24 November 2015

Best Tea for Weight Loss | Healthy Body Matcha

http://www.healthybodymatcha.com use coupon code “PrettyKeli” Everyone knows the best green tea for weight loss is matcha green tea. Here is some ...

you already know what is the best green

seed for weight loss matcha green-tea right but a lot of you do not know where to get it from you've been asking me where do I get my green tea what about you green seeds you use so I wanted to share it with you it is healthy body matcha ladies and guess what it actually tastes good if you like to taste the tea you are going to love this it also has a detox tea with it as well and it doesn't taste like the typical detox tea and y'all know when you talk to connoisseur so let's get it to it you ready they looking at your body well if you ever tried matcha green tea you know it could be very difficult to mix it and get the consistency and the taste that you want this bottle makes it incredibly easy you literally screw up the tops go off the bottom you're gonna take the little strainer thing out you're gonna add one scoop if you want to use one teaspoon of the matcha green tea you're gonna add it into the bottom twist it on really tight shake it up and you'll have your matcha green tea we're gonna move on to more info about this but if you like that little tippy so that was cool and fun click the like button okay and subscribe

now let's go into the next tip the bottle that I'm absolutely in love with here it is and you can take it with you anywhere I put it in my car to test it out and make sure it fit in my cup holder and it does fit in my cup holder which is very important because I'm gonna take it on the go I want to use it before I go to the gym before I go out running etc this this is called daytime tea for a reason the reason is y'all know I struggle with energy issues not have enough interviewed cetera okay you drink this you're gonna have a sick amount of energy I made the mistake of drinking this one time at night time when I tell you I was flying off the handle and whatnot it wasn't flying up the handle like example when you drink redbull it was a natural energy feeling right so from the very first day I felt like okay yeah no you know it's there's the opener ten minutes to get things like that's how I felt but not in an unnatural way as to how you feel with listening Red Bull and something like that this is an awesome replacement for coffee I know I've use a lot of you in

the morning you feel like you have to have coffee in order to just function you need the function you worried about energy this is the mood this is what you want to go with okay it's amazing and you don't have to use so much of it the problem with a lot of these products is they give you this much and then they say okay you're gonna need a scoop and then my time you start really supinator really getting into drinking and really started loving it you have to keep buying it and so your pockets are hurting your practice won't be hurt you don't have to use much and you can get the right consistency the right amount everything tastes amazing and you're good you don't want to drink this two times a day though okay I am suggesting you drink this early in the morning and kind of early afternoon because if you drink it close to nighttime you are going to be up don't do that to yourself the nighttime tea is consumed every second night before bed please don't forget that don't drink it every single night I think you're gonna push the results by messing do it the way I'm telling you okay use coupon code ready

Kelly and if you purchase a 14-day or a 28-day matcha cleanse you will get the bottle for free now the butter is $30 by itself you can buy this if you want to without the bottle but me personally you need the bottle the bottle brings the magic together so if you want to be able to do that you're gonna want to make sure that you use coupon code pretty Kelly so that should get the bottle for free unless you really feel like paying $30 for then you know we're good I really didn't like it I really do and now I drink it every single day every morning at least twice a day and I make sure I have my whole thing full only thing I make sure I do keep a little bit of space so we're not gonna shake it up real good it all blends well and I started adding a little but more because I really like it like dark and really really tasty but yeah I'll take it in front of guy so you can see it's good so cool yeah it just really tastes like tea to be honest with you guys so if you like to taste the tea you're gonna love this okay I love you all so much comment below let me know have you ever tried

matcha green tea and are you interested in trying healthy body in my chair okay I love you so much