25 September 2018

Best Diet Plan

What is the Best Diet Plan? (or is there even one best diet plan?) With all of the conflicting information and tons of opinions on all of the different diet plans, how ...

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checking out this video today I'm gonna talk about what the best diet plan is whether that be for weight loss for health to eliminate symptoms what is the best diet plan out there for the best nutrition and information about healing your own body subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video every Tuesday I'm Andrea McDonald and I'm a certified nutrition coach helping you understand the scientific approach to eating to heal your own body there is no one best diet plan there's a million different plans out there and you've probably seen a ton of fad diets a ton of information about all the different diet plans out there there is no one best diet plan why is that there's lots of pros and lots of benefits to a lot of these different diet plans a lot of them have the same components a lot of them will focus on eating good healthy nutritious fruits and vegetables whole grains lean proteins healthy fats you'll hear that theme repeated in a lot of them but the problem with a lot of them is they're very one-sided meaning they all claim they're great for everyone but they're really not necessarily good for

everyone for instance if you happen to have a particular metabolic disorder there may be a particular type of diet that just doesn't work for your body ketogenic for example if you have a cholesterol metabolism problem your cholesterol will go through the roof if you eat a high fat diet it's not because the diet is bad it's because you have a metabolic issue that doesn't allow you to break down the nutrients properly so you end up with a high level of cholesterol that doesn't mean the ketogenic diet is bad doesn't mean it's bad for anyone else it doesn't mean it's bad for everyone else it just means it's bad for you the same thing applies just like with food allergies just because someone doesn't tolerate say quinoa for example their body doesn't like it doesn't mean quinoa is bad it just means that particular individual can't eat it so there is no one best diet so what do we do instead what you have to do is break down all the different time plants out there that you're interested in so if you're interested in ketogenic or paleo or vegan or vegetarian or pescetarian or whatever that looks like really break

down the components of that nutrition plan and look at what that particular plan what they're modeling after is that a higher fat is it a lower carb is it eliminating a particular food group or type of ingredient is it grain free is it dairy free what about it appeals to you and then take a minute and think about the logic behind it think about what they're actually claiming the diet does and think about the foods that they're asking you to eat if you follow that plan take keto for example a lot of people in my opinion don't apply it properly they think it's free game to eat cheese and bacon all day long every day and not eat fruits and vegetables because those are typically higher in carbohydrate and basically don't have the fat content that a ketogenic diet aims to have but if you stop and actually really think about that particular application of ketogenic diet does it even make any sense does it make sense that you can nutritionally with health live on cheese and bacon there's almost no vitamins in that there's almost no minerals in that there's very little antioxidants you're

not getting a well-rounded application of nutrition that way you're missing a huge component of actual nutrition now does that mean the ketogenic diet is bad no it's that definition of ketogenic diet you can eat a ton of healthy fats without eating nothing but bacon and cheese there's avocado there's avocado oil there's coconut milk coconut oil there's nuts and seeds and lots of super healthy beneficial fat sources that also come with antioxidants and vitamins and minerals and fiber and lots of other good components so it's not that the diet is bad it's how you apply it and this is true for any diet plan out there paleo for instance is often green free basically that's what they're avoiding is a lot of the grains and the simple sugars that's great but you have to apply it properly nuts and seeds in and of themselves aren't bad they are bad for some people who don't absorb them well don't digest them well that our food intolerant to them so it's unique to each individual should everyone be vegan or vegetarian necessarily me personally my body doesn't digest a lot of meat very well I can do seafood I can do some of those

sort of types of sources but I just don't digest meat well does that mean everyone should follow that same plan no but you have to pay attention to how it's working for your body so take a look at all the different diet plans that you've considered and really dig into what they're recommending the types of food they're recommending when they recommend eating it the portions they recommend eating and does it really make sense are you getting a full nutritional panel if you follow that advice then you can pick and choose from all the different diet plans out there and create your own custom diet plan based on what works for your body your goals and your lifestyle if you ever need any help reach out I'm happy to work through this [Music]