25 June 2016

BEST SUMMER EVER! Hacks, Healthy food & drinks, Fun Ideas + Things to do!

How to have the best summer ever, Teen edition! Thank you so much for watching! Get this video to 4000 thumbs of in 24 hours! What backpack did I bring to the ...

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dance nobody wanna so today is a beautiful day and the reason it's a beautiful day is because it is summer yes finally I could say it it's summer we have our summer holiday right now today so that's super exciting hope you guys are having a beautiful and awesome summer holiday as well if you're not having summer holiday yet then say strong during your exams cuz you need that and maybe this video gets you look extra excited about summer if you're like me somewhere is your favorite season and that's one reason to get this video a big fat thumbs up and then other reason it would be that it would be really really cool if we could get this video to 4,000 thumbs up in 24 hours those hand jesters though no but legit though that would be amazing and also if you're new to my channel and if you haven't ever seen me before or you haven't really subscribed yet you should totally do that by clicking the little button right down there and I did so many teasers for this video on Instagram and Twitter my name is Mason Lee official on both those two without further ado let's get started in the summertime it's extremely

important to stay hydrated so what I do is drink lemon water or a lime water it's basically just water infused with lemons and limes and it tastes a lot better than just working our water for my opinion so what you want to do is just basically cut some lemons and limes into pieces and just place them in the mug and fill it up with water then it can either just place it in your fridge or put some ice cubes in it let it sit for approximately an hour and then you're done did you know infused water boosts your metabolism makes me happier and also tastes a lot better than weird in their water so you Tilda try this out these questions I had a you enjoy pressing the road and the music truth is I'm ELISA I'm always down so a little tip is to drink lemon water in the morning because it improves your metabolism bounces your pH values and stimulates your immune system ask masu it's another great way I have to stay hydrated is to make some watermelon ice cream so today I'm making watermelon ice cream using watermelon and some lime or lemons you could use eaten if you want to so just cut some watermelon pieces squeeze in some lemon or some lime you

decide and just mix that all up in a blender and then a pro tip that I should have used when I made this remove the seeds because you will have seed pieces in your ice cream anyways after that you to want to fill up your ice cream or lolly containers with them make sure that we just made and I'm also making some strawberry ice cream I guess just by cutting up some strawberry pieces and then filling it up with sand for shoes and I just want to fill that into the ice cream or lolly containers again and try to fill it as high up as possible because then the stick with the legs on it will just be attached better I guess and then I just want to put that into your fridge or not fridge freezer yes and just want to leave that there for approximately like five to six hours and then it can take them out and eat them they're really good my personal favorite the strawberry what about you now you like with them if you have to make sure left you could just pour the mixture into some ice cube containers freeze that and use it in your water glass or glass of water later and it tastes a lot like watermelon infused water which is really good if you like that and yeah

and my doing wasn't a where Nijo and then if you're not into like making ice cream or ice cubes I think you totally just go ahead and cut up some watermelon pieces and just eat that that's super goes well cuz who doesn't just love watermelons and I'll take a little hack if you freeze Caffrey sons will be left with slush Caffrey sons I didn't tell me getting it but it was literally so good that's what a few and you by my side so some fun some activities that I like to do is first of all just go cycling cycling somewhere close just so good because it's warm outside and the nature is just beautiful everywhere to cycle to the beach your cycle to place it I just think it's really fun and also another thing I like to do is go into the farmers market because they always have like best fruits and vegetables and I always get a really good vibe whenever I go there and it's also a really good thing to support the farmers in your local area so yeah next up we went hiking and then after that we went to the beach that's also a great thing you could do in the summertime just going to the beach and enjoying the weather enjoying the beautiful scenery and just

have a lot of fun and also what may my friends did was that we had a little photo shoot was always a fun thing to do it and of course gotta test out the water even though it's really cool all right so some of my favorite summer essentials is of course a bathing suit or a bikini my favorite is from Calvin Klein I just love it so much next up some water is of course super important to have so that you don't get dehydrated a handsome tensor is always important to bring to the beach so that you could use it before you eat and of course you need sunscreen I'm using Alex here cosmeceuticals ultra defense green tea as we have 22 yes I love using this one it's one of my favorite brands and it's super important to use sunscreen because don't want to get wrinkles off when you get older also pro tip did you know you can ask Syria on your iPhone for the UV index Siri what's the UV index right now and the UV index was 4 which meant it was that medium which meant that if I didn't use sunscreen if I didn't protect myself I would get easily severed next up I always bring my phone and my headphones at the beach that I can listen to my favorite Spotify playlist

which is a vibes link in the description box down below it's of course important to bring shoes to the base because the same can be really hot sometime so either broken stocks or havaianas always bring sunglasses because you always need those and also some really good food for example watermelon the final song I hope you guys are having a great summer vacation look forward to lots of more videos summer because elevating summer videos and yeah fun what's wrong so thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope you liked it very much if you did I'm seeing this video thumbs up let's get this video to 4,000 thumbs up in 24 hours that would be amazing and a happy summer vacation Marvin subscribe and I'll see you next time bye