27 August 2019

Best Nutrition Smart Scale


let's go fam is your boy King colder today I'm gonna be talking to you guys about the best nutritional skill I've ever seen it is worth every penny and reasons why you should definitely give one of these [Music] [Music] alright ladies and gentlemen it's time for me to tell you guys exactly this skill here works so this skill actually comes with an app this app is what translates what transferred those nutritional facts into the actual scale and I'm gonna start by showing you guys the app so this is the app it's called etekcity as you can see I have two different scales up there you click on it and as you can see it's zero once you turn the scale on it automatically shows you please place food on skill so if you wanted to weigh like let's say you want out let's say I wanted to weigh these this this piece of chocolate right here all I have to do is place it on the scale as you can see the number here changes as well when you are place the your item on the scale so let me take it off you see that so now that you have

entered not that you've replaced whatever it is on the scale as you can see it's showing no nutrition effects on it what you gotta do now is take your phone and go on what's on my scale you click on there and there's a barcode scanner over here you click on the barcode scanner and you scan the back of the chocolate as you can see it automatically came up 70% cocoa you can choose if you want to save it as breakfast lunch snack but I'm gonna choose snack now hit a checkbox as you can see show me the carbs the fats and the protein so in this nutritional bar right here this nutritional bar this I mean this chocolate bar here it's also showing me the calories it's showing the calories calories fat carbs and protein is gonna show is gonna highlight everything all on the screen and it's also is gonna show you on the app right here so all you gotta do now is hit the check box and it's automatically saved and your snack it's a hundred and six calories now this is how you can effectively track your daily calories without you know without a headache now this was the last protein shake I just

made the oatmeal I showed you in the video and now with the snack so it's saying that if those were the only two meals I ate that day today I will be a 733 calories which means that I will have 2,000 that will be I mean 735 cow at 33 calories out of 2700 calories as you can see it's quite effective at keeping your nutrition in check or nutrition get her so let's put a chocolate back cuz I'm not gonna eat that right now I gotta go work out first alright so what if you wanted to count the calories of something that does not have a barcode scanner well all you gotta do is place whatever it is which is in this case is a potato you place it on the scale you go back into the app what's on my scale and then you search for potato so this time around I'm gonna search for potato [Music] so now gonna select material and now he's showing me 210 calories so for 10 ounces of potato you get 210 calories and you get 49 grams of carbs and 5.7 grams of protein you just do the same thing you add it on to dinner so what if you had

something that does not come up in your search box of food that you just can't find either online or anywhere well this is how you do it this is the mark this is my protein shake this is the one I take it's by a one mission nutrition it's called diesel I like the UH the Oreo milkshake flavor this is probably the best one if you want one of these just go to the link in my bio there's a discount code for you over there but anyways you go to the back of the protein so let's assume I wanted to weigh this amount of protein first thing I'm gonna do is place this on the scale zero it out you can zero it out either here or on the app so you want to zero it up and now it's at zero then you take the protein I'm just gonna take a little bit and now you place it on the scale so it's shown that I have five point five ounces of protein in there so all you gotta do is go select what's on my scale if you can't find it anywhere in the search box you're gonna select you're gonna select add food since you can't find it now you're gonna select whatever it is you can I'm gonna type in older protein and I'm gonna look on the back here it says 36 grams is one

serving so I'm gonna put 4 serving I'm gonna put 36 grams and next and then for this parts right here you're gonna put the exact same thing you see on the on the back over here all this you're gonna put them into these sections and once you do that you hit the check box and then once you save it you select powder protein now it's showing me that 4.5 ounces of protein I get 1.6 grams of carbs point 8 points point 8 grams of protein fat and nine point three grams of protein which is 4.5 ounces of protein powder and you can see if i zoom in a little closer I'm trying it's pretty much just showing you everything that you put on there I absolutely love this because now every time I want to measure something all I gotta do is put on the scale zero it out and then pour the protein in them and as important protein it just tells me how many calories and I can just keep doing it little by little till I get to whatever calories I want or whatever grams of protein I want I'm gonna put it back so that's pretty much out the scale works you can get it on Amazon for like $35 or 35 or some like that I'm gonna post a link of how to get of that

scale I'm gonna show you right now actually I want to go to my Amazon type in you take city scale and it's gonna show you a bunch of skills by this company you just want to go to that this one right here you select it and you just order yours it's only $39 as you can see I purchased mine July 15 and I've been using it every single day since I don't usually try calories but now I'm gonna start tracking calories as a bodybuilder I need to try calories anyways but this one is gonna make it much more easier for me to track my calories and just stay on top of things heyo so thank you for watching hopefully I give you guys enough good reason to uh to get this skill right like I said it is absolutely worth it it is legit it's only $39 there is no reason why you shouldn't get this if you're trying to figure trying to keep your calories organized this Uriah will really make things easy and simple for you I am NOT sponsored by these people I don't even know what this company is but I came across the scale and I absolutely been enjoying it ever since I also have a body skill that I'm probably gonna be

sharing with you guys soon but first I'm gonna see how this video does with you guys so please like and subscribe to my channel I'm gonna start posting more stuff probably every week now ever since I upgraded my camera I'm definitely gonna try and stay consistent but yeah definitely yeah this skin until next time I'm out well let me show y'all some girls