10 June 2019

Best Diet For A Healthy Heart

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which is the best diet for heart health

good question if you're wondering it it's coming right up and it's not the one that you may think it is or the buzzy one that's going around right now that everyone wants it to be I'm doctor Livengood and we're gonna dive into heart health in just a moment but I'm bringing good stuff like this for you every single week join us hit the subscribe button hit the notified button and we will let you know every time we put out a video three four times a week I'm doing this and sometimes they even go live so then you can ask the doctor some questions so it can help you in your journey to experience real health it's YouTube's number one place fastest growing for experiencing real health we want you to be a part of it so check that out let's get into the best diet for your heart now listen there's a lot of different diets out there okay and I'm not saying there's one that fits them all but I lost my father to heart problems it completely failed and I had to figure out how not only to turn his heart on but to completely repair his body and build him back up because he lost his job he lost his hobbies he couldn't enjoy time as my mom or

holidays so I lived this thing and I experimented and went through it of how do we get my dad as health back so I'm speaking from experience here and then I just spent a decade helping 25,000 other people deal with this and by far the best approach when it comes to taking care of your heart is a low in inflammation and anti-inflammatory approach now there's certainly benefits to a low carb approach to a keto approach that's what you wanted it to be probably but the issue with those so when you're starving the body and putting it into a state of ketosis it is harder on the kidneys it is harder on the liver on the liver you can get results and there is definitely a time for a diet like that I'm published in epilepsy and it's actually one of the best ways to deal with epilepsy but we're not talking about that today we're talking about your heart and it's directly tied into the health of your kidneys and the health of your liver and so I believe after seeing it and understanding this and seeing the research that an anti-inflammatory approach is gonna be best now you can start tiptoeing your way into

anti-inflammatory by going through low carbohydrate which is a very common Road I take a lot of people down but I don't put them all the way into ketosis because I don't want to stress the old ticker any more than we have to okay so with this diet and with this plan when we kind of start kind of get it going I'm not gonna go full depth into it but we start cutting down the carbohydrates and the things that create inflammation in the body the thing I would want you to know is that it's what you're putting in that's creating the inflammation the inflammation is not the enemy or the devil right it's the foods and the lifestyles and the toxins that you're putting into the system that's creating the problem so we got to start just trimming those down and a lot of times I'll do just threw a challenge of people cleaning up their meals and teaching them clean eating really simple good real food will really decrease your inflammation everything you put in is increase in inflammation or decrease in it when you start to look at it that way you look at food differently so I would encourage that you can start by cutting the processed foods you can cut down the

carbohydrate breads grains crackers juices chips all of the above and yes we're starting to go lower carbohydrate but you don't have to go extreme all the way into keto just simply start reducing those things that's radically gonna bring down the inflammation next you can look at reducing dairy you could be look at reducing nightshades you can check out other videos to figure out what that is if you don't know you can also reduce beans and nuts some of those things sometimes can irritate the system and cause inflammation usually they're pretty good for the heart though because they have good healthy fats involved crank the fat up crank up the vegetables and you're well on the way to a healthier heart so anti-inflammatory approach the best way to get your heart working for you if you want more info on this comment below let me know what you thought of this one if you want to go deeper you have questions on it there's a lot of confusion when it comes to nutrition right now and everybody seems to be pushing their approach being the best and it just gets a little overwhelming I would encourage you to just start eating real food it's so much

simpler than you actually think it is if I can help you in any way please let us know but just put real food in your diet stay to the outside of the grocery store and remember if it comes through a window or it makes noise when you open it it's probably not that good for you especially your heart boom there you go see you soon check out the videos next to me they're exactly what you need next to experience real health if it's your first time here hit the subscribe button be a part of the doctor living good community as we all get healthy together I also give free guides free links and resources links to our web classes a lot of resources help guide you along this journey to help you experience real health see you again soon