21 October 2011

Best Body Nutrition Ronnie Coleman Fitness Expo Helsinki IFBB Pro Champ Mr. Olympia

Best Body Nutrition und Ronnie Coleman auf der Fitness Expo in Helsinki.

now we have you here after hearing all

the time that you have this difficult client did you get a good sleep yesterday yeah got a great scene again sir okay the time difference did it bother you at all none whatsoever I've been doing this traveling thingy for the last 27 years and actually 21 22 years now and after a while my body had just adjusted to any time did I get to it like you from in the United States and now flying the different time zone over there like two three hours differences maximum yeah my body just automatic right then and there even if I fly to Australia from the United States which is about 22 hours once I get to Australia Australia time saying thank you from actually almost 30 hours yesterday because they lay overs in the delays from Dallas to Atlanta to Madrid to Copenhagen we had my any sickness had my biggest leo with about five hours always a hero you know and still once I got here you know I just automatically to Helsinki time and got a good rest last night you know I got to sleep about three o'clock in the morning and I normally go to sleep you know five six o'clock in the morning but you know

because all the traveling and stuff that I did all they would just go ahead and get in about three o'clock and wake up about you know almost 8:30 9 o'clock this morning which is about five hours six hours of rest which is what I normally get every night in so it worked out pretty good for me well today we have a pretty rough tight schedule today we run we visit already city gym yeah and we agree that people over there or some of them where where were yesterday waiting for you you know for so we can make it because of the delay yeah hopefully we make another visit very time soon yeah yeah and right now we're here at the finland finnish expo the fitness expo Finlandia the helsinki so people are expecting you tomorrow yep but I know and you know that you can have a very very tight schedule today yeah flying back through Madrid yeah and you'll be riding ride 1 a.m. to Madrid something like 12 12 o'clock midnight yeah yeah yeah so well tomorrow's gonna be a big day for you in Madrid yeah Arnold Classic yeah we wish you all the best here and your new nutrition line yeah and it's gonna be

probably very big and as far as I heard a pretty good news coming out from there yeah for a very very big deal you gotta be ready so we're looking forward to and we're very excited about it coming out with our two products and got a free workout and our sleep products League rhetoric p.m. and hopefully probably in the next 3-4 months would be then got our other four or five products that are coming out with gonna start with a test product tested gin product which is the testosterone enhancer and then from there we're gonna add protein in couple more products and we'll have a full line for the same four line hungry how cool Labor's how many flavors will have in this whole thing oh I just thought now whip I've had like three or four okay the three basic ones well berry topping banana basically on the ahead you know all the other flavor down the line right right right it's good to enlargement later when Isaac's first mmm-hmm right so we you will probably rush them tomorrow after finishing the the arnold classic rush yourself very quickly back to the airport again and back to travel in the

game yeah back to travel again which is the story of my life yeah i only wrote it again so tomorrow it will be the again very tight yep for you and hopefully you got your logistics you got everything to get arranged you'll be arriving here at 4:50 a.m. yep and everybody's gonna be waiting for i don't know a lot of people waiting the airport but i'll be there that's all i need one person to pick me oh yeah they'll send it you sent us a text message confirm this to your left and yeah anything problem that let's go in time so yeah we know how to deal with this thing yeah yeah so uh we'll see you here tomorrow we have a big seminar at one eight one one pm I believe it was in the big hall there would be about 2,000 people yeah none of those oh no everybody's waiting for that and that would be sitting here talking to the fans and everything yeah later later on whatever they want to do yep take your photo with everyone but you also promised that you will be also arriving to Finland again on November yeah coming back again for another round of uh you know seminars or whatever gym appearances

okay whatever we can get off into yes so we we actually catch up what we have missed yeah yeah and they say man is that on this time due to the little changes that happen to us here lately an interruption yeah so you'll be arriving here on the fourth on November 4th we try to set up your seminar yeah the real seminar yeah that we have cancelled that was supposed to be on Saturday yeah so we'll try to move it to November 15th I believe Saturday yeah so we look forward to see you there you'll be three days with us so we'll make a little tour around Finland yep I'll sinky gyms and all that and hopefully you be back to them again here yep meso my cologne the role the game 3 on the behalf of best binary interest in Finland we wish you all the best in the launching of your nutrition line and Madrid and you have a great Expo and Arnold classics in Madrid yeah thank you what do you think is gonna win to all facets there uh whoever gets first place that's gonna be there's gonna be these well you have in mind someone no no ok I have no idea who's in my who's gonna win their thing right I guess who's ever in the best shape right ok so we wish you all the best

ok and I look forward to seeing you gonna go thank you for coming my problem my pleasure you