sources and then with your your dairy your also a lot of people are putting protein powder in their smoothies now adays or they're putting protein powder in their pancakes just to boost their protein which is great but you also want your whey protein to be from grass-fed cows as well no antibiotics and no harmones okay number two you want your sources of food you want what you're eating to not be filled with added junk and added fillers okay one of them being artificial sweeteners nothing from the pink pack nothing from the blue pack nothing from the yellow packet okay now if it has stevia and it stevia is a great zero calorie sweetener it is all natural so stevia is great okay if it has stevia in it go for it okay it's great zero calorie sweetener it's all-natural but none of the other stuff okay another thing you want to make sure that's not added into it and I'm gonna spend a little more time on this is MSG also called mono sodium glutamate now what I want you to do is Google MSG names and you'll see a whole bunch of names that MSG goes under as well so if you're looking in your ingredient label it might not necessarily say MSG and MSG is used to flavor Chinese food it's used in our canned vegetables it's used in our processed meats and it's also yes in our frozen health foods my goodness so we gotta watch out even with our frozen health foods that MSG is in it now why we need to watch msg what happens with msg msg can cause migraines in people and can cause headaches and if you're a migraine sufferer you might have already made that connection for you so you look at and you try to stay away from it but google msg because it's actually under different needs okay I'm a migraine

sufferer add to watch what is in my ingredients so I have to know all the names the MSG goes by another thing you want that MSG can do is it can affect your overall brain health it can increase your cholesterol levels it can cause hypertension and it can also obesity it's is linked to obesity now MSG is in a lot a lot of products now the only time you actually see MSG in your ingredient is and the FDA regulated this if it's only 99 percent pure MSG so for instance if it's only 90 percent pure MSG it will not have the name msg it'll have one of the other names that MSG goes by which is kind of odd right so we got to be your own health advocate and you got to watch out for this I take a sip of water here my new water bottle which I showed you on the broadcast the other day so awesome 48 ounces of water alright so msg like I say Google's msg names you'll see all the names that msg goes by it can cause health issues and it's in so many products so you got to watch out what is in your ingredients labels okay now another thing another name that MSG goes by we're going to focus on this as well is whey protein isolate likeI said a lot of people are using the whey protein powders put in their smoothies and then adding it to maybe your pancakes and you can add it to a lot of baked goods as well to supplement your intake of protein which is great if you're trying to increase your intake of protein right however whey protein isolate is a derivative of guess what msg right because it's been denatured that proteins been denatured so if you have canisters of whey protein in your house I suggest you look on the ingredient label and find out if it's whey protein isolate if it is you might want to reconsider consuming that into your your smoothies or your food now what type of whey protein is better for you that doesn't have an MSG derivative that is what's called whey protein concentrate once again whey protein is spelled W-H-E-Y is a type of protein which is research shows to be the absolute best source of protein that it's easy to ingest especially in powder form that we can increase your protein intake now whey protein concentrate is the best source of whey protein it is not an MSG derivative okay so that might be

something new for you that you've not heard before I know it was new to me when I was doing my health and wellness journey you know a couple years ago when I started where it's like okay you got to watch for all you names of MSG they never make it easy for you to do it right like okay now we got to look at all these names for msg and guess what it's whey protein isolate and now we got to look at our protein powders that we use right so once again the best source is whey protein concentrate all right now anoher thing you go watch out for is gotta look at my notes pesticides okay pesticides our fruits and our vegetables now if you have a local farmer a lot of times they use pesticides as well so you just got be careful Organic is always best however I'm always one for being you know real about things real about life a lot of time that's just not an option right you know whether it be the expense or maybe you just don't have access to good organic fruits and vegetables and pesticides once again chemicals and toxins we have to be careful of what we are consuming because it does affect our over all health and even our weight loss right so one thing that you can do and your it's going to be a little backwards because of the Facebook live just get yourself a good vegetable wash this is actually called a veggie wash I got it off of Amazon and the ingredients in here are all-natural like for instance there's rosemary leaf there's orange peel oil sunflower seed oil citrus oil and what this does is it cleans off the soil and the chemicals off of your fruits and vegetables you can get this it's usually in the produce aisles of your local grocery stores so if you can't get organic which is fine right you can always get your regular fruits and vegetables and wash it with a good veggie wash follow instructions because each one's a little different okay and that will take off the soil and the chemicals that we don't want to ingest off of those because regular water will not take off the chemicals a lot of the fruits especially apples when they're individual actually have wax on them why do apples have wax on them it's so they look nice and shiny in the grocery store so we're more apt to buy that nice shiny Apple right so it'll even take off the

wax off for your apple peel our alright so I hope you found value in this if so please share our tag someone in the comment section below down there there's that share button as well and don't forget you can always go to my website at pamelapedrick.net for more information on how to lose weight look great and live a healthy lifestyle plus I always have free weight loss guides for you to download so once again to your health have a great night and just watch out the source of your protein and what is added in your foods as well to your health